Soooo.... This is my new story! It's VERY different from what I usually do, so I want HONEST opinions. I'm kinda excited about this one and you've all been so good about supporting my despite everything so I'm going to try super hard to get you guys frequent and long updates whenever I can!
Follow Me Down
Summary: "Why don't you get a job?" -- "Why don't you get a boyfriend?" -- "I can't." -- "Why not?" Because I love you, moron. Sydney is in love with Ryder, Ryder has decided Sydney is his new source of amusement for the next three weeks. Ouch.
My Name is Sydney Frost

"SYDNEY!" I sat up from the bed, squinting at the blurry figure. "Oh Frooost."

I loved the way he elongated my last name. God that is sick.

"What do you want Ryder?" I groaned, sliding on my glasses. I didn't need to see him clearly to know exactly who'd just come in the room. I know what you're thinking, well that's not a very nice reaction. Just wait. I'll explain.

"What is that? Is that anyway to treat your new roomie?"

-Cue resigned sigh-

"Ryder you aren't my new roomie. You're my old roomie, who happens to once again be living in the same place as me. There's a difference."

"Still, we've never lived in the same room before." Ryder sends me his sly grin, the one that sends shivers down my back. I'm getting to far into the story though, so let me back up, waaaay back, all the way back to... the beginning.

I was actually seven when I first met Ryder Samuels, he pushed me in the mud. And thus began our torrid love affair. In grade school he had cooties. In junior high he was my first kiss. Nothing even remotely romantic, we were at a fifties-flashback dance and he planted one on me because his friends dared him too, later it was rumored that we'd gone to second base. In all actuality that didn't happen until sophmore year of high school. You see, he and my older brother became best friends after they turned the Senior's prank on the Freshman back on themselves(that was before I entered high school). When Ryder was sixteen(I being the fifteen-year-old sophmore) his parents died. That's when he came to live with us for the first time...

I was sat on the couch, my homework splayed across the worn coffee table. For some reason English 2 didn't like me very much and I had a test in two days, which was why I was up at 1 AM studying and reviewing my old essays. Ryder stumbled through the door with a slurred, "What's up baby?"

"You're drunk." I said, somewhat surprised. This was not the first time I'd seen him under the influence of alcohol, but this was the first time I'd ever seen him this drunk.

"And yoooou're.... you're just... yooou..." He mumbled, swaggering(or swaying) over to the couch, "you just want my body..."

"Oh lord." I couldn't help but smile a little. "You're not just drunk. You're freaking smashed."

"Sydneeeey...." He crooned, plopped down beside me, throwing an arm over my shoulders, "I remember it. It was nice."

"What are you talking about?" I removed his arm.

He leaned over, his mouth to my ear. "Our kiss... I liked it."

I rolled my eyes, "You mean the kiss you were dared to give me at the dance in seventh grade?"

"Mmmhmmm...." Suddenly a queasy expression crossed his face. "Oh God, I'm gonna puke."

I jumped up and pushed him toward the bathroom, we made it just in time for him to vomit his guts out in the downstairs toilet. It was to this day the most pitiful sight I'd ever seen and as such totally brought out the mother hen in me. I wiped his sweaty brown hair away from his baby blues. Getting the glass off the sink I filled it and handed it to him.


"Tha--" He vomited it again, reaching blindly for the water and accidently grabbing my chest.

So yep. That was my big moment of womenhood. Drunk idiot accidently grabs my boob while looking for water. But that's not when I fell in love with him. Up until then I put up with him in a mildly amused tolerance. Although, at the time I'd never have admitted it, thinking about my first kiss gave me butterflies. I actually fell in love with Ryder Samuels the next day.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, having breakfast, comtemplating my chances of faking sickness and being able to get out of school(You know, the usual routine) when Ryder walked up, grabbed my hand and pulled me up with out a word. The feeling of his warm hand on mine was when I realized I had a giant crush on Ryder Samuels. When he gently lead me out in the backyard to apologize, I realized it was just a crush, I'd fallen for him big time. When he told me he wanted to do better and promised he'd never get drunk like that again, that he wanted to make his parents proud and one shining tear slid down his cheek, I was head over heels in love.

Fast forwarding a little bit, I'll summarize the next two years of high school and college. After that touching scene, Ryder didn't talk to me for a week, which for a girl's first love was kinda heart-breaking. Especially since I didn't tell anyone. Not even my best friend. Then, things more or less went back to normal. I, Sydney Frost, was forever more Shaun Frost's little sister and completely off-limits to not just Ryder, who was living with us(not that he expressed interest.... at all) but the entire student body. Dating was slim, even if I hadn't been in love with someone I could never have. In college, I focused on my music.

And now? Now I'm a twenty four-year-old music teacher at a high school. It's not the highest paying job, but I love it. And Ryder? Well Ryder discovered his deep-buried passion for ice-skating. Hah, no, I'm just kidding. Ryder is permanantly between jobs. His parents left him an obscene amount of money in a trust fund that went active at twenty-one, right as he was finishing up college, so now he is searching for his calling. Which is a bit wishy-washy, especially since he's irritatingly smart.

My brother is getting married in three weeks, which is why I'm bunking down with best man Ryder. I've only seen him on family holidays, and everytime I'm reminded that I love him. It's really unfair because I've had a few boyfriends, but I can't commit knowing I'm in love with someone else... And now, we're going to be in the same room for three weeks in an extremely stressful environment, surrounded by booze and anti-anxiety pills. Should be fun right?