A glittering landscape stretched as far as the eye could see. The vast capital city, with its myriad sights and sounds, lay resting beneath an indigo sky with stars that twinkled bright.

A flash of light broke the horizon. Time seemed to slow down as the great white dome of the Palace collapsed, its mighty towers teetering.

Three ghostly figures appeared in the city square and raised their arms in unison, chanting in eerie voices. Another flash of light, and the nearest buildings caught fire. People began to scream as all hell seemed to break loose: the fire decimating all in its path, seeming eager to consume the entire city and its people.

A little away on a tall hill, one of many that overlooked the city, stood two shadows, aloof witnesses to the destruction taking place before their eyes.

Suddenly one of them looked down to the foot of the hill where a small white figure could be seen running haphazardly .After climbing half way up, the figure stopped, seeming to have run out of breath and turned around to see the burning city, which was painting the vista orange. In the harsh light it became apparent that it was a small girl with a huge gash on her shoulder, blood running down her arm.

The first shadow prepared to move towards her, when the other shadow abruptly put out a hand to stop him. There was now another cloaked figure racing up the hill towards the little girl, carrying a rather bloody sword in one hand, his pointed teeth bared in a feral grin. The girl noticed him and turned to flee, but her foot stumbled and she fell, her face turning to face the sword wielder. The first shadow cursed and began running down the slope, endeavoring to reach her before the man.

The girl had raised her palm towards the cloaked man, forming a ball of fire which shot out towards her assailant, knocking him onto the ground. But he was not hurt and he rose to his feet with a shake of his head, snarling. The girl was now frozen, fear locking her legs and the man advanced, raising his bloodstained sword.

Just as he was about to bring it down on her, there was a cascade of loose mud and stones behind them, and the man looked up just in time to dodge a dagger that the shadow had launched at him. His eyes growing wide, the man seemed to recognize the shadow and something amounting to fear flitted across his face. Staggering backwards, he shot the girl an evil look and quickly turned and ran away.

The girl, who had watched all of this in a shocked silence, rose off the ground as the shadow approached. She was dimly aware of the second shadow, now also moving down the hill but all of this vanished when the shadow, which was now revealed to be a man, grabbed her with strong arms. She felt the dread leave her and along with it the adrenaline which had kept her from fainting.

As her eyes closed, she felt her feet leave the ground as he picked up her up gently and whispered," You' re safe now, princess."