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A group of six sat on crates and barrels in the back upstairs room of a bakery. Among them there were only three speaking, the others sat in silence, listening and keeping to their own devices. Each of them were shrouded in long black cloaks, hiding there features from anyone that may have come stumbling in on them whilst they were in the middle of their very exciting meeting.

These people were just a small fraction of renegades that were scattered throughout the land.

They had come together in order to fight against the Queen, a vicious and heartless creature that worried only of power and riches. She was the sort of woman that stopped at nothing in order to gain exactly what she wanted.

Currently her desire was for the renegades to be eradicated... Not that she hadn't wanted them gone for the last two years, it was just now that they were becoming more of a problem for her.

A soft sigh was uttered from the back corner and some of the cloaked heads turned, taking a glance over at a figure whom sat on a crate, long, black-pant and boot covered legs stretched out.

"You have something that you wish to say, Cypress?" A deep male voice asked, from which figure it came from it was hard to distinguish for no one was moving.

The body in the corner moved its head lazily, "No, not at all." This was the quiet, honeyed, and attractive voice of a woman. "It's just getting to be a bit dull, we've been here an hour and he's yet to arrive, what are we waiting for again?"

There was a huff and a couple other figures sighed. "News, Cypress. He brings news."

The woman snorted in distaste, "Does he not always bring news? Useless, boring, unhelpful news?" She sat up more, pulling her knees upward slightly before slothfully raising her hands and undoing the string on her cloak. "And these heavy things! We're over a bakery, soon enough we'll be as cooked as the bread if we don't take them off!"

She pulled off the piece of clothing and stretched out her arms in front of herself, bending them out and listening to the pleasing pops her bones made as they readjusted.

The woman had to only be in her mid twenties and had a smooth face, her eyes were sharp and gold like that of a hawks and her hair was long, straight, and as dark as the night. Her body was curvy like a woman's should be but it was also toned and she was tall, five foot ten to be exact.

She didn't know it, but on more that a few occasions she'd been described as intimidating by her fellow renegades.

"Well, always one to follow example~!" Someone piped up cheerfully and there was a rustling sound as another cloak was abandoned on the ground allowing a young man, in his early-twenties, with no hair on his head or face whatsoever, to be revealed. If that hadn't been shocking enough his skin was a bright green and his ears were pointed slightly, his eyes were brown.

There was gruff noise and one of the men stood up, he was larger and taller than everyone else, the cloak he wore barely covering him completely. "You fools. We wear these so that no one can tell who we are!" He reminded them, voice consisting of pure annoyance.

"You think that a group of people, wearing the same outfit, all in the same building... Isn't suspicious at all?" Cypress enquired sweetly, cocking her head to the side. She received a glare and let out a soft laugh, "Don't get so uptight Leonis."

Leonis, the large, muscular man snorted, "Why were you allowed to join again?"

Cypress blanked for a moment, blinking and opening her mouth, "Uh... Be-...cause?"

There was heavy sighs from most everyone else in the room, she blushed and smiled. The green skinned young man, Frouyd, smiled kindly, "Because, Cypress, we know that if you really wanted to you could slice us all up in a matter of moments. You're knife-wielding skills are wonderful."

The womans cheeks reddened even more and she straightened. "You're full of shit, you guys give me way to much credit all of the time, it's all going to go to my head soon-"

"You mean that it hasn't already?" Someone else drawled out and another round of laughter resounded about the area of the room.

"You two should put your cloaks back on." Leonis grunted quietly, this wasn't a demand, it was a suggestion.

Cypress huffed, her shoulders slumping. "They know what we look like already, Leonis. The Hunters, they've seen us multiple times, up close, fought with us... And these ones, the ones after us, have got the Queens right-hand man as their leader. We've even got wanted signs milling about alerting townsfolk of our-"

"Exactly!" Leonis exploded and a round of shushes followed close behind. He quickly cooled himself down by taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly. "Exactly... They may know what we look like, as do many, and that's why we need to keep our appearances hidden, so that we don't get sold out." He maintained slowly, not wanting to build himself up into a fit again.

That trimmed the woman down a little and she shrunk down, cowed momentarily as she thought of a response.

It took her a second but she straightened, serious, "But the head of the hunters is with them anyway, he always finds us sooner or later."

"And we all know about him, the Bringer of Death they call him... Murders any that oppose the Queens will. If he ever got his hands on us, or if his little cronies ever got us, we'd be dead." Ammarand, another one of the men, decided to add. "They say that his hair is dyed from the blood of those he's killed. And his armour is constructed from the dead themselves, blackened from their bitter souls..." Under his cloak he was a skinny fellow with a bearded chin and light blond hair, he was in his thirties, he had been recruited as part of their group because he was a fantastic shot with a bow and arrow.

All of them had their talents.

"Thank you for that extremely enlightening bit of information, we hadn't already known that." Leonis expressed under his breath and shook his head.

Cypress was grinning from ear to ear at them, her golden eyes watching them all. She looked at Frouyd and then laughed, he looked tired of being in that hot, small room with all of them.

To be honest it was smelling of sweat and frustration.

