The recent popularity of Willow and Jaden Smith has stirred up an unbelievable amount of controversy. It's just mind-boggling how much negativity people have to say about them. Even Will himself has had his share of backlash. Oddly enough, neither of the kids have done anything especially stupid. Even for two people ranking as high as they are on general society's watch(them do something stupid)list.

First, let me get something out of the way. Will Smith has been in multiple branches of the entertainment business since he was a teenager. Now he's 42 years old and one of Hollywood's top-billed actors. Why the hell would he be forcing his kids to sing and act just to make money for himself? WTF is wrong with you people? /End mini-rant.

It's crazy how widely debatable Michael Jackson's relationship with his father is to this day. According to some people, Michael wouldn't be as dedicated, artistic, and caring if Joe didn't abuse him and the rest of the Jacksons. They think it's okay for this "father" to force his kids to financially support the family because he couldn't. Some think the technical fact that they worked justifies his methods of discipline. You might be surprised at how many people stick up for Joe because they're so smart that they can see alternate timelines, yet so stupid that they can't see the damage the Joe did or the fact that they're standing up for a devil.

Meanwhile, Will and Jada are two parents, still happily married, with a positive outlook on life. They teach their kids not to let people tell them they can't follow their dreams. They teach their kids by letting them try things on their own. They put their kids before their careers. Yet grown men and women who probably don't even have their own family lives in order are more concerned with picking out the smallest things to support their wild theories.

Some people say that the only reason Willow and Jaden are doing what they are is because they want to follow their parents' footsteps. If they are, so what? Plenty of normal children want a future in the same fields as their parents. Would it be any different if Will and Jada had jobs? Maybe the Smith kids want those particular careers because of who their parents are, maybe it's just a coincidence. In any case, they have two parents who have had years of experience and can offer tips and training to help them excel and stay away from scam artists. Who better to raise a child star?

And then there's the argument that there are many children who have more talent than Willow and Jaden and never get discovered. It's amazing how often this line is used when whining about relatives of any famous person. Like people have the ability to choose a rich and famous family to be born into.

No matter how well-known and respected one person is, there will always be someone better out there. There are regular people out there who are more skilled than Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, and other celebrities who are widely considered the best at their craft. Is it their fault those people have yet to be discovered? Why is this line mainly associated with the lesser talented?

There are people out there who kill themselves over serious problems. Going by your logic, it's your fault that those people die because here you are, with a (surprisingly) functional brain, possibly no handicaps, and maybe even a life they wish they had, and people like you choose to waste perfectly good air by stressing over the dumbest crap imaginable. The world would be a better place if you could switch lives with the person with the rope around their neck.

Some people think the only reason people listen to and watch Jaden and Willow is because of their last name. Are you implying that being related to someone with the power to help you find work is all you have to do to make a hit song or movie? It's not like Jaden can just say, "Hey, I want this role in this movie," and just get the lead role in a big budget movie, sleep through it, and the movie becomes an instant blockbuster. Likewise, Willow can't get on a microphone, stutter for four minutes straight, and expect the result to be played on the radio. The kids have to read the scripts, memorize the lyrics, take care of their voice, practice public speaking, everything that everyone else in their professions do.

I don't intend to see The Karate Kid, nor do I like the song "Whip My Hair," but things seem to be going well for Jaden and Willow. The song gets played quite often, even months after its release. The haters Willow refers to are certainly talking about it. The Karate Kid earned a lot of money and got good reviews... mainly from people who understand what a remake is. And that movie was mainly on Jaden's shoulders. Success doesn't usually happen just because "Oh, these little brats have everything handed to them!"

I heard quite a few people label Willow as arrogant because of some things she said on Oprah. Naturally, the thing that stands out for me is the way they reacted to her calling Oprah a girl. Evidently, she didn't say it in a demeaning way, but in a "buddy, dude, etc." way. Basically, it's the same old story of bigots thinking that being a child instantly makes it disrespectful to address an adult as "girl," and that the child needs to stay in their place.

Arrogance is...

1. Looking down on a person solely because of the year they were born.

2. Twisting a friendly nickname into an insult when one type of person says it, but not another.

3. Virtually any use of the term "stay in your place."

4. Picking on people for no reason other than the fact they they don't live their lives how you want them to.

I can't imagine Jaden or Willow being anymore arrogant than these grown men and women who won't shut up about how bad they hate them.

Regardless of the kids' reasoning, they want careers in film and music, and the elder Smiths are okay with it. Personal experience is the best way to learn about anything, and that's what Willow and Jaden are getting. If they decide to move onto something else, their parents have the power to pull them out of the entertainment business and the money to support the family afterward. If this is something they want to do forever, their parents can help them because they've been there before. Many kids lose contact with their family when they're in show business, but Willow and Jaden have two parents who can pull the necessary strings to be there for them. Will and Jada are passing down a legacy to their children and giving them plenty of support.

In previous rants, I mentioned the following in greater detail. But seeing how fitting it is to mention them here, I'll say them again.

I know some of you are thinking, "Oh, mah gawd! They got it better than me, and I work hard!"

Screw you. Celebrities have to work even harder than jealous, broke whiners.

"OMG, Will and Jada can easily put little kids in a position where they could get a load of money before adulthood!"

Screw you. Why should rich people put their kids into a flawed workforce when they have the power to either let them live off their money or let them work in something that actually pays enough to live off of?

"Ooh! Ooh! Will and Jada spoil their kids by doing too much for them! I win!"

Screw you. That's something that more families should do, and not just in the entertainment industry.

Many families have terrible relationships, especially with their children. Look at all the parents who can't even take care of one, yet they have at least three kids. And the parents who frequently go in and out of jail. What about parents who divorce and live in different cities, passing their kids back and forth every other month? Only a handful of people (including the Smiths) care enough to make an effort put a stop to those problems, yet general society still finds time to take a strong family doing something positive and twist everything they do into negativity?