Waiting for Twilight

Author's Note: Just a human-x-vampire slash fic. This might have sequels.



Bright sunlight filtered through the thick blue curtains covering the bay window in my bedroom, shining down in white-yellow beams that warmed the sheets I laid underneath. I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the pleasant feeling. I stretched luxuriously, feeling the empty bed around me, and I could tell that my partner, Vladimir, had already run downstairs to his hide-y hole in the basement.

I considered sleeping in, but I had to go to work today, so I dragged myself out of bed and started getting ready. I took a long warm shower and put on my usual restaurant uniform; dark jeans, a red t-shirt with the restaurant logo on the breast, and some sneakers. I didn't feel like messing with my hair so I tucked it away under a ball cap and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. I made enough pancakes for two people, putting some in a Tuber ware container.

After I had finished and taken my allergy medicine, I looked at the clock. 9:24. I had about five minutes before I needed to leave. So I went down to the basement. It was pitch black, so I turned on the lights. As the room illuminated, I saw the familiar red walls and plush furniture. Vladimir was lying on a twin bed near the back, sleeping. This was his naptime, but I wanted to tell him goodbye before I left.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and rubbed his nude back, his skin cool under my hand. He smiled faintly in his sleep, and I whispered his name in into his ear.

"Vladimir," I murmured gently. He opening his eyes a centimeter and looked up at me. I could see his red irises between his eye lids. They had a brown tint, as I believe he hadn't fed recently.

"Hmm?" he mumbled out.

"I just wanted to say goodbye." I said and pecked him on the cheek. "You need anything before I leave?"

"No, I'm good. See you later." He kissed me on the lips innocently before lying back down. I continued to rub his back for a few more moments before I got up to leave. As I walked away, I heard him call out, "Hey, Dorian, before you leave, did you cook pancakes? Cause I can smell pancakes."

I smiled and put the container on his nightstand. Even vampires had certain human foods that they couldn't resist.

I drove to the restaurant I worked at, The Little Country Store. It was a small restaurant/convenient store on a large stretch of rural area. I didn't have a specific job; I usually worked the cash register and cleaned and arranged things, and sometimes I filled in for the assistant chef if she couldn't make it to work. I liked working there, but sometimes we had really slow days that just seemed to never end. Like today.

It was just past noon and we had had several customers, but no really work to be done. So as I sweep behind the check-out counter, I thought of my Vladimir back at home. He would still be sleeping; his raven hair askew, delicate eyelids closed, naturally pink lips slightly parted. I could envision every misplaced hair, positioned just so; the movement of his chest as he breathed in and out; the lax way his nude body laid in a cocoon of soft ivory sheets, the curves and contours in their elegance, his cool porcelain skin the covered his svelte body. I was eager to get home so that I could see him again.

I remembered the brown tint in his eyes when he had looked up at me from his bed. He would most likely be thirst when I got home, and I was happy to oblige. Vladimir would feed off me every four or so weeks. He fed off me so frequently (the normal span between feeding for vampires is almost two months) so that he wouldn't need to draw as much blood from me and I could recover quickly. He took a little less than what you would give at a blood drive. And since vampires also could stomach human food, he survived off pancakes, rice, pork, and anything covered in chocolate, because those were the human foods he still liked.

"Excuse me?" Came a hesitant voice behind me, and I turned around to see a woman standing on the other side of the counter. I snapped out of my thoughts and went over to the woman.

"Yes, ma'am?" I replied.

"Where's the restroom?" she asked and I noticed a small child clinging to her knee-length floral skirt.

"Oh it's right over there." I said and motioned towards a door over by the shelf with the disposable dining ware. We really needed to put a sign on that door.

The woman thanked me and went on back. I needed to get back to work, so I unwillingly pushed Vladimir to the back of my mind and went to work restocking the shelves and cleaning the floor, waiting for twilight to come so that we could sit outside in the cool night air.

