For what is lost in one day,
the beauty, the people, the land.
For what isn't gone in that day—
was the courage, the determination.

To build back what was lost
may take years, or even centuries.
However hard it may be,
Giving up has never sounded In their mind.

It may be gone, their homes, their beloveds,
but what was not gone was their heart,
their belonging to this birthplace—
will always be there forever.

So pray for the better,
hope that tomorrow will be greater
with no disasters whatsoever.
For the people in Japan.

Persevere on:
You may have nothing—
no place, no job or people to care for,
but have we all not started out with just nothing?

Start anew, and with the support
of the people from other lands,
we pray, we hope, we wish,
for the better tomorrow of your home.