Hasegawa Chiharu at night sat on the balcony of the small apartment she lived in with her parents. She watched the lights of the city twinkle, bringing a nice calm to her mind as she sat there, enjoying the night life that stood in front of her, something she felt that she could not reach. She wished to reach out to the lights, but knew she couldn't.

Watching the lights caused her to feel a long, decent peace overwhelming her until she found her mind ready to work on her school work or ready to go to bead, drowsy enough to sleep. She preferred staying up as long as possible, yet her parents would chase her back inside, into the inside of her room, lecturing her about her dreams for the future.

Yet those twinkling lights represented her hope and her dreams, that there was something to look forward to. Thus she kept looking at them, calming her. She would also stand on her friends balconies while they talked about things, watching the night lights, which she felt represented for some reason, her undecided future.

In the mornings she would wake up and brush her teeth, getting ready for school and heading out so that she wouldn't be late for class. She would sit through the day, expecting similarity and conformity in her life, not yet decided on where she would go in life, but then she had the councilors to talk with about that particular subject once she got to her senior year.

Sitting in class, she wrote down her homework, awaiting the end of this school year and the start of another when the building began to shake. Upon this happening, quite a few of the students dived under their desks, including herself. She huddled under there for a good deal of time, or so it felt, watching the ceiling collapse down onto the classroom floor.

Then, upon it ending, they got up and began texting, wondering where family was. The teacher didn't lecture of course, as he was heading to the office to find out more information. Her parents turned out all right, as did a couple of her middle school friends who choose to go to a different high school then her.

Eventually she headed home, to find out that the building next to her apartment had a fire put out in the building. People were also checking the structures of various building for damage that needed fixing. However, things seemed to be normal. There were always Earthquakes in Japan. She walked up stares, the room hot due to power outage.

When the power finally came on, she was able to finally listen to the news. Tokyo, where she lived was fine, but up North in Sendai a tsunami had hit, watching the water wash away buildings and fields. She remembered visiting the place on a school field trip and knew that this place wouldn't be the same the next time she visited.

And then there came the news of Fukushima nuclear plant going off, exploding. This meant a power shortage of course. The decision was made to turn off power for periods of time. During the day seemed to not be a good time to turn off the power as they would need it, thus they would be turning of the power at night.

Thus when she went out, she found the city in complete blackness. Her mood was as dark as the skyline, her dreams as bleak at this point and time. She didn't know where things would go from here nor when things would come back to normality. Hopefully this would be sooner rather then later.

Author's note – This is written for the fanbbs contest this month. Also... it is written about the disaster that hit Japan recently. I don't know when or how they're cutting off the power, but I know that they are doing it for periods of time.