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I laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling in wonder. What was I gonna do? My stupid life really was that stupid, huh? I glanced at the clock. 5:15 PM. Felt like it would be 100 hours before I could call it a night and go to bed, escaping in music & dreams.

Here's the problem.

The Winter Ball was coming up on December 23th, the day before Christmas Eve. Oh ya, I know what you mean. How romantic, huh? Slow-dancing underneath the moonlight & stars with possible snow drifting. The night will be just perfect, won't it?

Guess what? That was sarcasm.

Cause I cannot go. At least not with a date. As friends? Yes. With a boyfriend? Uh-uh. Why? Well... it's all cause of my parents.

My mom was worried of me getting heart-broken like she did very few times when she was a teenager. My dad was worried about the guy wanting to take things to fast... if you get where I'm coming from.

So therefore they were telling me practically everyday "Date, no dance. Friendship or group, you get to go."

It was silly for them to worry about those matters. I rarely cry from relationships nor do I let a guy get what he wants so easily. So why make the fuss by banning any dating til I'm like twenty? Beats me.

But my other worries about what I was gonna do about that. I was hoping that I could ask out my best guy friend & long-going crush, Jace, but now that they went and did that my plans were officially ruined.

But wait. There's more to it!

Lately he's been hinting about wanting to go to dance with me. It's kinda obvious actually cause he's always like "So do you have a date?" or "Do you plan to go with anyone close to you?" But if he did ask me out... What would I say?

No? Maybe? We'll see? Yes? Can't make it? Something came up?


I can't sneak around my parents nor could I say no to him. But I can't lie either & pretend to have to do a 'family thing.
Complicated, right?

I never stressed over these little things but now I understood why all the other girls at my school were worried & freaking out. Funny how that works, huh?

I took my other pillow and put it over my face, screaming into it from frustration. Luckily my mom didn't hear cause she was out with dad right now.

"Kiss Kiss Fall In Love! Hey! Hey! I see you come, I watch you go..."

My ringtone. Caller ID said it was Jace. Great. I was always worried about talking to him all cause of this dance.

I couldn't ignore it so, painfully, I picked it up.

"Heyy!" I greeted, trying to sound cheerful & happy like always.

"V, what's up?" Jace said, sounding happy but not as fake as I did.

"Nothing really, just doing some homework. You?" I asked. White lie there. I wasn't doing homework. I still haven't got any done from today's assignment. Oh well. I will eventually.

"Haha, same. But I wanted to take a break & call ya." Jace said.

I could already picture his signature small smile, or his smirk he called it. He could be pretty cute at times.

"Well it's due tomorrow so I don't have much time to talk." I told him.

"Aw, well, I guess I'll talk to ya tomorrow morning than?" Jace said, almost as if asking.

"Sureee..." But I was kinda dreading it. What if he asked tomorrow? And in person?

Yikes. Don't think about that, Violet. Think happy thoughts. Calm thoughts. Like about that episode of Lucky Star that you saw today.

Ahh... Better.

"Well, see ya than." Jace said rather sadly.

I said goodbye back and hung up, lying back down in my bed and closing my eyes.

Once again, stupid life.