Say goodbye, but to what?

Who would have ever thought!

The closer I get to you, the more I leave behind.

Moments close to my heart become memories in my mind.

Say goodbye, what does it mean?

Who could have even seen!

The pain intensifies as I get pulled to your soul.

Only you can end this empty restlessness and make me whole.

Say goodbye, but to everything?

Why do I even try fighting!

My sins are being washed away by my tears.

I am being purged and purified and punished before you get here.

Say goodbye, but at what cost?

Why don't I long for the things I lost?

My longing for you is so dominant, so strong,

I don't feel pain anymore for all the things in the past that went wrong.

Say goodbye, but when?

Why am I standing in the rain?

Why am I catching the raindrops in my palm?

Why am I feeling so emotionally turbulent, yet so peaceful, so calm?

Say goodbye, to everything else,

Compared to my love for you, everything pales.

I'm ready to leave it all behind,

Painting pictures of you in my mind,

Trying to picture the moment when we will meet,

Fluttering in excitement from head to feet,

Wondering what your first words would be.

How will you recognize me?

How will I recognize you?

Will my heart really tell me- is it true?

I'm waiting for the moment when I'll be staring at your eyes.

My painful past is fading as my say my goodbyes…..

A/N: some day I will meet him. Someday we'll get together. And someday I'll make (let) him read this. This will freak him out, isn't it? XD