Star Dust Moment

You once told me you wouldn't move
Until the sun came pouring down
And all around you I saw the explosion
Of star dust and fire.
You were unlike anything I'd ever seen
In that moment of detonation
When the stars cascaded Earthward
In tandem for you.

If I could have caught that moment,
Bottled the star dust and you,
I would be entranced at the beauty
And of course the sun
As it lit you in a backdrop
Of crystal flakes of fire.
A scene so mesmerising only you
Could leave me breathless.

As you stood there with the galaxy
Humming at your fingertips
I could never describe the desire
You incite in me.
The desire to be a speck of star
Somewhere in your distant universe
A minute, iridescent particle
Resting in your sky.

But all that glitters is not gold.
We couldn't exist forever
In a dreamscape made of fire and dust
Falling from the heavens.
So, the moment passed like a mirage,
It was a beautiful never there.
Once again you started moving
And the stars never fell.

There was no fire,
There was no star dust,
No galaxy at your fingertips –
But I swear for just a moment
The sun came pouring down.