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Now let us begin.


First in the Tasteful Series


'What if you could taste emotions...'

(No summary as of yet due to conflicting ideas)

Chapter One: Bar Tastes

Bitter. Sour. Blech.

Taylor Moore felt like spitting but he doubted that would help any. Actually, he knew it wouldn't, but he was optimistic. The beer tasted bitter, like anger and jealousy. Why did all the bars have to be filled with yahoos who were here because they were either sick of their 'cheating girlfriends' or were here to cheat on said girlfriend and got angry at other people because of it? Sometimes, Taylor was sure he would never completely understand what was happening with humanity. Maybe that was for the best. Besides, it wasn't like he fit in here anyway, right? His taste buds were in overdrive and if that didn't spell freak with a capital F, he wasn't sure what did.

He nearly threw up when he took another sip of beer. There were so many conflicting emotions in this bar that he couldn't quite pinpoint an exact taste. A moment ago it had been bitter, now it was sweet as hell, like he was drinking honey on steroids or something like that. Grimacing, his golden eyes flickered toward the person sitting next to him on a bar stool, looking so very nonchalant that it was hard for Taylor to convince himself he was even alive.

"When can we go?" he asked, scowling.

The person looked at him and snorted, taking a long chug of beer. Taylor wondered how he could drink it without vomiting all over himself. "When the bar closes. I'm sick of working."

"Aren't we all?" Taylor countered, slumping in his stool. "This place tastes horrible, Lo."

Lo. Logan Talbot was Taylor's best friend and closest companion. He trusted Lo with his life, absolutely and completely, even though the two had only known each other for about a year now. "We'll leave in ten minutes, you big tasteful baby."

Taylor scowled. "Whatever, dog-boy."

Lo sent him a glare which just caused him to shrug. Lo had started it, after all. And it was the truth, right? Lo was a dog-boy. Somehow, even though Taylor didn't understand the genetics of it or anything like that, Lo had dog DNA in him. He could smell like a dog, hear like one, and even turn into one if he so desired. Sometimes that made Taylor jealous, because he could turn into something cool. Taylor would kill to be able to become a dog and escape whatever it was that was wrong with him. There wasn't a name for it, but some had started calling it the 'Taylor', using his namesake.

Joy. Because when he'd said he would leave a mark on society one day, he had definitely meant this. Could anyone hear his sarcasm?

No, what Taylor had wasn't named and probably never would be, because he was the first. He wasn't sure what they had done to him, what they had injected him with and fed him, but it wasn't good. It had been horrible, tasteless, and had managed to nearly wipe out his taste buds at the time, which he would kill for now. Now he tasted too damn much, like his mouth was in overload, and all he could taste were emotions.

Yeah, that was right. Emotions. Feelings.

Those things humanity was supposed to have. Well, most did. It was those that didn't that Taylor both loved and hated simultaneously. He loved them because then he could have peace, a tasteless moment, but then again he hated them because that seemed to mean that they were psychos. And the world could really use a few thousand less psychos.

Too bad no one had gotten rid of that psycho who had done this to him in the first place. He was still out there and Taylor doubted they would ever find him, or find a cure for whatever this was that was wrong with him.

"Would you stop moving already?" Lo snapped, sending him a look, his blue eyes flashing.

Taylor sighed. "Has it been ten minutes, oh lord of dog breath?"

Lo rolled his eyes. "Just for that, we're staying the whole hour. Bartender, two more drinks please."

The bartender, a young woman probably in her early thirties, nodded and retrieved the drinks, sliding them down the counter toward them.

"Lo, c'mon," Taylor groaned, slamming his head down on the table, allowing his forehead to rest against the cool surface. "I hate this. I hate you for making me do this. Why…Why did I ever agree to this?"

"I used my doggy charms and made you say yes," Lo said simply, opening the cap to his new beer.

"You saying I can't resist you?"

"I'm saying you adore me."

Taylor snorted and shook his head, hiding a smirk as he took another sip of his horrible beer. He wasn't sure why he kept drinking it when the taste was making him horribly sick to his stomach, but he couldn't help it. He needed to drink something, at any rate, right? Besides, he was still hoping that maybe, just maybe, the taste of the beer might override the emotions, but he seriously doubted it to his very core. That simply wasn't going to happen.

Amusement filled his mouth and he narrowed his eyes at Lo. "Don't laugh," he said, glaring.

"Wouldn't dream of it, T," Lo said with a grin as he took a long chug from his beer, seemingly enjoying the taste.

Must be nice, Taylor thought with a sigh, wishing he could somehow wash his mouth clean from the horrid taste of emotions, but alas, there didn't seem to be a way to do so.

He might as well get used to it, he figured.

"Have you been practicing with Corbin?" Lo asked, opting for a change of subject as he frowned at Taylor.

Taylor shrugged. "Somewhat. I mean, there's not really much he can do to help me, you know? He doesn't know what it's like, and it's not like I can just block out humanity, right? Unless, of course, they're insane or something."

Lo sighed. "I guess. Maybe…" He trailed off and the bitter, sour taste of guilt filled Taylor's mouth, causing him to frown at his friend.

"What are you hiding?" he asked, narrowing his golden eyes.

