Falling down, down, down, getting up,

Falling down again.

Going on and on at super speed like a bullet train.

Been alone for such a long time,

Going round and round.

Sound of my crying the only sound.

And I don't know about the end of this pain-

Tell me how where and when!

Everything's so hard to decide-

I think. Think twice.

This time the walls are closing in from all the directions-

I have nowhere left to go.

So many problems at once! What else is left?

I don't know!

I remember feeling like I was being burnt alive.

I yearned for a future with you, that's why I survived.

So now that I'm trapped your love is my wings.

I'm flying away from everything.

I'm crying but I don't care if things stay this horrible.

As long as my quest for love ends well.

And I know you're out there somewhere.

Now that I'm tired to a burning chair-

Your love is my blade.

I cut the ropes and I'm not dead.

No! I know that no matter what happens I will fight.

In worst case I'll crumble and then everything will be alright…