My first day on my new school.

Nerve racking when you guys looking at you like you're some alien come down to their territory.


Very territorial as I see. I thought.

Their gazes are like hawks watching its prey.

The girls seem fine. They just look, smile, flip their hair, wink…in fact there's too much winking. I'm beginning to think they have something in their eyes. I thought giving a smile to another girl that passed by.

The girl neither looked at me nor gave me a smile.

There it was…that feeling I never had with Monique (my girlfriend who I found out that cheated on me on my last day at St. Marks. At least now I can finally call her a bitch. Practically all that girl wanted was to kiss me all over. I in the other hand liked the holding hand stage better.). That jolt of electricity running through my veins. That struck of lightning stabbing me right on the left side of my chest.

Something about that girl just killed me all over again.

I watch her walk down the hall. I have this instant urge to go up to her, introduce myself and…and…I don't know what I would do next.

Then I came face to face to the ground.

Nice meeting you floor. I thought with a silent chuckle as I got up and picked up my papers.

"Watch where you go kid." Someone said with the shuffling of papers in the background.

"I am so sorry. I didn't see you—." I started. "I'm very deeply sorry. I didn't mean to—."

"Keep your apologies. You're forgiven the first time you said it." he said. He extended his hand and said, "I'm Brian. You're a new kid. Welcome to St. John's high school." He said as I took his hand and shook it.

I looked at the paper on my and it said HOMEROOM: ROOM 5

"Uh. Room 5. My homeroom's room five. Uh. Where exactly is room five?" I ask.

"It's down the hall. Right beside my homeroom. I'll walk you over. I'm going there anyways. And besides we still have ten minutes till warning bell rings." He said heading to the direction the girl was walking to.

"So…uh…how exactly does my homeroom seem like?" I ask trying to get points before heading in the door to my own little version on hell.

"Mr. Daly…hmm…all I can say is that…wait, did you learn Shakespeare in your old school?"

"First term."

"Well you should remember what you did. He usually bases his sayings on Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream. Just as long as you know those three books and you pretty much have all the important quotes down in your head, you're good." He said as the warning bell rang. "Well see you later…uh…what's you're name? You never really did tell me."

"Toby. Toby Whites." I say and make a break for it and head straight in except…She was right there…sitting at the back…listening to her Ipod….

I started sweating and I really didn't have a good reason for it. I took the seat at the front and I relaxed a little bit.

Is this really how it's gonna be Toby? Everyday, you're gonna start sweating, having Jell-O for knees—

Someone cleared his or her throat I front of me. "Excuse me, this is my seat you're sitting on." A girly complainy voice said.

I look up to see a big blob of pink.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't know this seat was taken. I'm sorry." I said as I stood up and walked to the next empty table I see.


There are no more empty seats except beside the girl.

Man up Toby. She'll think you're a pussy. Man up!

I head towards the table, and she still hasn't looked up from her book. I took the seat…

Look up from your book! I screamed at her in my head.

Finally she does, but only for a split second. Just a second to catch her eye.

And there's that feeling again. The churns in my stomach, the beads of sweat travelling down the back of my neck, chills down my spine, and goosebumps even in a nice heated room…

"Hey." She said with a slight hint of a smile. But I knew she was only being nice just because I was a new kid. I noticed she had troubles smiling; she struggled to keep both sides of her lip curled up. Guess she doesn't smile much, although I noticed she has wonderful dimples on each side of her cheek, carefully placed jus a few inches away from her soft looking lips.

I wonder if her lips are as soft as they look.

"Um…hi—uh—hi—hello." I said quickly in nervousness.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah—yah—yupp—I'm fine." I said sweating.

She shook her head to me and said, "I'm not interested." She said it in a very blunt voice like she's already been through this multiple times.

"Um…okay." I laughed my best fake laugh. Like I was making fun of her assuming I was going to ask her out… (Which I was so close to doing)

"Class take your seats…oh? New student. Please come forward and introduce yourself." An old bearded man who I'm assuming is the teacher.

I stood up with shaking knees that demands to sit down immediately. I walk over to the front of the room and turned around to face the faces that are so "enthusiastic" to know my name.

"Hi-I-I-I-I'm-Toby. T-t-t-o-o-b-b-y Wh-whi-t-tes-s" I stuttered.

* * *

"You what?!" Brian exclaimed almost tipping over the lunch table we were sitting at.

"What part of it don't you understand?" I asked as if another way to say how stupid are you?! "I. Like. That. Girl. With. The. Dark. Hair. Blue. Eyes. Always. Have. Her. Ipod. On. And. The. One. Who. Was. In. My. Homeroom. Class." I punctuated every word with a pause so he could catch up.

"I understand that you dunce. What I don't understand is the part that you like her!" Brian said waving his arms around like a drunk maniac.

"Aw! Man! Dude! You gotta be kidding me!" he shouted practically pulling his hair out of its roots.

"Huh? Why? What's wrong with her?" I asked.

"Do you know what this means Toby?! Do you know what this means?!"

"Um…no?" I answered not sure what he means by how I don't know what it means.