"Not much gets past you, huh?"

"Nope, you might call it a perk of my taste buds. So spill."

"I just…Corbin's been working on something that might help, I don't know, take the edge off. I mean I'm not saying it will take the taste away, but it might help you control it so that you can enjoy food and beer. I mean, my God, everyone needs a good beer now and then, even you."

"Gee, thanks?" Taylor asked, not sure whether or not he should have been offended by the last part of Lo's statement or not. "Well, if it works, and I hope it does, then things will be so much better. I forget what steak tastes like, man, and I love steak."

Lo smirked. "Maybe you can taste how much other people enjoy their steak, flavor-guy."

"Ugh. Kill me now."

Really, he should have known better than to say that. That was just asking for trouble, after all, and sure enough, not a second later, trouble came in the form of a fist ramming into the side of Taylor's face, knocking him sideways off of his stool, where he smacked into the ground with a groan.

"God damn it!" he hissed, sitting up as he rubbed at his face, glaring at the guy who had done it. "What the hell is your problem?"

The guy was so obviously drunk, Taylor knew. Angry, bitter, and yet amused emotions filled his mouth, making Taylor want to spit them out onto the ground beneath him, but he knew from experience that spitting never seemed to help in any way, at all. Lo tapped the man on the shoulder and when the guy turned to look at him, Lo decked him in the face, making him fall unconscious on the ground. Taylor winced, because Lo had one hell of a right hook, as he'd learned a while ago.

Taylor stood and sighed, looking around to find everyone looking at them. A barrage of tastes consumed his mouth and he felt bile rise in the back of his throat. "Ah, shit…can we get out of here now? Lo?"

Lo rolled his eyes and placed a twenty down on the counter. "I'm taking the beer," he announced before he turned and promptly left the bar, moving out of the door. Taylor followed after him, spitting out the remainder of the taste as soon as they got outside. "Are you happy now, princess?"

"Whatever, bitch."

"I think you should train more with Corbin."

"No. I'm sick of training, Lo, I don't want to control this stupid thing. I don't want to use it, I just want it gone," Taylor told him with a scowl, because Lo should have already known this, after all. Taylor had certainly said it often enough that it should have been engrained in his mind, into that thick skull of his.

"What if there's no cure, T? What then?"

Taylor shrugged. "We'll cross that bridge when the highway's down, but until then, I say we drive forward." He hopped into the passenger seat of Lo's cherry black Mustang, wishing he had a car of his own, but he didn't. Amusement and a slight touch of annoyance filled his mouth with a somewhat bitter taste, and he frowned at Lo as his friend got into the car and keyed the ignition. "I don't want to work with this, Lo, and you know it. I just want it gone. I want to be normal again…I want to just be me."

"But this is who you are," Lo pointed out.

"No, it's not…it's just a temporary thing that's a derailment, that's all. Nothing else. Nothing more. I'll get rid of it somehow."

He had to, right? There was no way he could go through the rest of his life like this, like some horrible, messed up freak of nature with a taste for emotions. That sounded wrong on so many levels, and he just didn't want any part of it anymore.

There had to be some kind of cure out there. If no one was going to help him, he'd do it himself. But he would become normal again, he vowed to himself. He would. One day.

Hopefully soon.

"Let's just go home," Taylor sighed, slumping in his seat, feeling exhausted suddenly.

'Home' to them meant a small, two-bedroom apartment on the other side of town, where they lived and shared rent. Mostly they lived together because, for one, they were friends, and for two, Corbin wouldn't let Taylor leave until he agreed to take Lo with him, for precaution. Precaution for what, Taylor didn't know, but he hadn't questioned it, eager to get out of there as fast as possible.

What did Corbin think was going to happen, anyway? He was just supposed to be able to taste things, right? Like emotions? Because it had been a year already and there hadn't been any other signs or symptoms. He felt fine…except for the whole 'tasting emotions' thing, but he would deal with that later.

Because he would find a cure. He had to.

"You feelin' okay?" Lo asked, sliding his gaze toward him momentarily, his blonde bangs dipping into his face, his blue eyes narrowed slightly. Concern was a bittersweet taste in Taylor's mouth.

"I'm fine," Taylor said, blowing back his own black bangs as he looked out the window. It was starting to rain, he noticed. "Let's just get home. I'm tired and I need to rinse my mouth."

Emotions tasted horrible. That psycho was going to pay for making him like this, if it was the last thing he did. Taylor was going to make him pay.

Because he couldn't live like this. It was wrong…all wrong. At least Lo could turn it on and off if he wanted, and could even change into a dog. That was nothing like tasting emotions.

It tasted nothing like it.

When they made it to the apartment, Taylor hurried inside, eager to brush his teeth and rinse his mouth out for as long as possible to get rid of the remaining bits of taste of those brief emotions in the bar. Normally it wasn't this bad, but Taylor hadn't been in a group full of so many people in a few months now, and so he was out of practice as to how to shun them all so he didn't have to taste what they were feeling. Plus he refused to practice controlling this…this thing with Corbin. He didn't want to own whatever he was, he just wanted it gone, for good. He wanted to destroy it, wanted to find a cure so he could be rid of it.

And that was all he wanted.

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