English Assignment

Maddison M

The Underground

So, basically, there i was sitting silently in the counsellors office waiting to see someone who will help me with my 'issues' (as mother would like to call them) but i was not crazy! I didn't belong here. Why didn't anyone believe what i'd seen was real? I know it happened, it's the truth!

It was a dreary autumn saturday, the kind of day that made you wish it was summer again. The rain was pouring heavy and frost had started forming on the windows of stores down the main street of town. I made a dash for the coffee shop. The bell dinged as i entered.

"what would you like?" The brunnette behind the counter asked.

"cappachino, please." I replied, trying to stop my teeth from chattering as i spoke.

I paid, grabbed my coffee and took a seat at the back of the store away from everyone else. I sat in the corner next to a 'staff only' door which required a swipe card to enter.

I drank my coffee and enjoyed the warmth inside. The smooth music and soft chatter left me in a calm, almost hypnotic state, until i heard the beep of the door next to me. I snapped out of my trance and saw the brunette push open the door after swiping her card. As i watched the heavy door close behind her i noticed something sitting on the ground. Her swipe card.

"Silly girl." I muttered to myself. I picked up the card and scanned the store for another staff member. I couldn't see anyone. 'she couldn't have gotten to far in there.' I thought. I opened the door and walked inside. It was a small store room, the shelves lined with boxes and no brunnette girl.

"where did she go?" I scanned the room once again. I wasn't blind, she just wasn't in here. I leant against one of the shelves and suddenly fell back landing with a thud on the tiled floor. I looked back, a passage way had opened up where the boxes once sat. Lights shone on both walls leading down the passage until it branched off in two directions.

"What the hell is this?" I gasped. My curiosity instantly got the better of me and i started to walk down the mysterious passage. "it's a coffee shop, what is this doing at the back of a coffee shop?" I whispered to myself over and over, still disbelieving the situation at hand. I reached the end of the passage way where it branched off. I heard voices down one of the alleys. I sprinted down the opposite passage.

It increasingly became darker as i travelled through. Eventually, i saw a light protruding out at the end of the tunnel. When i finally reached it, i found myself on a balcony looking out on... I couldn't describe it i had no idea what this was. It reminded me of a courtroom, a podium and benches in front. There were giant super computers against the walls on the floor below. Where was I?

I heard someone's foot steps behind me and as they grew louder, I started to panic. I opened the first door I saw and jumped into the room. It was a heavy door on the wall behind me near the passage way. It lead to a stair case spiralling downwards. I followed it, it lead me to the room below. People had filled the benches by now. I tried to move unoticed to a bench. I sat and watched the others file in. There was probably 100 people sitting in the room and a 3 were seated at the front. One either side and one atthe podium. I recognised the one in the center, I looked in shock. It was the brunnette.

She started to speak, "This is a new world order, our plan is set and resistance of our organisation is futile." The people in the room cheered. "We will rid the world of all who do not follow us and create a new world, a world that follows me!" the brunette continued, demanding and powerful.

What was going on here? I looked up, there was strange symbolism in the roof which I had not realised earlier. It was black on white spiral patterns with stars in circles in the center, they were all upright which meant they were pagan symbols of protection. In the centre was a mosaic full moon with two crescent moons on eiter side, this was the symbol of the triple goddess. These were all symbols of the light and protection.

"A world of love and light!" the brunnette spoke and again the people cheered. She paused slghtly, "I have heard there is a spy among us, an intruder, maybe?"

I tensed up. Did she mean me? She did, I knew it. It was then she stared directly at me, her dark eyes gleaming and looking into mine. It sent a shiver down my spine. Someone tapped on my shoulder, I was frozen, my movement was limited to blinking and breathing. I was tapped again. This time I turned and two men stood towering behind me. Yeah, she meant me.

"Hi." I nervously choked out. They pushed me off my seat and dragged me up. The whole room stared a me, even the brunnette her eyes staring into me. I was terrified.

"You. You were in the coffee shop this morning, weren't you?'' she asked me.

"Yes, I came.. I came here to give you this!" I spluttered, holding up the swipe card with shaky fingers.

"I appreciate that you took the time to return my card but now that you know who we are, we can't let you leave."

"Please, let me go." I screeched. What was I meant to do here?

"If you insist, now, we haven't used this on many people so if you survive, consider yourself lucky."

One of the men pointed a gun at me. I was going to die. I wasn't going to survive this. I shut my eyes tight.

I was blinded by a white light, then I saw nothing but darkness. I awoke in the storeroom in the coffee shop. The brunnette girl came in the door behind me.

"What are you doing in here?" she said spitefully.

"This. You dropped this. Um.. on your way in." I said awkwardly, "But I didn't see you leave."

"Oh, thanks." she took the card from me "You can leave now."

"Uh, yeah. Bye." I hurried out.

Did she think I didn't remember anything that just happened? Honestly, I wasn't even sure what just happened. I left shaken and still in disbelief. I know that was real, but stuff like that isn't real, is it?

"Hi, Mum." I greeted my mother as I entered the house.

"Hey, sweetie, how are you?"

The words just poored out. I told Mum everything that happened, all about the underground cult at the coffee shop. She stared at me blankly.

"Things like that don't exist, hun."

"I know, but I really saw it! It really happened!" I pleaded. I knew it was all real but no one believed me!

She then told me that I needed help, that I was loosing it. I'm not crazy. Anyway, that's what brought me here to the counsellors office. A strange chain of events, I know, but it did happen.

"Okay, it's time for you to come in." the lady at the desk in the office said to me.

I stood up. I felt something grab me and I was suddenly jolted back. Before I could regain my footing, all the lights in the building went out and all I could see was black. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck, then I felt nothing at all. I slowly slipped into the darkness.

"Love and light, my friend, love and light." the words echoed.