I won't give up till you kill me God.

And if you think I forgot

About my past,

Let me tell you that for the last

Few years breathing has been a challenge.

I cried even through the good change.

I'm a snail and this is just a cover- on the inside I'm broken.

Hating and blaming myself; living with regrets- silent, unspoken.

Is it so bad that I try to have a normal life like everyone else?

Tell me why every time my endeavor fails!

I think it's unfair

The way you care-

You hurt us just so we ask for your help!

Well help me out now if you can hear me yelp!

I'm even rhyming my emotions to you!

Every word I say is true.

Yes I'm flawed but I'm only a human.

I'm trying the best that I can.

Maybe I can do better if you stop bringing back blasts

From my miserable past?

Life is never easy but I think I've had my fair share.

Forgive me because I dare

To tell you to stop hitting my weakest spot!

You've already hurt me a lot.

I know you always protect me.

So I want you to see

How I'm crying at this moment.

All my energy has been spent.

Now please fix this mess.

You've put me through enough stress.

God come on, you always listen!

See my tears glisten!

You're my best friend.

I want you to end

This test you're putting me through.

I've already submitted myself to you.

So please God be kind,

And give me peace of mind!

End my painful struggle, never-ending war.

Is that too much to ask for?