"Ruby? Don't you think you were too harsh back there?" Stacey Brown asked. She was one of the girls that usually follow my footsteps.

"No." I said bluntly trying to sound as if I wanted to be alone.

But of course, my wants weren't taken to notice.

"Right." Stacey mumbled.

There was a long silence as we strode down the hallways.

Stacey Brown wasn't the type of person I would start the conversation to in these types of situation.

Actually, nobody is the type of person for me to even talk to.

They were all alike.

Dumb, blonde, and snobby.

Stacey was just like that, minus the snobby-ness.

Before I told her to leave me alone, Stacey stared talking about Valentino's new spring collection.

She was very kind yet she was extremely brave. I came to have a bit of a liking to her, not that I have told her that.

I have never thought of her as a friend, I just considered her as my personal entertainment.

She sometimes invites me to her dorm room, but I always reject her offers. Because of my rejection to coming to her own room, she lounges in mine.

Stacey was lucky I had a bit of sympathy in my cold heart to even let her walk a small distance from me.

I might be fond of Stacey and don't mind her company, as to compare to the other girls that literally clings onto me, Stacey was still one of them.

Her admiration was clear in her every word she said to me, her lust for popularity was obvious to those who know her well, and her thirst for revenge was coming onto me like waves of water in a dark storm.

Stacey wasn't what other people thought of her.

I haven't yet figured out this deep secret of hers, but I am sure, in the near future I will.

Money, fake, and pretenders.

Those are the kind of people I am surrounded with every single day.

I didn't like fake.

Stacey wasn't as fake as the others; though it was obvious she had her nose done just the year before.

With that thought, my eyes averted to her face, my stare directly on her nose.

Stacey didn't acknowledge the fact that I was looking inventively at her nose, but I know she noticed my stare.

But even for my long stare, she kept talking as if I was actually listening to her.

The bell rang and we both automatically smoothed out our skirts.

At St. Katrina, students had to wear uniforms in the school colours of black, white, and red.

It included: a black blazer with a red lining on the collar, a summer skirt or a winter skirt (depending on the weather of course) having to be a checker skirt with all three colours, a white blouse, and a red and black tie. Black shoes were highly preferred (did not say we couldn't wear heals, they just mentioned black. And also if you paid close attention, they had stated preferred instead of must wear. But I wasn't one to break rules) and socks will have to be black with red linings.

"Well, I'll see you later Ruby." Stacey waved and walked away as I headed in the room and took the seat near the back.

"Good morning ladies." Mrs Tyre, our Math teacher greeted, seating herself on her own chair.

We all said 'good morning' back in unison.

All except me, who stayed quiet in my little corner in the room, observing Mrs. Tyre's movements.

I was watching to see if she mentions anything or shows any discomfort to my staring.

She, of course, was aware of my watching, it was obvious with how guarded her movements are; yet she didn't say a thing about it.

I watched her pace around the room as she talks, tapping onto desks of girls she thought should pay close attention.

When she came to my desk, she tapped the corner lightly and looked at me and smiled briefly and headed back to her walking.

"Can anybody tell me what is next month's greatest event?" She asked the class.

All the girls raised theirs hands to answer such an obvious question.

"Yes Ms. Collins?"

"The Annual Golden Rivalry Tournament." Cynthia answered excitedly.

"And what would that be? Ms. Simon?" Mrs. Tyre countered.

"A competition between St. Katrina and St. Leons to determine who is this year's best school." Elizabeth answered with equal enthusiasm as Cynthia.

St. John Leons was the closest school to St. Katrina. Just about 7 miles away.

St. John Leons all boys Academy and St. Katrina all girls Academy.

These two schools had been at each others throat even before my great grandmother was born.

With this intense rivalry, previous Directors of both schools organizes this tournament where it was decided the best school of the year.

It thought it was pathetic and stupid how these two schools couldn't just leave each other alone.

I of course, told this to our Head Mistress, Ms. Finn.

Our former Head Mistress died somehow and passed the job to the inexperience secretary.

Stupid? I think so.

Ms. Finn was young, her late twenties I presume.

She wasn't what you would think as a School Director type.

If I didn't know better, I could have mistaken her for a student at the Academy.

She had brown hair, always in a tight ponytail; her attire has changed from dress pants and blouses to pencil skirts and blazers.

To be honest, I liked her better when she was more laid back.

But that was only for a show, I knew way better.

How? Sadly, she'd my babysitter.

I know, why hire a school director as a babysitter for your seventeen-year-old child?

Take it to my father to gain such attention.

"Now girls, we all know that we have to work to claim such victory." Mrs. Tyre said seriously.

St Katrina has won the first 3 years in a row, then lost twice, then won 6 in the line, then lost fore 3 years, then the win was alternated until 3 years before/

When I was a freshman in St. Katrina, the 24th Golden Tournament, St. Leons was disqualified.

Some smart donkey had this great idea to spy on the girls and enter, posing as a lady and revealing the Academy's secrets to St. Leons.

That resulted to us girls to win by default.

The nest year, my sophomore year, another donkey thought they wouldn't get caught and registered in the school.

So again, St. Katrina won.

This year, hopefully, the girls are prepared to keep their mouths shut and eyes wide open for any suspicions.

"We will work extremely hard to reach that goal."

Translation: You ladies better not do anything stupid like say any of out trade secrets.

"We have been training by studying, we are growing stronger by testing our skills on exams."

Translation: Don't blow it now.

"Now, I will as, who is willing to compete in the mathematics competition? I will need five students. Volunteers?" Mrs. Tyre smiled at the many hands raised.

Hands all up, all except mine.