"It means that you'll get your hopes up too high and then BAM! You get rejected! Hear me Toby?! Re-jec-ted! R-e-j-e—."

"I think I know perfectly fine how to spell 'rejected' Brian." I said irritated playing with my food.

"Do you know who she is?!" He kept going at it.

I knew I shouldn't have told him.

"Not really. But I'll know. I'll ask people about her."

"She's Darcy Laymore, head of girls soccer and basketball team, head star Ace in the girls volleyball team, straight A student, teachers–even the principal–praises her, entered and won numerous speech competitions, class B2 president, into doomed poetry–heck I don't know what that is–, many colleges want her, companies want her! And her parents are like goddamn dirty rich!" Brian described.

"And the most prettiest girl I have ever seen in my whole entire existence." I added.

Brian's head fell in disappointment, "and you do realize she's the TOUGHEST GIRL TO GET IN THIS WHOLE ENTIRE EVIL WORLD!" he paused to glare at me "a lot of guys have been rejected by her. Of course you don't know this cuz you're new here, but she's been rejecting guys' offers to dates since she was a sophomore! Actually all guys in this whole entire school have been rejected by her, not including you since you just started school like last week."

"Well who knows? Maybe she was only waiting for my offer." A guy can dream right?

"Says the guy who's scared of talking to her." He said picking at his sandwich. "God I hate pickles." He muttered taking out the pickles and tossing them on a piece of used tissue.

"I do talk to her! You just don't notice because you're busy hitting on girls on the other side of the room." I said in my defence.

"Trust me man. I've tried all my skills on Darcy, and she rejected me right away when I was telling her the chickens joke. And I haven't even asked her out yet! She's sharp Toby. You don't know her at all." He said and looked at the pickles on the tissue and shivered and mumbled "yuck." And covered it with another tissue.

"Well you seem to know a lot about her. Please entertain me." I said sarcastically with a roll of my eyes.

But as stupid as Brian is, he didn't notice my witty sarcasm and said, "Okay then, since you asked." He pause and took a bite of his sandwich, swallowed and started talking again, "Darcy and I went to the same middle school and her attitude now reflects perfectly with the drama that happened then."

"What happened?" I asked fascinated.

"When she was in 7th grade she dated this guy in her Poetry class named Eric. They dated for about 4 months. You could tell they really liked each other, you never see those two apart. It didn't matter who's ear listen since it was for the same brain, it didn't matter which mouth talked because it's for the same reason, it didn't matter which head turned since it was for the same eyes, that's how close they were." He paused to take a breath giving up on his sandwich and gave it a look of disgust, "So the day before their 5th anniversary, Eric broke up with her with no particular reason. But the next day –which was supposed to be they're 5th anniversary—he was found dating another girl, and she was a grade higher than him, then she had the courage to ask him if that's the reason why he broke up with her. Before Darcy used to be the loud, shy girl that avoided talking in front of groups of people, she was always smiling and she laughed a lot too. She was so different then, looking at her now sometimes makes me wonder if she's the same person. So as I was saying she confronted him, right? Then he answered –just like an asshole would've said— 'You weren't my type from the beginning, you're too short and your eyes are green. Really ugly green, you laugh too much and your braces make you look bad.'"he said making his voice a lot deeper and in a mockering tone.

I never knew Darcy went through all those stuff. It must have been pretty harsh to hear all those stuff about her from her boyfriend.

And she has green eyes?

"So that's why Darcy never gave any of the boys that asked her out a chance. Because she thinks that if she let herself like any of then she's gonna end up all heart broken all over again."

"How to do you all these stuff?" I wondered curiously very sure Darcy would never trust Brian with these stuff.

"I dated her sister." He shrugged.

Of course.


"There goes the bell of death. Talk to you later. That is if I survive another day with Mrs. McClaine. I was lucky yesterday, but that doesn't mean I'll be lucky today too." He said standing up from his chair crumpling his sandwich and headed for the trashcan closest to the cheerleading squads' table.

Typical. I thought.

I stayed seated and just thought about Darcy's past.


I imagined it happening, Darcy all smiley and giggly and Darcy crying for days and Darcy now, all serious and quiet.

I sighed.

I better get to class, I do have Biology next and Darcy's in my class. If I get lucky I might get her as a lab partner.

I stood up and headed for my locker deep in thought about Brian's story.

* * *

"Hey." I say as I took the seat beside a girl with curly blonde hair, obviously a dye job. She looked more of a red head or a brunette to me.

"Hey." She mumbled back shuffling through her papers.

"So…umm…does this class do anything besides read about genes and such? Or do we actually get up and do biology scientific work?" I asked randomly pointing the fact that the biology class doesn't even work with microscopes.

"Uh yeah. We do them before tests. So if we're not informed of a test or quiz and we use the microscopes and other gadgets there's bound to be a pop quiz." She answered not looking up.

"Oh. Yes. Of course." I mumbled.

"You're the new kid. New kids don't usually talk to me. More of shying away really. Why the sudden interest?" she asked smiling at me.

I laughed, "I don't know. Guess I felt like talking to you today."

"What's your name, kid?"

"Toby Whites. You?"

"Leah. Leah Baines."