Rosetta and the Unicorn

Once there lived a King and a Queen fairy. They lived in the land of Malachitea. The land was green, rich and flowery. It was beautiful, just like Queen Florea's new baby daughter, Rosetta. Over the next twelve years, Princess Rosetta grew up and became a smart and beautiful fairy. She learned to use magic. She was able to control plants, and perform spells, just like her mother. On her twelfth birthday, she received a special gift, it was a pink heart shape crystal on a golden chain. In side the crystal was a small pearly pink rose. Her mother said that this amulet would protect her and strengthen her powers. It was called the Amorose Amulet. Rosetta promised to wear it at all times, and she did. A year went by and Rosetta became thirteen. She open her presents and had a great, big party. But that night something terrible happened, the next morning King Apophyl was discovered gone. There was a note on his bed and it said: We have the King, If you want him back you must surrender your kingdom to us, Queen Darnica of Darkness Mountain. Rosetta knew that Florea would never surrender her kingdom to that evil witch. She didn't want to say anything to her mother, so she went down to the small pond at the edge of the closest enchanted forest. She always went down there when she felt sad or lonely. Sometime the birds, bugs fish or frog would cheer her up. Sometime she would see deer or other creatures. Rosetta wept as she flew to the pond. She stared into the water and asked herself, "Why did they take him away, why not me instead?" She looked down and saw little tad poles, and fish swimming in the pool. All of a sudden she saw a white reflection pond across the pond. It looked like a horse, but it had a horn on It's head, then it's head bent over and touch the water softly with it's muzzle. "A unicorn!" "Yes! That's exactly what I am," he said…or thought? "You can talk?" asked Rosetta. "If by talk you mean communicate," he replied, but his lips did not move. "How can you talk without moving your lips?" she asked. "I can send messages through thoughts at a close range," he explained. "Why are you so sad on such a beautiful day?" "My father, King Apophyl, was kid napped by the evil witches of Darkness Mountain," she told him. "Oh, I didn't know you were the princess." He looked at her neck. "Is that the Amorose you have around your neck?" "Why yes, that's what my mom called it. It's an amulet of protection, love and nature." She looked at it. "What's your name?" "They call me Swift Foot, because I can run faster than most of them." "There are other unicorns?" "Yes, there are many others, but we stay hidden I the Enchanted Forest usually." "Swift Foot, can you help my save my dad? Please?" She gave him a sad face. "Sure. Let's go now. Hop up on my back and I'll take you to the Queen Darnica's castle. That's where they took your father, right?" "Yes, I'm pretty sure." "Okay then, hold on tight to my mane." He rode fast and swiftly thought the forest with out a sound. He was agile and graceful, and very beautiful too. They reached the base of the mountain and he stopped for a moment. "How are you going to get up there?" she asked. "Same way the mountain goats do, but much faster, so just hold on."He started to walk a stealthily jumped from one cliff rock to the next. They were almost to the top when the rocks started to crumble. "What are going to do Swift Foot?" "You're a nature fairy, right?" "Yes." "Then make an ivy plant or vine come out of the rock and catch us." "Okay, Ivy vine emerge from this mountain, catch now, before we fall off the mountain!" and so it did. It also carried them up to the top. "Okay, so how do we get in?" asked Rosetta. "You can just fly in though the window of course, or you can figure out how to open the door, or maybe transport us in. "Oh, good idea. I learned a spell in fairy school before summer vacation." "Great, us it." She said, "Transportus innus!" Then they were in. "Nice of you to drop in," said a evil female voice, it was Darnica. "And I see you brought a little horse with your, and If your looking for your dad, he's right here, but I won't give him back unless you surrender." "First of all this is a unicorn, second of all, you can't have our kingdom," Rosetta said with attitude. "Let's see about that." then she created a large dark energy blast in her hand. "Surrender. Or never see your dad again." "I will never let you have our kingdom, and never have my dad!" Rosetta was furious.

"Oh well little fairy, I guess I'll fry you instead," then she pitched it at her. "Never!!!" screamed Rosette. A blast of green light and vines can from Rosetta's hands and Darnica was gone, and here dad was no longer in floating dark ball. "Dad! You're okay!" "Yes, I am, now let's go home.""Hey! You forgot about me," whined Swift Foot. "You can come to, okay let me use the back to home spell I learned in school," she said. "Okay, but that's some power you got there," her dad complimented. "Yeah, I know, okay. Tranportus Homus!" They were back I the castle and lived happily ever after, or for a while of course. Untill some one else evil come along and tries to take over.