When I was young I would always say what I was thinking.

No matter how it hurt that person I was telling it to, I still said it. I wasn't the one to lie. Even if the lie would comfort and the truth would kill, I didn't care I still said what was on my mind with no hesitation.

In school, you would think I would be the snobbiest, meanest girl.

But it wasn't like that at all. I was the most popular. I was popular for my looks, for my background, for my parents and family, and especially for my unpleasant remarks.

People admired my boldness on how I say things with no trouble at all. Soon I had followers; I didn't like them at all. They were annoying, stupid girls that would follow me and think that their my closest friends.

I don't need friends. Friends are just for weak people that can't hold their self up by their selves.

I was always alone, my parents aren't always home, and if they were they were busy either with paper work or having guest from all around the world interested in them or for the business they're working on.

It never bothered me being alone. Being alone means you have more peace and quiet, you can relax, and you don't have to talk just to be polite.

I have manners, I use them, but my attitude isn't so wonderful.

Mom says I wasn't like this when I was younger, but how would she know? She was never there when I grew up, all she did for me was provide me everything I want and need without even thinking it was for my best.

All mom and dad could ever think about is their business, their jobs. It was never about raising me. They only had me because they looked bad having no child and no one to pass their business onto.

Dad wanted a boy for a child but they got stuck with me, but I was all right with that. Dad can adopt a goddamn boy; he can have hundreds of adopted boys. But again he thought that they would look bad in front of other people.

Mom's documentary taker. She travels all around the world and making documentaries of anything she could possible think of. While dad's a lawyer and stays in California most of the time. From time to time he would go to New York or Chicago taking cases there. But he mostly stays home because of me. He would kill to go much farther, but dad is—again—afraid of what people might think of him.

I couldn't really care any less, dad can go take a case in Antarctica and I would still be fine not missing him a single bit. Not even worried that he'll freeze to death there.

Actually, I couldn't care anymore less about anything.

"I'm sorry, but this tastes awful. You should just quit and get a much more decent job like in the dumpster, instead of being in a school cafeteria all day making all these awful dishes that most even complain about. What a waste of time." I said passing the cafeteria counter and heading for the garbage can.

One of the cafeteria ladies rushed in the kitchen sobbing.

"What an amateur." I grumbled and got out of the cafeteria.

Yes. That's me, Ruby Ward. The most popular girl in St. Katrina's All Girls School.