Here I go. Just get in, try not to be noticed, so you can get right back out. I reminded myself opening the doors to my new school, St. Olympus.

At first I laughed at the name, the second time…I was a bit intimidated.

First thing I met was…the floor.

Well hello floor. Nice meeting you St. Olympus ground. I'm new here. I hope you won't ever trip me again.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm running late you. I'm suppose to meet this—." She paused to look at me "You're the new kid right?" she asked helping me up.

"Uh yeah." I brushed my uniform—which was now crumpled and messy—for dirt from the floor.

"You're Pete Mattinson right? I'm your guide, somewhat like a mentor y'know? You can come to me for anything." Then she shifted to a whisper "Unless it's boy stuff then I'm absolutely staying out of it." She giggled and turned back to normal volume "I'm Harmonia the goddess of peace. Here I'll show you around." She said.

Harmonia?! What is wrong with her? The goddess of peace?! What the hell?! I thought looking at her up and down as we walk.

"According to your papers your homeroom is room 106 which right over there." She pointed to a wooden door three classes down. "And you also have Poetry, which is on the second floor, English is also on the second floor I'll show both later on. Then you have History which is down the hall to your left over there." She pointed at a deserted hall. I shivered. "And you have Greek Mythology—don't worry, everyone has to take it. It's not optional so don't worry about being the only one there— which is five classes down your History room, and you have Physical Education which is outside because of the nice weather—thank Apollo for that—and we have track n field coming up so be prepared try-outs are next month, which is only two weeks away if you're asking. Then you have Science/Biology with Mr. Crawford, don't be fooled by the smile, he gives awful tests so be sure to pay close attention to everything he says in class, and that class is located just right beside the auditorium and two classes down Greek Mythology." She paused to smile at me "Did I miss anything?"

"I-I- d-don't th-think-k s-s-o." I stuttered at her smile.

"My mother's worse. Although you can's see her yet. She's out on a modelling tour. She gets signed almost everyday. But you will see her later at lunch." She explained.

"You're mother?" I asked confusingly.

"Oh don't worry we're not really related, she's a student at this school too, a second year, well almost all the gods and goddesses here are second years except for me, Hebe, Eros and Eris. I know that they say that Eris and Ares are supposed to be twins, they are, kind of, Eris is just a year younger than him." she said.

"Aren't all those are like—."

She cut me off, "Greek gods and goddesses? Yeah, they're our real names. The gods and goddesses are part of a council called Olympus Council and they make the decisions here in this school. I'll introduce you to them when we get to the second floor and show you around there. Oh and your locker is there too, it's fairly close to your Poetry class so you don't have to worry about getting late there. Usually people are late for Poetry because it's on the second floor but you're lucky enough to get that locker." She explained. "Let's go I'll show you the inside cafeteria and the outside cafeteria. After that you are to meet the council." She said leading me to three double doors.

"This is the cafeteria." She said opening one door to show what is inside all three doors.

It was like a football field but just a tad bit smaller. It was bright but not bright enough to burn your eyes. It was filled with black tables that probably came out of a famous rich catalogue and white round chairs to match them. in the middle there was a bar, it looks like a salad bar or something. Then at the very end there's a counter where the cafeteria people would work back in the kitchen behind it. it was like a grand hall but better.

What kind of rich school is this?!

"Breath taking isn't it? You should see the outdoor cafeteria where most people would go." She whispered although nobody was there to listen to our conversation.

I just nodded and followed her out.

Where are the people? Aren't they supposed to be in classes? I didn't see any teachers or students in the rooms. And it should be pretty close to first free period.

Unlike the indoor cafeteria, the outdoor one was plain. Like school cafeteria plain. No fancy circles, no flashing colours, and no eye-catching tables. Just plain old benches and wooden picnic tables. It was just like some other school cafeteria you might come across upon in your new school or old.

It was plain of all things.

And this is where the students of St. Olympus prefer to eat lunch rather than the indoor one, which is covered with glitter and sparkles. There's really something wrong with the students in this school.

"Now the auditorium. Everyone is there waiting for your arrival Mr. Mattinson." She said taking my arm pulling me to the auditorium.

