He had dark brown hair and green eyes. He looked too young to be her father. He didn't even look like their mother's type. He examined the girls as he walked into the office and took the seat nearest to the desk. Whenever Skye looked at the man, something didn't feel right. He gave her bad vibes. "So, how long did you know Sharon before her accident?" the boss asked.
"I knew her for seven years and we had a few dates. We were engaged for a while, but never married. I didn't think I would get her pregnant twice before we ever did. I'm glad she raised them-I mean-one to be such a nice girl to set a good example for her younger sister. Before she passed, that is." Every word of what he said was a lie, Skye could feel it. He was lying through his teeth. The smooth-guy act didn't work so well anymore.
"He's lying," Gail said, straight out. Skye knew Gail was right, but she also knew that Gail shouldn't be saying it to his face. Very bad things could happen if they set this stranger off.
"No, I'm not. I knew your mother very well. She was a beautiful, kind and sophisticated woman," he said with phony reminiscence.
"No you didn't. She's right," Skye replied.
"Yes I did. The only reason we never married was because we had different ambitions. We loved each other. We wanted different things, though."
"No, she didn't marry you because you're a jerk," Skye blurted.
"Look, kiddo. I'm your father. Deal with it," his voice lost his fake charm.
"Well, that could be true, but you're not adopting us." Skye stood up, putting her hands on her hips.
The man turned to the boss and asked, "May I have a moment alone with these two. I need to explain something very personal and I need some privacy to do so."
"Yes, Mr. Sanders. Try to talk some sense into these two. They already turned down one adoption request today. I think we'd all do a lot better with her gone." He pointed at Skye. She rolled her eyes.
The office's door closed behind the boss. "I'm dropping the nice guy act and cutting to the chase. You two are coming with me unless you give me what I want. Hand over the amulets or die." His voice was low and his hand looked like it was about to pull out a knife or gun. He didn't. Gail whimpered and Skye's stomach did a flip. Sweat fell down her back. They were both terrified.
The man lifted his hand and a dark, flaming ball of energy formed in it. "Give me the amulets or meet your graves."
Gail screamed at the top of her lungs. "What's going on in there? Hey! Who locked this door? There better not be any funny business going on in there!" The boss was banging on the door from behind it. Funny business, of course, was an understatement. Nothing was funny about their situation.
"No, everything's perfectly fine. Gail just screamed because I gave her a present," he lied.
"Okay, but if I hear any more screaming..." The boss quieted down.
"What's an amulet, anyways?" Skye inquired. "I wouldn't give it to you even if I knew what it was. You're an evil, strange man." Skye held onto Gail protectively as they started to back up. The man held up the energy ball and threw it as if he was pitching for the Yankees. They dodged it and ran across the office.
"What was that?" Gail asked in a apprehensive tone. Skye wondered the same thing. She knew that it was strong enough them, whatever it was.
"It was an energy ball. And there's plenty more where that one came from. By the way, you're wearing your amulet around your neck right now. If they weren't protecting you, I'd grab both of you by them and choke you to death. Now give me them or burn in hell." When the girls shook their heads, he tossed another ball and Skye held out her hands. She was overcome with a feeling and then reflected his energy ball back as him. The room was filled with an unseen force and that force was wind.
Gail was scared; Skye could see it in her face. That face changed rapidly and now she was mad. The wind in the room picked up and clouds were forming over their heads. Rain drops started falling, indoors! In the middle of the room, there was a mini tornado of papers flying. The man, undisturbed by the wind, pitched another dark energy ball straight at Gail. Gail jumped into the air and in a cloud of mist; she had a pair of white, silver and pale blue wings. Feathers flew everywhere and so did Gail. She dodged three more of that man's strikes. He gave up eventually.
There was a shadow of darkness settling over him. His form was changing. Skye, who was hiding under the desk, watched his eyes become red and his teeth sharpen. Fur grew all over his body and a tail emerged from his behind. He became a panther. A big, black cat. He hissed at Skye and she stood up. He came running and pounced towards her. She jumped out of the way, gripping her amulet. She felt air movement and wind surrounding her. Her shoulders and whole back started to ache. Energy of wind power rushed through her. She looked down at her feet. She was in the air, flying.
Floating up toward the ceiling, she felt safer. Then she remembered from one of the animal books she used to have. Panthers can jump pretty high without a running start. "Gail, get out of the way!" The panther jumped up to were Gail had been a split second ago.
Sky clasped her hands together and pictured the panther being tossed into the wall, hard. She wanted the wind knocked out of him. She waved her hands at him, pushing the air below him, lifting his body. She spun him around a few times. After he was all dizzied up, she tossed him up into a few file cabinets. He made some major dents in them and some of his blood wiped off his fur and onto the files. His body fell to the ground, lying against the wall. His body receded into his human form.
"This is not good," Skye said, looking at Gail after they landed. The boss was going to kill them. And what he would do would be a lot worse than they did to panther-man.
"What's not good? We have wings and cool powers and the bad guy's dead," Gail replied in her sweet voice.
"He's probably only unconscious. If he's actually dead, we are in big trouble." The door was being pounded on again. The boss wanted in. "Gail, I have an idea." She whispered her plan to grab their stuff, some food and money, and then to fly away.
"Okay. Let's meet on the roof then." Skye nodded. She grabbed the paper weight as Gail slowly opened the door. It's time for a revolution! Skye thought humorously.
"One...two...three!" Skye counted and Gail swung open the door. Skye hit the boss on his noggin as hard as she could. "Pay back!" she exclaimed.
Gail ran to their dorm to grab their belongings. Skye took the keys out of the boss's pocket and all the cash out of his wallet. She ran down to the food storage room to unlock it. "Which key...hmmm..." After five keys, she found the right one. She slowly opened the door and then turned on the light.

