im so so so so sorry. this story isnt about me. this story is about a friend. i kno that i used 'i' and 'me', but i made it first person, this poem is about a friend and she got me inspired to write this. im so sorry for the confusion


You left me,

Without knowing who I really am,

You left me,

Without knowing you did,

You left me,

And never came back,

You left mom,

You weren't ready for the commitment,

You will never be,

You're a coward,

A devilish coward,

I was your daughter,

I am your daughter,

A daughter who only wanted to be loved,

To be a daughter to a father,

You weren't a father to me,

You will never be,

You never loved me,

You never knew me,

I tried loving you,

But it was too wrong to love someone

Who didn't want you.

Money, pressure or you

Cannot take my life,

It is not for you to decide if I lived,

You can plead to meet me,

But I won't ever want to meet you.

You are a father, who wanted to kill his child,

A child that I now,

Vulnerable but brave,

Unsatisfied but content,

I am alive, but you killed me

Killed your own daughter in the insides.