I feel wet patches of tears on my pillow

I've been mourning our friendship once again

Oh, why does it hurt so much?

I miss you, ever since I last saw you on Friday

It's Monday now, another school day

If only we were still best friends...


I always went to your form room before the bell went because I knew you'd be there so we could talk

Everything feels so odd now I know I can't talk to you

I sit by the window at registration

Did you know?

It is very tempting to just open it and jump...


I'm hiding from you again

Can't you find me?

Or aren't you just bothering?

I feel so alone...

You know, I've always wanted a boyfriend or an elder brother

Just anyone to hold me and comfort me

The floor outside the Science classroom is cold...


Do you know why I always hide from you?

It's because I know you're afraid of me

Everyone's afraid of me, why should you be any different?

But one thing that does shock me is

You're afraid of me because of my sexaulity...

I thought you were different but as usual I was wrong...


My mum asked about your well-being I said you were very happy today

You are happier now, aren't you?

I've sent you my half of the twin necklaces

You can share them with your new best friend

All I need to do now is send back your wonderful painting and that beautiful pocket watch you gave me on my birthday

Looking at the card, I fall apart

I'm sorry for scaring you!

I'm sorry I'm not good enough to be your best friend!

I'm sorry I called you such horrible names!

I'm sorry I cut all of my beautiful hair off!

I wish so desperately that we could pretend this break-up never happened!

I just...miss you so much that it hurts...