She grabbed as much food as she could carry. She took a manual can opener, a pot, and a few other things too and put them all in a plastic bag. She dragged it down the hall to the school supplies storage room. It only took her three keys this time. She stole two backpacks and a couple of other things.

Skye was in a rush. She had never stolen anything before her whole life. She was usually too nice and too airy for that. She was the goody girl wearing the flowing, loose outfits. She loved long, billowy skirts, but she also liked jean jackets, so that's what she wore. Thankfully, skirts and jean jackets were abundant in the clothing donations their orphanage received. Without them, how could she express herself? The boss may see her as a brat, but she truly was compassionate as well as clever. Skye was still very glad to be ditching this place.

She stuffed everything into the back packs and ran to the stairwell. She went all the way up and unlocked the door, then threw the keys back down the stairs. Gail was already waiting for her.
"Do you have everything?" she asked her little sister.
"Yeah. All of our clothes, that blue box and the rest of our junk. And our picture of mom," she replied.
"Toss it all in the back pack then." Skye handed Gail a light pink backpack with a My Little Pony logo on it. Gail smiled and stuff the paraphernalia of belonging into it. Clever Skye had a bright idea. She took out a pair of scissors and cut slits in their shirts for their newly found wings in each of their shirts. This way flying would be easier for them. They still would need practice, but the rest was just instinct.

Skye believed in magic now. She knew she was awake. More awake that she had ever been. There was no going back, not that they'd want to. Sky had hope that maybe they'd find their mother. And maybe their mother could explain why they suddenly have wings.

They slid their wings through the slits of their shirts. Skye let the night air ruffle her feathers. It felt so good. She glanced at Gail. "Ready to go?"
"Where?" asked Gail.
"We could try Central Park for now, I guess."
"Sure. That sounds cool." They swooped off the roof and flapped, flying higher in the night-time sky. They enjoyed the flight, learning as they went. Later on they landed in the middle of Central Park. They slept on the hard, cold benches within the park that were neither more or less comfortable that their previous bed.

With their orphanage life behind them, a new chapter in their life was about to unfold. No bosses, no rules. They liked the sweet taste of their newly found freedom.

(End of part 1)