Inane magnitudes recorded,
insane crack on earth's crust.
Quaked a magnitude of 9,
doubled by 6m of waves
which rolled dark murky waters in.

hudreds of thousands of ships,
planes and vehicles,
swept away from the land...

Like little toys they bob,
in the massive torrent.
Then disappear beneath bridges,
or are stuck behind buildings.

Nuclear station bursting into flames,
radiation spreading in the atmosphere.
In another hudred years or more to come,
problems and effects of this aftermath,
will surface as humans begin
to develop signs of deficiancy.

Citizens of our planet earth,
never missing any timings for news,
many are despairing for the lives lost,
others worring for the damage done.

Professors and news reporters,
discussions about predicted quakes,
and foreseen monstrous breaks,
apparently more is coming our way...

Countries sending in their helplines,
in-flow of water and external members.
Men fight and quarrel over petite things,
yet we get together to help them,
even when they are old enemies of distant shores.

Let us pray, let us sit together
and put our minds and hearts
as one to pray, clasp our hands together
and plea God have mercy on mankind,
to let this be the last....

Many are trying to help,
most are honestly concerned...

Yet there're still some who believe,
it is the retribution they owed the world...

Are they still worth the title 'Human'?