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Summary: "Why don't you get a job?" - "Why don't you get a boyfriend?" - "I can't." - "Why not?" Because I love you, moron. Sydney is in love with Ryder, Ryder has decided Sydney is his new source of amusement for the next three weeks. Wonderful.
Chapter Fifteen:
The Wedding


When I saw her walk up onto that stage, looking the way she did, something possessed me. I saw the panic rise up in her, so I called out. Then her voice-that angelic voice-singing while her pale green eyes looked right through me.

When she finished, I had some indescribable urges I am not proud of.

I saw her leave, and I followed, the clock ticking down the minutes to midnight. I followed her up the stairs, and into our room. Then the kiss-God, what is the matter with me? I knew that she's the forbidden fruit! The one girl I MUST NOT like and yet... and yet Sydney loves me. She said so, sure, she said it in anger and I may have screwed my chances with her completely... but she loves me. Not that it matters, even if by some chance she were to forgive me, Shaun would never... But, it does matter. With or without Shaun. What do I really want?

The answer to that came to my lips as simply as breathing, "Syd."

Somehow, I've always known that. Maybe that's why I've never had a real relationship. Ever since we were kids, my heart has been set on Sydney. I guess when this bet forced me to think about the future, to grow up, it opened my eyes a little. Maybe for as long as Sydney has loved me, I have too and I just didn't realize it. I should have gone after her, I should have explained that even though I love her Shaun would never allow it.

Who cares? A little voice inside me said, Who cares what Shaun thinks?

I do, I answered, Syd does. He's a brother to both of us.

The door slammed open, and I looked up from my position on the bed to see Shaun glaring furiously at me.

"What the hell did you two do?"


"Nothing? Then why did Sydney just cry herself to sleep on my bed?"

"We kissed-but I stopped it-you told me she was off limits-I'm sorry, I know it was stupid Shaun, I'm sorry."


"I KNOW! It's just..." I hesitated, I was about to break the rules, "I think I love her Shaun."

"You think?" He said scornfully.

My jaw clenched, "I love her. You're my best friend Shaun, but I love Sydney. Please don't ask me not to be with her."

"Finally." Shaun said, crossing his arms over his chest. "You two have got to be the stupidest people on the planet."

I gaped at him, unable to speak. I was expecting a fist to the face.

"The reason I kept you away from her was because I needed to know you'd be willing to fight for her. She's not a one-night-stand. Sydney is a lifetime commitment." Shaun said, "You have to understand that the idea for me to let my baby sister be with anyone fills me with complete horror. But, if she has to be with anyone, I'd want her to be with you. But I wanted to make sure you knew how serious I am about protecting her."

"I don't know if it matters anymore Shaun," I groaned, "I don't know if she will ever speak to me again."

"You're going to have to do something pretty incredible to get her to forgive you." He nodded.

"What should I do?"

"How am I supposed to know? Look; I will give you some advice but ultimately it's up to you. Don't just tell her what you think she wants to hear, don't butter her up, don't be insincere-Sydney won't fall for that. The only way you're going to get her to see that you're for real is something public, slightly humiliating and from your heart." Shaun then punched my shoulder, "Don't screw it up again!"

"Should I talk to her now?"

"NO! She needs time to cool down, if you talk to her now she'll eat you alive."

He had a point.

"Good luck." He said and left the room.

Again, I was alone with my thoughts. Not exactly my current favorite place to be. Especially since they weren't giving me any ideas on how to convince Sydney to forgive me. I fell asleep thinking about it, when I'm not sure, but I awoke to the sound of the door knocking.

I ran to the door and threw it open, "Syd-?"

Shannon brushed passed me, "No. I just came to get her dress."


"You know what I don't get? You obviously have feelings for her, but you refuse to admit it. Then you go and break her heart," She said, grabbing the dress from the closet.


"After you kiss her, again. Why do you keep chickening out?"


"Are you really that afraid of Shaun? Do you even have balls?"


"Oh forgive me for wounding your magnificent ego-,"

"Shannon, you need to shut up for just a sec." I interrupted, "I know that I'm an idiot, I know I screwed up, but I love her and I'm gonna tell her. The problem is... I need some help."

"You sure as hell aren't getting any from me!" Shannon said, pushing past me with the dress in her arms, "You want Sydney to forgive you? Do it yourself!"

"Shannon!" But she walked out.

Damnit. Why won't anyone help me?

I really screwed the pooch on this one.

I wasn't going to figure anything out just standing around, so I jumped in the shower and started getting ready for the wedding. I pulled on my suit, fumbling with my tie. I cussed loudly, remembering that Sydney always did this for me. I had a vivid memory of my parents funeral. I'd already been living at the Frost's house for a few days, Sydney came up to my room to tell me it was time to leave and saw me struggling with my tie. Without a word, she walked over to me, fixed my tie and took my hand. She gave it a squeeze, and walked with my downstairs. She didn't let go of my hand through the whole funeral. I sighed, then went over to the guys room. I was greeted by silence and a lot of glaring. I was not the most popular person in the world today. Apparently everyone knew about last night.


The glaring intensified. I felt like the biggest jerk on the planet. With lack of anything better to do, I thrust my fists in my suit pockets. With a hint of surprise, I pulled a piece of paper from the jacket pocket. It was my half-finished Best Man's speech. Shit. I was supposed to finish that. Suddenly, an idea hit me. Maybe I could find a way to fix this whole mess yet.

