So, as I said, this is based on a dream I had a while back. My bestie said I should post, and so here I am doing just that. It's pretty much just meant to feed a bit of a wolf addiction she has. She likes it, you might too. Lemons occur later in the story. ^_^ Enjoy! *bows*

They'd been tormented for years. It started around the same time for both of them. The dreams that teased, gave them glimpses of the ones who belonged to them. It had been eight long, long, years since they began their search. Finally, it seemed as though they were close, after traveling all over the world, all over the country, they'd settled in the city of Bowie, the connection to their other halves stronger than before.

"Fucking hell... This is the tenth time this month you've dragged me here David," He looked at his upset cousin. It wasn't unusual to see him irritated, he was always a bit tempermental, but the dreams had him in an insufferable mood for the entire day whenever they came. David walked amongst the book shelves, he'd memorized the layout of this store, completed a few novels; he might've dragged him here ten times but there wasn't a day he didn't visit this store in the past month. It used to be he would go between a few different stores, but lately his instincts called for this particular book store.

"If you're so bored Jamie why don't you go get a drink or something," He shook his head as his cousin growled under his breath before shoving past him.

"Ee!" The girl's yelp made a few people turn, and when David did he couldn't take his eyes off her."Oh... sorry..." She blinked at the man in front of her, he had his deep, red, hair pulled back into a ponytail that trailed down to his hip. His eyes were a bright green laced with golden streaks, they so couldn't be real. His arm was firm as he kept her from falling, she couldn't help her surprise, he actually was able to hold her without stumbling. She blushed darkly, as he steadied her, she was able to appreciate the well toned body he had, not to mention how he was definitely one of the tallest people she'd ever met. He had to be at least 6'4, since her eyes came to the same place on his chest as they did with a friend of her's who was that height.

"No... it's my fault... really," He bowed his head before going on his way. She gaped slightly at the slight lilt of an accent, damn, she really should've taken a picture, no one would believe her when she told them about the hot red head who sounded even sexier, that she just happened to bump into at the bookstore. David could barely breathe, the girl who stepped into the aisle was the very one who haunted his dreams. She was more beautiful in person. She was full and curvy, he tensed, wanting to feel her soft body pressed against him, the way she teased him in his sleep. Her wavey hair was just passed her shoulders, and he was a bit surprised to see the chocolate color was interupted by bright blue. Her big brown eyes were so darling as they widened upon seeing him, she became frightened, embarrassed, and looked away quickly; suddenly studying the books.

For a moment Sophie really contemplated pulling out her cellphone to take a picture of the guy. She'd never seen anyone who looked so perfect, who looked so much like her dream man. He was even taller than the other one, muscular, his dark hair spilled passed his shoulders to about mid back, and his arms were covered in colorful tattoos. She really, really wanted to see his eyes but she just couldn't turn around. Breathe, that's what she needed to do, and look for the book she'd come here for.

"There you are!" He jumped when she spoke loudly and reached up with a big smile on her face. She was no longer concerned with him. It annoyed him slightly, but how could he stay irritated when she looked so blissfully innocent and unaware as she tried to pull down a book clearly too high up for her.

"Let me help you," His smoothly accented voice washed over her, it made a pleasant shiver go down her spine; and she yipped when he stepped in close behind her, she could feel his body heat!! "Which one is it?" Oh god, oh god, his voice got lower, she could smell the man, she swore she could.

"The uh... mm..." David couldn't help wanting to touch her as her scent enveloped him like an old friend; it was sweet and flowery, so uniquely hers. He could tell she was pure, untouched, he could've purred from satisfaction at that simple fact. She was his, she just didn't realize it yet. She was definitely putting out fear signals, even if her blush darkened as she was turned on by his presence. He knew the passionate woman was in this girl, he smirked at being the one to release her.

"Is it this one?" He honestly, just couldn't resist teasing the poor girl, his breath brushed against her ear, as he lowered his head to whisper to her. He nearly groaned at the sharp spike of her arousal, the way the lovely red of her blush colored along her pale neck. She really was quite adorable.

"Yes..." Her voice was a whisper, it surprised her. When he finally, after what felt like decades, pulled the book down and handed it to her she jumped away from him. She risked a look at his face. Oh lord, he had the most beautiful blue-green eyes she'd ever seen, he had just the most beautiful face. Why, why did she have to bug her mom to come to the book store today, when apperantly it was hot model day. She looked down, bowed her head, tried to shrink and disapear; she wished so deeply that she looked differently, maybe then she could actually look this guy in the eye and tell him what she thought. "Th... thank you..."

David was surprised in the change in her, it wasn't just embarrassement there was something else. He instantly felt the need to hug her, hold her, protect her, reassure her. She wasn't the woman of his dreams, she was more and yet someone altogether different. And now he knew her scent, he knew how she looked, he wouldn't let her stray far from him anymore.

"Sophie?!" She jumped, and turned around, towards the voice.

"Coming Mama!" She bowed to David, he felt his heart seize up, he didn't want to let her go, but he had to for now, she was so panicky he didn't want to frighten her anymore "Thank you for helping me..." Quickly, with a kind of meandering grace she walked away from him towards the woman calling her.

"Sophie..." He sighed.

"Nice, she's a lot different than what you usually go for though isn't she?" David turned and faced his grinning cousin. He drank some kind of sweet coffee drink from the cafe inside this store. At least he was in a better mood.

"Why do you say that?"

"I dunno, you don't really go for the helpless ones. Tall, thin, and powerful is usually your kick..." David let him lean on his shoulder.

"She's mine Jamie... Sophie... the one I've been looking for." Jamie's eyes widened.

"Well goddamn, finally we're getting somewhere, Davey." They both laughed slightly.

"I know right, we're born on the same day, first changed on the same night,"

"And thank the good lords our mate's are connected and your's will lead to mine." Jamie smiled, "Eight long years it took us to find them."

"That's because they were children." Jamie scoffed.

"Please, we're the only ones who've had to go this long without our partners, I have half a mind to drag your's back here and force her to find mine." David growled low, "Oops." Jamie retreated slightly, bowed his body, making himself appear as docile as possible.

"Don't you touch her James."

"Yes, yes, I won't touch the girl. It was just a figure of speech." Damn, it was easy to forget exactly how dangerous an unbonded wolf could be, even though he regularly snapped, Davey was always the levelheaded one. "So what are you going to do about her now Davey? You do realize you just let her leave." The taller wolf calmed down, thinking about his Sophie, he smiled.

"She needs some time Jamie."

"You're gonna turn into a stalker aren't you?" David nodded, James couldn't help his deep sigh, "Well, at least now something's coming from all this waiting we've had to do." He grinned,"Wanna tail her home?"

"Uh... you take too much pleasure in this Jamie," He thought about it, "But yeah, we should, that way it'll be easier to keep an eye on her..."

Thanks for starting this journey with Jamie, David and me! ^_^ *bows*