A girl who turned into a boy

Chapter 1: transform?

Lauren Tracy didn't mean to ask for this.

She always wished that she could turn into a boy, but she never knew it would really happen. She stood there shaking herself…unbelieving her eyes.

"A warm, gentle girl has TURNED into A Young man? Is this nuisance?" She thought. She rushed to the washroom (female of course) and looked at "herself" at the mirror. What appears her is a (another description: a very handsome man, the prince face could make any girls fall onto him, A well-strong muscular body which seems can lift 2 boxes of drinks.) teenager with strong muscular body, a short wavy hair, and a board face. She still dazed from it, but she calmed down after a while and think what happened before she turned into THIS.

The school have started for few days, the school ground that was once silent are now crowded with the student noise. She was occupied with schools works and club meeting. She is always get bullied by other girls because she has light-brown hair with some sliver hair. It is very special hair. Other than that, she has a special kind of "sickness" too.

"Hey Lauren, Could you take this file to our senior Vincent? I kind of busy with the club meeting later. I believe you wouldn't say "No" to me, do you?" As 2nd grade senior, Phoenix smiled at Lauren.

"I believe I could but …" she hesitated. (What club meeting? You didn't even HAVE a club to attend!!)

"Are you going to help me, or NOT?" she looked at Lauren. The face turned into a serious face.

"N..No…of course not, I am willing to help you." Lauren smiled back at her.

"Good. I knew you wouldn't reject my request" She gave Lauren the file and walked away with laughter. Lauren curse Phoenix would fall on the ground by a banana skin in her mind. That's right,. Her sickness is that she looks very gentle and obedient on her face, but she is ill-mannered girl inside her heart; She wouldn't say it was a curse or something else related. This may be cause from the "pressure" she had once.

She walk slowly towards the office which located at the end of the corridor, she heard some cheer outside from the window, she looked out, saw the boys playing basketball as the girls cheering on them.

I always hope to become a boy, having a muscular body, with full of energetic and strength. They wouldn't let me win just because Im a girl and it doesn't need them to worry too much about the privacy stuff. But I guess it wouldn't happen for me to becoming a boy anyway, except miracle. She thought.

She quickly turned her head away from the window before anyone notices it. She quickly walk to the office and hand the file to teacher." Phew, I believe that is the last thing I should do for today now. Yawn, man, and lm so sleepy…maybe I should take a nap at the student council room." And so she did.

"THAT'S RIGHT.I took a nap after that…But how did I turned into a boy? If anyone see me like this, How am I going to explain it?" Her face was in terror.


A female student opened the washroom door. "That's weird, why did the washroom door was…"Both were so stunned to see each other.

…….*brain is processing the information*

"AAH!!!! A PERVERT!!! " The girl shout and pointing at "HIM", running away to call for help." WAIT!!IM NOT A PERVERT!!I CAN EXPLAIN THIS!!" She trying to stop her from running but fail to do so. She got into silence.. How is she going to explain "this" situation when she didn't even know how did she turned into a boy, wearing a GIRL UNIFORM?!"DAMN!!WHY DID I GET INTO THIS KIND OF MESS!!?" She covers his face, running away.

She "kidnapped" boy and steal one of the boys uniform from the changing room. "Urgh…This clothes is full of sweat…I should have taken another one..." She walked out of the classroom." Now….How AM I GOING TO DEAL WITH THIS??!!!"