"We haven't exactly reached any point with this little conversation have we? So why don't we... I don't know... Get on with the meeting and when he does happen to arrive then we can hear what his information is? Hm? Yes? Sounds good?" The only woman in there suggested warmly, her slender black eyebrows arched at Leonis.

He growled and then huffed heavily, he had given up and she was right, there was no point waiting any longer.

Clearing his throat he began with giving the usual information like; where other renegades were, what plans they'd put into action, assassination attempts, group movements, and other such dribble.

"And, since the Hunters ruined our last attempt at taking down the Queens war Commander we've been set back quite a bit." He finished off after about half an hour of near constant speaking.

There were some soft hums of agreement around the room, everyone was very down-trodden. The plan they'd had to assassinate the Commander had been going completely as it should until some Hunters had unexpectedly showed up just as they were breaking into the soldier camp.

To say the least it really hadn't gone very well once the soldiers had been woken up.

Frouyd scratched the side of his green neck. "Then we'll just have to find someway to get in there good next time, disguise ourselves somehow. Cypress can't go because she's a woman and I can't go because I'm... Not of correct species." He declared and nodded curtly to himself.

"We'd have to be undercover for a couple of days."

"Yes, and those not undercover would have to track us somehow..."

A few more suggestions were added in now and again as they all tried to figure out what their next move would be.

There was a loud noise from downstairs and everyone stopped speaking altogether, stalk still and watching the door. More noises sounded and rapid footfalls started to pound up the stairs.

They'd been found out.

When this realization struck they all stood, looking at each other anxiously before Cypress and Frouyd quickly gathered their cloaks and put them on, hiding their appearances just as the door busted open.

The cloaks would only help to make sure that none of them were targeted directly by the group of Hunters, it would also add some confusion to the chase.

"Well, well, well... Looks like we've stumbled into a rats nest, boys." A male spoke, stepping into the room followed by about four others. This one had dark hair cut short and light eyes, he had the face of a weasel and Cypress could tell why he'd called them rats, this man most likely had a case of low self-esteem.

Poor Weasel-face.

Another man caught her attention, this one was blond, his hair wild and his eyes wide, his hands trembling. "Rats shouldn't be in a bakery, right? Haha, right?" He cackled, voice sharp and showing that he didn't happen to be all there mentally. "Let's exterminate them!" He cried rapturously and pulled out a knife, making a move forward but being stopped by another man.

Weasel-face tisked and shook his head in dismay, "I'm sorry, we can't do that, remember? The boss told us if we kill any of them then it'll be our heads." He looked around at the six darkly-clothed figures and gave a dirty smile. "So let's all be very cooperative and get you rats round up nice and quietly so that nobody gets hurt, alright?"

Another moment of silence fell over them as each group stared apprehensively at the other.

The Renegades certainly wouldn't be giving themselves over without a fight, but they also had a rule about never getting civilians caught up in their ordeals.

It would be hard to duke it out and not get innocents involved if they were over top of a bakery and inside of a town

Leonis, being the large bull of a man he was, charged forward into the Hunters sending them crashing out into the hallway.

The Renegades went rushing away, going in different directions from one another, splitting up as to not let themselves all get caught together.

Cypress opened the window quickly and climbed out of it, sliding down the slanted roof and springing off of it, she landed on her feet at the back of the bakery, next to her was a man on a black horse. Her gaze lifted and her heart skipped a beat as wild shock and fear ran through her.

She was staring at the man known as the 'Bringer of Death'.

And he was staring directly back at her.

Neither of them moved as they observed one another.

He could see nothing of her features but she could see his quite well.

The Hunters leader was a tall man, lean but also very strong looking looking, his eyes were the exact grey of clouds before a storm, his eyelashes were long and black. His skin was tanned from hours in the sun and scars marred his features, one was near his left eye, vertical and small but many shades darker than the rest of his skin, it looked like a nick from a switchblades. Another scar was near his nose, also on the left side, it went right from the corner of his eye and slanted down to past his nostril. His worst facial scar was the one on his right cheek, it started about half an inch from the corner of his mouth and kept going until it reached where his jaw-line curved up.

The most eye-catching feature of his though, in her opinion, was his hair.

It was indeed the same colour as war, violent, bloody, and burning. It most reminded her of when the afternoon sun hung suspended in a purple and pink washed sky over a site which held the remains of a very recent battle.

Somehow he managed to frighten her immensely.

"Renegade..." The man spoke, his voice was so smokey and quiet it made her start to tremble.

Cypress heard the sound of the door of the bakery hitting the wall and then loud yells and hysterical laughter.

She also noticed the man turn his head to look in the direction, as soon as his eyes were off of her she took off, running at top speed away from him. It was only a moment before she heard the sound of hooves loudly pounding after her and catching up quickly.

The woman cursed, to her right there were more buildings, on her left there was a brick wall.

Her breathing picked up as she ran even harder, knowing if she didn't make a decision quickly she'd be caught by the intimidating man on horseback.

Ahead of her there was a pile of crates, it was pressed against the wall, she thanked the lady of luck for that.