"Goodnight, Dorian," called Latoya, one of the waitresses, as I left for the night. I said goodbye and went to my car. My excitement built as I drove home. The sky was darkening, and the sun barely peeked over the horizon as it slipped away, leaving a few traces of orange and pink in the sky. Trees were black against the sky and I could see a few stars glimmering millions of miles away in space.

I pulled into the driveway of my house and got out of my car. Vladimir and I lived in an Antebellum home on several acres of land out the country. I had inherited it from my late grandmother along with her legacy to pay for it. I had been close to my grandmother, and I kept all of her old things in the house; her old petticoats that had been her grandmother's, the antique furniture in the living and dining rooms, and all of her little heirlooms and collected items she had spent a lifetime accumulating.

I went into the house and I heard water running. Vladimir must have been about to bathe. I went to the bathroom and found him sitting on the side of the old fashioned bathtub that had feet on it, drawing a bath. He was naked with a soft yellow towel draped across his slender body. He smiled at me with his feature lopsided grin.

"You're home early." He said and turned the water off, as the tub had filled.

"Paw-Paw let me off early." That was what everyone called Bobby Ferrell, my boss.

"Well, that works for me." Vladimir stood up and kissed me with his silky lips. I willingly opened to him and I held his cheek in my hand, feeling his luxurious black hair with my fingertips. He placed his hands on my chest and I heard the towel drop to the floor in a crumpled heap. I placed a hand on the small of his back; his skin mellifluous.

Vladimir broke the kiss, smiling, and breathed in, wrinkling his nose.

"Here," he said and unbuttoned my shirt, sliding it off me. "What did you do at work today? You smell like a barbeque."

"I had to work the kitchen; Michelle wasn't there today." I replied and undid my pants, slipping out of them and my underwear. Then, my stomach growled.

Vladimir giggled and said, "You're hungry."

I looked at his eyes, they seemed even browner than they had this morning, and said, "So are you."

Vladimir traced a long, thin finger down my neck and led me over to the tub. We amerced ourselves in the warm water and lay together. I wet his soft hair and massaged some shampoo into the tresses. He leaned back on my chest with his eyes closed and a soft smile on his face, his skin cooling my chest in contrast to the warm water. He rubbed soap on my body lazily, moving the sudsy cloth across my skin. It was soothing somewhat, after a long day, to soak in a nice warm bath my little vampire. Hmm, I wonder what my parents would say if they could see this little scene.

The bath was still warm after we finished bathing, so we just lay there. Vladimir's eyes were closed and he rested his on the crook of my neck, and I could feel the little puffs of air hit my skin as he breathed in and out. My arm snaked under his body and around his side with my hand resting on his stomach. I lightly swirled my fingertips across his skin, drawing shapeless patterns on his stomach. Vladimir squirmed and laughed, telling me to stop because it tickled. I smiled and kissed him warmly. I liked his free-spiritedness, his child-like abandonment that made him such cheerful person to be around. He was easy to talk to, easy to enjoy, and I loved how hilariously childish could be and make a moment so much more enjoyable.

Vladimir yawned and his eyes looked droopy.

"Did you sleep at all today?" I asked him.

"I woke up at about noon and I couldn't go back to sleep." He replied.

"You need to go to sleep." I said and slipped out of the bathtub and let the water out. It was getting cold anyway. I dried off, but Vladimir just sat in the tub, leaning his head against the side as he watched me.

"Come on, get up," I told him when I was dry. He lifted his arms up like a small child. I rolled my eyes and said, "I'm not going to carry you."

"Please?" he whined and crossed his arms with a pout.


Vladimir cast me an absolutely pitiful look from the tub.

"Don't look at me like that."


"It's not going to work on me this time; you can walk on your own two legs."


"Okay, seriously, stop it."




"Fine! Stand up so I can grab you." I finally relented and threw the towel over my shoulder. We would be here for hours arguing.

Vladimir smiled happily and stood up so I could get a better grip on him. I secured one arm around his back and another under his legs before I picked him up against my chest. He curled his arms around my neck and rested his face in my hair. I carried him to our bedroom and set him down on the floor. He uncurled himself from me and plopped down on the bed. As he dried his hair, I threw on some underpants and a roomy t-shirt. I tossed him the same and he slipped them on, the expansive shirt swallowing up his skinny frame.

