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Chapter Countdown: ZERO! NONE LEFT! YAY!

"Mommy..." Alexa smiled faintly, pretending to be asleep as Sean pat her face. He'd been walking clumsily for almost a month now, and talking for nearly two; he was quite a sight for only being nine months old.

"Your mommy's tired, kid." James chuckled and scooped him up. Sean frowned at him, growling softly. "Still don't like me, huh?" Sean squirmed and tried to reach to Alexa instead.


"As much as I'd enjoy leaving you here with her... you and I are both S.O.L. kid," Jamie laughed softly and started walking out of the room with him, "You'll be getting hungry soon." Sean growled softly, but layed his head against Jamie's chest.


"Yup... I'll make you eggs... you want toast?" The little head nodded, James smiled. "Alright, and... juice?"


"Okay," Jamie set him in the highchair. "Don't growl at me like that, I can't have you roaming around while I try to cook." Sean scowled, giving him a dejected growl that made him laugh. "Weird ass kid."


"David..." Sophie gasped softly as she felt like her uterus dropped a few inches.

"Mmm?" He stretched, blinking slowly. "What's wrong, darling?" He asked sleepily.

"David," She got up, hunched over. "Get up now!" He shot straight up, his Sophie never used such a rough tone with him.

"What?" He looked at her, she walked over to the bathroom.

"Get the hospital bag, David!" She snapped, and her water chose that moment to break. "Thank God I made it to the bathroom..." She mumbled as David started pulling on some clothes. "Hand me on of those dresses David... and get me a mop."

"You've got to be kidding me..." David stared at her.

"What?" She breathed deeply as a contraction began.

"You're not cleaning while you're in labor Sophie. C'mon..." David helped her dress and picked her up. "We're gonna be parents soon." He smiled at her, "You can do all the cleaning you want after you push the kid out."

"Kids, David..." Sophie grimaced slightly, "There's more than one." He smiled.

"Alright, alright lovely."

"Hurry... hospital..." Sophie bit her lip when a stronger contraction wound through her body.


"Jamie..." Alexa bounded down the stairs, surprising her wolf as he ate breakfast with Sean.

"Mm?" He smiled at her, "What's up, sweetling? I told you, you could rest today." He looked at the clock, it was barely 7:30. "Hasn't even been a half hour."

"I know but Sophie went into labor! David just called me, they're on their way to the hospital." Alexa ran over and gave each of her boys a kiss. "Behave, I'll call you when it's all over so you can bring Sean to meet his new godsiblings." Sean reached up to her. She smiled softly. "Sorry baby, I have to go. Be nice to your daddy."

"Heh..." Jamie raised his eye, his son was planning something, he could tell.

"Kid... don't even think about it."

"Behave, I said." Alexa kissed Jamie, "Keep you're phone close, bye!" She ran out of the house.

"Damn..." James looked at Sean. "Will you listen to your mom?"

"...Sure..." Sean continued eating. Jamie raised his eye, but followed his son's example. Really, he was bigger and smarter than his kid, not like he could actually do anything...


"I told you!" Sophie pouted, sitting up in the hospital bed. "Didn't believe me."

"Well, I'm sorry lovely," David smiled sheepishly. He looked over at the hospital bassinett that held his newborn girls. Identical twins, with his eyes and her hair; the cutest little noses and pouty lips. They were beautiful, his girls.

"Alright, I called Jamie, he said he'll be here soon with Sean." Alexa smiled, entering the room and walking over to look at the newest additions to their family.

"Good." Sophie smiled, she stretched, "I want to go home David."

"Can't lovely, the doctor said he wants you here for at least the night." She pouted, "No... don't look at me like that. She wants to make sure you and the girls are alright and healthy."

"But we are!"

"C'mon Sophie... you've been in labor for like the past two days, it wasn't easy. Just stay here for the night." Alexa smiled, "And if you try to fight me i'll get Sean to tell you to stay here."

"That's dirty Lex, I can't say no to my adorable godson."

"That's the point." Alexa grinned, "Now I get to be a godmommy to two little girls."

"Yeah, I was actually surprised you didn't have more than one kid Alexa." David smiled, "Singles are rare in our family, only my generation doesn't have twins. Every other one has twins and triplets."

"You're kidding me..."

"No, not really." David smiled. Alexa frowned faintly.

"Damn... well Sean was okay... I'm sure two will be fine..." Sophie laughed softly.

"I want to see you with three." She smiled, laying back in the bed. Alexa shook her head.

"Oh hell no... not until Sean is older... He's enough of a handful." She turned to David, "I hope... for your sanities sake, these girls have at least a basic sense of reality. Cause, I can't imagine dealing with two little Sophie's."

"Awe... so mean Lex!" Sophie pouted, David chuckled.

"Yeah well," She grinned, "You haven't told me their names."

"Oh... well..." David motioned the girl wearing purple little gloves, "She's the oldest and her name is Ruth," He stroked the cheek of the little one wearing yellow gloves, "She's Elle."

"Awe... identical twins..." They turned, Jamie was holding a pouting Sean. "How will you tell them apart?"

"Mirror twins, Jamie. Ruth has a little birthmark right beneath her left eye, Elle has it beneath her right."

"Yeah and even if they didn't I hoped we could do it naturally." Sophie smiled, "Hi, Sean!" She waved, "Why are you so mad?"

"Dad mean," He pouted. To which Jamie turned to him surprised.

"Excuse me?" Sean crossed his arms, scowling. "I have done nothing to you, brat..." Alexa covered her mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Aunty!" Sean cried pathetically.

"Awe! Be nice Jamie."

"Mm..." They all turned to towards the basket, Ruth grimaced before she let out a wail that could shatter ear drums.

"Alright! Out out!" David said loudly as Elle joined her sister. Alexa took Sean from Jamie, smiling.