By this point she was sprinting and trying to ignore how the distance between them was fast becoming minimal. As she got close to the crates she took a leap and landed upon them, climbing fast before launching herself over the brick wall. This time she hit the ground on her knees and let out a sharp cry before hissing lowly and standing, her legs shaking beneath her from the pain.

Her eyes scanned around.

There was one large field and behind it there was a thick forest, she sucked in a breath.

If she could get in there then she'd be safe.

Cypress swiftly shook out her limbs before shooting off through the field, moving the best she could as her legs throbbed from the rather badly planned landing.

Her head turned slightly and her jaw nearly dropped when she saw the Head Hunter coming for her once more. He must have gone through one of the exits of the town to continue stalking his pray. He was smart, she'd give him that... She also supposed he was very determined too, she wondered how much money it took to motivate him to do this.

Then again he may have just been the sort of man that enjoyed the thrill of the chase, from the look in his eyes she supposed that would have been a better explanation.

Sometimes she wondered why she let the Renegades recruit her in the first place, then she remembered she hated the Queens system and laws and that she was bored with her mundane town life.

Her eyes saw the fence that divided the forest from the field coming up and she got ready for another jump.

As she approached she saw that it was made of wood and barbed wire, she swore under her breath but kept going and grabbed onto the wire once close enough, pulling herself over. As she was moving away from the fence her cloak got snagged, she tried to tug it away but the fabric wouldn't tear.

The stupid thing had always been a nuisance to her.

Throwing the secret of her identity to the wind she untied the cloak and let it drop from her, revealing her to the man on the horse who only happened to be ten feet away on the other side of the fence.

Her breath caught in her throat, he was far to close for comfort.

He had stayed his horse and they now stared one another down once again, the wind whistling against the trees and the grass swaying slowly about them.

The man didn't utter a single word this time, he just watched her with his penetrating eyes, waiting for a sign of movement.

Cautiously she straightened, the breeze lifting her hair up as it went past, they were both trying to size one another up it seemed.

The sun glinted off of the tight, black chest-plate and his black metal, spiked gauntlets. Other than those to pieces of armour he appeared to be dressed in a dark purple-red poets shirt and black pants with leather boots.

Hunters never dressed like normal soldiers, knights, or royal guards but somehow his attire made him seem far more cruel than any other man she'd ever had the pleasure of seeing

She took one step back and his horse took a step forward.

Her eyes narrowed at him, looking over his face darkly.

This was not the first day that they'd glimpsed one another, but it was certainly the first time either of them had gotten a good look at the other or had ever been in such close proximity.

Nor had she ever seen his features so clearly.

She wished that she had continued to be ignorant to them, if she had then she wouldn't have been able to let his eyes dig their way deep into her memory.

It was then that she noticed that they were far away enough from the town for her to attack him.

Her hand slipped into her sheath and she pulled out a dagger, took her aim and whipped it at him, almost to fast to notice.

It was going straight at his forehead and just before it seemed like it was going to hit he tilted his head to the side and the knife went whizzing past.

Cypress' eyes widened.

The man was fast.

She turned and ran, going straight into the forest, bounding over bushes and dodging the trees as she went.

He wasn't deterred from his goal though, he was still coming after her.

Her legs continued to carry her until she heard the horse right behind her, felt its breath on her head. Suddenly her knees buckled and she fell to the ground, her body hunched forward and her head turned a little so she could look behind herself.

The horse had reared back, giving a loud neigh of annoyance and then settling down.

Cypress turned her head away again, straightening her torso and holding her head up high, she would not show fear or weakness to this man.

Her body though nearly jerked when she heard the sound of him dismounting though and she swallowed quietly, taking in a deep breath and calming down her heart.

Her eyes stared straight ahead even as he moved to stand directly in front of her.

She felt his gaze on her and a shiver of discontent made its way down her stiff spine.

Would he kill her?

She saw one of his frighteningly gloved hands coming towards her face and her eyes shot up, meeting his fiercely.

"Don't worry, renegade." He spoke gently and tilted her chin up with two fingers, gazing at her face, an odd look in his eyes. He seemed to be coming to a decision of some sort and she was getting very nervous. She wished he'd get his hand away from her, it made her very uneasy.

The man continued to watch her, "I've seen you many times before, you've been with the renegades a long time, and you're so young." He pointed out in an obvious manner.

'And you're quite young yourself, you filthy mutt.' Cypress thought to herself as she watched him, her lips pursing in disgust for everything that this Hunter stood for. If he were acting high and mighty or patronizing like his underdogs then she surely could have vomited right then and there.

But, he was being quite civil with her.

Thus any illness she wished that she was feeling was unattainable at the moment.

He kneeled down in front of her, bending forward to be at eye level with her. They were staring at each other still. "You haven't anything to say?" The man asked and gained no response, just a silence and a dark glare.

He smirked and ran his hand down the side of her throat slowly, feeling her body tense beneath his gauntlet covered hand. "Maybe you'll be more adverse to speak later." He murmured thoughtfully and her eyes narrowed just as she felt him pinching her collarbone.

For a single, stilled moment, nothing happened and then her vision went black and she collapsed forward against his arms, submerged into deep unconsciousness.

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