America's National Religion

It's that time of year again when we can forget about separation of church and state and realize that our government is a theocracy devoted to worshiping the Great God Taxes. Failure to render that Deity humble reverence is the only remaining blasphemy punishable by secular law.

To understand that mystical process, it helps to recall the origin of taxation--tribute. In primitive times a tribe with strong armed forces would tell a weaker tribe to pay up or face annihilation. That worked pretty well until tribal bigwigs decided to put the squeeze on their own people. For that they needed a clever scam, which was provided by religion.

A priestly caste arose to proclaim that supernatural powers must be placated by collections of the common folks' worldly goods, and even their lives when human sacrifice became fashionable. A king of Babel went so far as to assert that he could build a tower to heaven with his subjects' resources and labor.

A few thousand years later socialist theorists promised heaven on earth to followers who would, in Lenin's phrase: "give the whole of their lives" to his cause. We've seen how that resulted in more destruction and confusion than people milling around a tower speaking different languages.

But apparently our current ruling class has learned nothing from those failures. They cheerfully continue to tell us that all will be well if we will shut up and pay up as they pass laws that they don't read.

Our nation's founders saw things differently. They were so constitutionally opposed to the income tax that it took their successors over a century to sneak in an amendment that legalized the confiscation of up to one hundred per cent of every American's wealth.

The party now in power now is aware of that fact. That's why so many like-minded individuals have been appointed to our robed priesthood called judges. If you hope for mercy in tax cases before those honorable gentlemen and ladies--remember where their money comes from.

Debtor's prisons were supposedly abolished long ago. But just try to resist paying what the IRS says you owe and see how long His/Her Honor lets you keep your freedom.

So, as the highest of Holy Days April 15 approaches, let us go rejoicing to the sacrificial altar. What else did you expect--a tea party?