* * *

first of all, it was huge. Really huge. Like nine football fields huge. And it was filled with thousands of students all waiting for me.

"Here we are Mr. Mattinson. You're future here in St. Olympus School officially begins." Harmonia said smiling at the crowd.

* * *

"I cannot believe you're mentor is the goddess Harmonia. She's like the nicest goddesses in the school, man! You're so freaking lucky!" Sean Luck exclaimed slapping me on the back.

Ow. I thought in pain.

"Oh yeah that. Me neither." I muttered heading to a table.

We were in the outdoor cafeteria and every student was out in the fields or sitting on benches or sitting on picnic tables eating their lunch.

I searched for a familiar face and finally found Harmonia's.

I smiled at her and she looked at me once and didn't look back.

Ouch. That hit right on the spot.

But I headed that way anyways.

"Oh no you don't." Sean tugged my sleeve and pulled me back.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"You're heading to the gods and goddesses. The Olympus Council. Do you know who they are?!" He exclaimed gripping my sleeves like life depended on it.

"Uh yeah." I pointed at my arm "you can let go now" I said.

He didn't let go. Instead he led me to an empty picnic table fairly far from the Olympus Council.

I rolled my eyes.

"Take a seat and I'll tell you all about them." he said patting the space beside him.

I took it and sighed.

"Who to start?" he put his finger on his bottom lip as if to think so hard. "Aha! Harmonia. Since you already know her. Well she's the goddess of Peace and Harmony. When trouble comes, she always resolves it and Aphrodite, her mother—they're not really related. I mean I figured you already figured it by now, like seriously? Who gets a child just after a year they were born. Not very likely, not possible either—, Aphrodite," he pointed to an extremely beautiful blonde girl smiling like she's really enjoying life as it goes "she turns the hate between the two students to liking. It's like she really has powers you know? like she can actually control love." He sighed. "Well back to Harmonia, she's like the most gentlest person in this school. She's nice, she's beautiful—almost as her mother, but not quite—, her petite form just makes it perfect." He explained.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really." That was a rhetorical question but okay.

"How about her." I said nodding at a dark haired girl with a stern look, but still beautiful.

"That's Minerva Athena. The goddess of Wisdom and War. She's the smartest girl—er—student here. she's awesome at combat fighting—she's even better than Ares the god of War!—, is the leader of the math club, teachers appreciate her and love her. All the nerds admire her, even the dead kids!" he said shivering towards the 'dead kids' lurking around, pale faced. "She's also in the home ec class, she loves it there."

"How about him, I'm guessing he's Zeus."

"That brunette, macho guy?" he asked.

I nodded not glancing at Sean.

"Oh. Wrong guess. Zeus is that one." He pointed at a blonde, muscle-y, president-like guy.

I mentally slapped my head. When will you learn Pete?

"That is Ares Mars." He said. "He's the god of War. His twin is Eris the goddess of Spite, I'll get to her later though, Ares is violent and is eager for a fight. He's an expert at softening up the hardest girls—Atermis and Athena—here, but he's the jealous, possessive type—according to Aphrodite that is—. He has young, strong and handsome features, and he's really athletic, he's the star jock and quarterback in the football team. And he likes picking a fight against Athena to combat fighting."

"How about her." I suggested nodding towards a dark straight haired girl with a scowl while looking at a guy that looks just like her, except in guy form.

"That's Atermis. The goddess of the moon, she's Apollo's younger sister. Though they are twins they are the exact opposite. It's best to avoid her. Especially by us males, she absolutely loathes us. Literally! She'll bite your head off if she catches you flirting with one of her Hunters or her herself." Before I could ask, "Hunters are those girls over there." He pointed at the table filled of girls who have blank looks and dark eyes setting on the males who pass by. Creepy. "They're the girls who are with Atermis with the I-hate-all-guys thing. she has this club that only allows girls and she asks all of the girls in the school on who would want to join. If you are to join that group then you must sworn to her that you will have absolutely nothing to do with us males. Her sport is archery, she has this thing that whenever she shoots she has like 100% accuracy on her shots. She's even better than her younger brother. She's merciless when she's angered, it's even worse if it was a guy she was against."

"Venus Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Oh goddess…spare me now." He said dreamily.