Seems like we broke down the walls of our relationship

Or better yet, annihilated the house where our love once lived.

We broke down and became rubble

But amongst rocks of

"I love you",

"I need you",

And "I have you",

Grows a white rose - it's petals long and everlasting,

It's stem fresh and green. Young.

Almost as young as our love.

All else may say "in destruction, nothing can grow",

But I don't believe that. We broke down and broke up

To make a better us.

Once ago, we were merely a hut,

A stream,

A cloud but tomorrow, the future,

We will be a home,

An ocean,

And instead of just a cloud -

We will be a whole sky,

Stretching across miles,

Illuminating and casting a glow that will prove our worth to one another,

A glow that will prove two destined, kindred spirits are now one -

Not over a petty coincidence like how we so shyly met

But a faithful rejoice between two hearts.

So we broke down to build up.

Love me tomorrow because no matter what you say,

I'll hold out in the present to find out

What might be someday.