I was still been giving the silent treatment as the guys went downstairs, ushering people to their seats. That's okay, I needed the quiet to think about what I was going to say later. We got the signal to line up with the Bridesmaids. As the Best Man, I had to stand up with the Maid of Honor, being Shannon. But when the girls met us, my eyes landed on Sydney. Her purple-black hair curly and pinned up, her pretty green dress hugging her every curve, her pale green eyes zeroing in on me. She looked tired, not physically but her expression was mentally exhausted and mildly irritated. She walked over to me, fixed my tie, brushed my hair with her hand then took her place in line, linking arms with Bryce.

Maybe she didn't know it, but she just gave me a glimmer of hope. Just like the girl who held my hand throughout my parent's funeral, when I was just some bratty friend of her brother's.

I could talk about the wedding, the flowers and the ceremony, however I'm a guy and I just don't give a crap about that stuff. Well, and my eyes were a little preoccupied. In fact I was so distracted I barely remember it at all. I was too busy thinking of what I needed to say later.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!" The minister shouted, pulling me from my thoughts.

Crap, time was running out. Everyone was heading over to the ballroom for the reception, I found myself at my seat, watching everyone cheer as Shaun and Cassie entered the room. Shaun never looked happier, leading his bride over to the main table, sitting down. Before the festivities and food, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor were supposed to give their speeches. This was it. Suddenly, in horror I realized that Sydney was standing up and walking toward the exit.

No! No, she needs to be here for my speech! I turned to Shaun and stared at him desperately. He seemed to understand and indicated to Shannon to go first.

I turned my eyes on Sydney, watching her gracefully walk over to Delilah and take her hand, leading her out of the room. Shannon's toast seemed to be very short, Sydney and Delilah still weren't back from I'm assuming the bathroom. I had to stall.

I stood, raising my glass of champagne, "Hey all! I know, I know, one more long-winded speech before you all get to party, but I promise I won't take up too much of your time!" I paused, thinking fast, "There's just a few things I wanna say and I'll get out of your hair..." I saw a green dress and dark hair and held back a sigh of relief.

I cleared my throat, "When you really care about someone, you don't just give them what they want, you have to give them what they need." A pair of startled pale green eyes caught mine, then looked quickly away, "Someone told me that recently... That's what I see in Shaun and Cassie, two people who love each other enough to support one another, and when you love someone enough, you don't just see who they are, you see their potential-the person you know they can be. And even when they screw up, you forgive them. I can only hope that I can find someone who might see me like that. To Shaun and Cassie!"

Everyone raised their glasses and cheered, calling for a kiss from the happy couple. I gulped, Sydney was looking down at her plate. Maybe I should have said more. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. The food was served, the dancing started, and I was just looking for a way to get over to Sydney, to talk to her. Fighting through a crowd of three hundred people was not easy. Especially being the Best Man. I watched her leave the main room and I hurried after her. I faught my way out of the doors, but no Sydney out in the hallway.


No answer. Frick. Where did she go?

I shoved my fists in my pockets, sighing. Maybe it really was too far gone to repair.

"When you really care about someone, you don't just give them what they want, you give them what they need." I flipped around at the sound of her voice, "A nice spin on my own words."

"Syd-," I grabbed her to me and kissed her, "I love you-I know I'm an idiot," I mumbled between kisses, "I love you, I love you, I love you."

I dropped to my knees, "I'm sorry Sydney, I-,"

"Stop Ryder," She said kneeling down in front of me, wrapping her arms around me and holding me, "Stop, it's okay."

"It's not okay," I said, cupping her face in my hands, "You've waited so long, I've been such a jerk, I can't imagine how many times I must have hurt you-I don't understand why you keep having faith in me."

"Because I love you, moron."

I grinned and kissed her again. "That's good. Because it'd be really difficult to help you open a music school if you hated me."

She pulled away from me, her face a mask of disbelief, "I'm sorry what did you just say?"

"You told me I needed to pick a job, and when I asked you how you decide on what to do for the rest of your life, you remember what you said? You asked me if there was anything I couldn't live without. Well I finally figured it out. I can't live without you, and I want to support your passion. I have all the money I could ever want, but it's of no use to me. I majored in business, I've already figured out the financial side. I'm gonna help you do this."

"Ryder, you can't-,"

"Don't even try it Sydney Grace Frost, I'm doing this whether you protest or not." I stood, pulling her up with me. "Come on, we're missing the party."

"But, Ryder-,"

"Nope! No more on the subject. We'll talk about it later, but you're never going to convince me out of it."


I took her hand and together we walked back into the ballroom.



((Six Months Later))

"Well, it's going to require some work..." I said, looking at the slightly run-down two story craftsman style house.

"Don't make fun of it!" Sydney punched my shoulder, "It's gonna be a perfect school. Sure it needs some paint and some nails, but when we're done it's gonna be awesome."

I leaned down and kissed her, wrapping an arm around her waist, "What should we call our school? Musical House of Awesomeness?"

"Why don't you leave the naming to me." Sydney said.

I grinned, lifting her up into my arms.

"RYDER!" She squealed, but laughed, "What on earth are you doing?"

"Crossing the threshold. Isn't that what people do?"

"That's what newly-weds do, you dork." She smacked my head playfully.

"OH... right..." I said, nodding. I set her down on the porch, and pulled something out of my pocket, "Maybe we should remedy that."

"Ryder, what d'you-"

"Sydney, will you marry me?"

"Are you kidding me? OF COURSE!"

I grinned and kissed her.

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