"Sure... We'll be right outside," Alexa flicked Sean walking out with her boys. "You two have to learn to get along."

"Eh..." Jamie shrugged, "We were doing okay..." Sean shrugged and nodded faintly.

"Mm..." Alexa shook her head.

"Yeah... I am so not having anymore kids until Sean is a lot older." Jamie grinned.

"Like how old?"

"18... and he's off to college." Jamie laughed and Sean nuzzled against his mommy. "I mean it..."

...Years later...

"Here Ruthy... Ellie..." Sean set down two sippy cups for his little godsisters, they turned 3 today. The girls smiled at him and picked up the cups. He was wearing some black cargo shorts and an Oscar the Grouch shirt. His dad had bought it for him, saying it reminded him of Sean.

"Thanky!" Ruth giggled softly. Her wavey light brown hair was pulled into pigtails that reached passed her shoulders, she wore a set of jeans and a little Barcelona soccer jersey. It was her favorite.

"Love Seanie!" Elle sucked on her sippy cup. Her hair was braided down her back, and she was wearing her favorite set of overalls and an identical jersey to her sister. The girls were little tomboys, they loved to play soccer and loved to watch it with their mommy and daddy.

"I know..." He purred happily, kissing their heads. He ran back to where his mommy was rocking in her chair. "Did you see mommy? I did good right?"

"Yes you did Sean," Alexa smiled, and rubbed her side when one of the babies within her kicked. "You're gonna be a good big brother." Sean smiled brightly and kissed her stomach.

"I can't wait to meet you guys." He nuzzled the stomach and laughed when one of them moved against his cheek.

"Sean sweetie," He looked towards his Aunty Sophie. "Do you think you can do me a favor?"

"What Aunty?" Sean asked quietly, doing his best not to disturb his baby godbrothers. They were another set of identical twin; three months old, with nearly black hair and almost amber eyes.

"Go get your daddy and Uncle David to hurry up, we're hungry."

"Yeah... Please baby." Alexa nodded in agreement, rocking slowly.

"Okay!" Sean smiled and took off towards the patio. He pushed open the sliding door with minor difficulty. "Dad! Uncle David!"

"Hm?" David turned, smiling faintly, "What's up little guy?"

"Voice down Sean, you'll wake your godbrothers." Jamie smiled and walked over to him. Sean scowled at him, but let him pick him up.

"I will not... I know better."

"Mhmm... of course you do." James chuckled, holding him as David set some of the meat from their barbeque onto platters. "Well, what do you want?"

"Mommy and Aunty Sophie are hungry."

"They are?" David smiled, "Well it's right on time, we're done out here."

"Good... I thought you two were just dillydallying."

"Dillydallying?" James raised his eye, "That's it... you're not allowed to spend time with Ruth and Elle unsupervised." David chuckled.

"Why? My girls aren't bad influences Jamie."

"No... but they have my kid using words like dillydallying, ignoramus, and rakish. I had to by an encyclopedia so I can look up half the shit that comes out of his mouth." David nodded solemnly.

"I know what you mean. Sophie reads to the kids from encyclopedias and dictionaries. It's scary when I come home and see my little girls acting out Hamlet word for word and understanding it."

"Yeah... You know I came home the other day and Sean had built a really cool castle out of leggos." Jamie shook his head, "I put it in my game room becuase it was definitely something only gifted kids can come up with."

"Dad..." Sean pouted, but was so very happy to hear his daddy had kept the castle he built. "Mommy is hungry, she has babies to feed too."

"Oh yeah... okay..." He looked at David, "I'll take in that one platter, will you finish the last of it?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it." David smiled as Sean began to fight his dad over not taking better care of his mom. And Jamie of course argued back that he took excellent care of his mate. He looked up at the sky, it was a warm spring afternoon. He set the last of the steaks on the final platter and carried it inside.

"Daddy!" Both of his girls ran to him, smiling brightly.

"We get to eat now?" Ruth asked, clinging to his right leg. Elle latched onto his left leg, still holding the sippy cup.

"Mhmm..." He smiled and crouched down. "Ellie, don't drink all of that or you won't have enough room for the food." He poked her in the stomach lightly, she giggled.

"Okee daddy."

"Up we go," Sophie smiled and lifted Ruth, David grinned and picked up Elle.

"How are the boy?" He asked, kissing her cheek.

"Mm... good, still asleep."

"Wonderful... Do you think you'll be able to make it through dinner?" David smiled and helped her set the girls in their booster seats.

"Knowing them? No... not in the least..." Sophie laughed softly, kissing the girls on the head, "Sit tight, you'll get food in a bit."

"Where is the spare booster seat for Sean?"

"Um... In the closet, where we keep the highchairs." David nodded and went to get it.

"Oomph..." Jamie helped Alexa to her feet.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather eat in the rocking chair beloved?" He asked worriedly, even Sean looked anxious.

"Yeah mommy, eat here."

"It's fine, I want to be at the table with everyone," she smiled. "But it's cute how much you guys are worrying."

"Yeah well... I can't help it."

"Hey, Sean... C'mere... So your mama can sit next to you." David sat down the booster seat and scooped Sean up when he ran to him. "Here you are," He set him in the seat and went around to pull out a chair for Alexa.

"Thanks David," She smiled when Jamie walked her over and helped her sit. James sat next to her, his hand on her stomach as the kids slowed down their movements. "They must be hungry too."

"Alright, lets eat!" Sophie smiled broadly and began making plates for everyone.

"Woo!" Alexa cheered, laughing faintly. They all laughed, and ate a lot. And when the boys cried in the middle of dinner like Sophie knew they would; they all laughed more. Jamie and David grinned at eachother. This is what their lives had been missing all the while, this completness, this family. And they loved every minute of it.


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