I went to the kitchen and put some rice in the microwave. Vladimir followed me in a few minutes later, brushing his hair.

"What kind of rice are you making?" he asked me, sitting down at the table.

"Fried rice." I answered and got us some water. I sat next to him and gave him his drink, which he sipped on.

"I love fried rice."

"I know."

We sat still for a while, and the only sound I could hear was the brush moving through his hair and ice sloshing around in the cups of water as we sipped on them. I snaked my hand up his shirt and slowly rubbed his back. He smiled an adorable lopsided grin and closed his eyes, sitting still with his water in his hands. It was a tranquil moment, at least until the microwave went off and shattered the silent.

I reluctantly got up and removed the rice, the delicious smell wafting around the kitchen. Vladimir breathed in deeply through his nose, sucking it the wonderful aroma and smiling. As I said, Vladimir didn't like much human food, but what he did like, he could eat a lot of it.

I made us each a bowl and we went to the living room to watch TV. Vladimir tuned into a rerun of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He was enraptured with the reality show, and his favorite person on there was Bruce. Even though I knew he'd already seen it (as he would tell me what was going to happen before it did), he would looked shocked at the things that were, well, shocking.

"They're about to pour water on Kris!" Vladimir said after a spoonful of rice. It didn't surprise me, as Kris's daughters were always pouring shit on her it seemed. I just ate my rice.

About two episodes later, I grew tired of the TV and idly looked around the room. The walls were a slightly faded salmon color that would need to be fixed up some day when I didn't have work. There was a large bay window looking to our front yard and the distant road. My grandmother's little knick-knacks stood on shelves, small porcelain figurines and worn books alike.

"Do you want to go sit outside?" he asked me a little while later after his mini-marathon had ended. The cool fresh air sounded nice, so I agreed and we slipped on some shoes and went outside. Vladimir and I sat on the porch swing and gently rocked in the cool mid-autumn breeze. It was dark out, and the moon illuminated the nighttime world slightly. Just so that I could see the outline of my little vampire. His raven hair was silver in the night light, and I could see the glint of his eyes as he looked up at me, his head lying on my shoulder. I could feel his hand on my chest, fiddling with the collar of my t-shirt. He moved upward and started tracing thin curvy lines on my neck with his fingertips, and I knew he was feeling my veins.

"Looking for a nice one?" I joked.

"No, I know where they are." Vladimir retorted. "There's an especially good one right down here."

I felt his hand slid down my torso and rubbed an area just a few centimeters away from where I really wanted to be touched. He slipped his hand below the waistband of my boxers and stroked said vein slowly and sensually. A slightly southern region of my anatomy throbbed for my attention, and I could feel a familiar warm tingly feeling stirring in my lower abdominal and groin. My eyes closed and my head rolled back, and I breathed shallowly through my parted lips as he stroked my groin and inner thigh.

Vladimir slid his hand out of my undergarments and off my body, and I could tell he was smirking in the darkness.

"Tease," I accused him, my voice husky.

I heard him laugh and say, "You'll have to come get it if you want more."

Then, Vladimir jumped up and dashed back in the house, giggled like a little schoolgirl the entire time. I snorted and ran after him. I was in a playful mood tonight, it seemed.

I caught up with him as he ran entered the hallway, throwing my arms around him and a tight grip. He laughed and squirmed.

"Now I've got you!" I said in my most villainous voice and picked him, carrying him back towards the bedroom.

"Oh no! Help, someone, he's got me!" Vladimir called out to no one, his voice purposely high-pitched. He wiggled around in my arms, trying to free himself. I entered the bedroom and shut the door behind me with my foot. I let him down on the floor and pressed him against the wall. He opened his mouth to make another mock-victim comment and I quickly silenced him by pressing our lips together.

Vladimir ran his tongue over my lips sensually before slowly edging his way into my mouth, quickly dropping the charade. I was open to his invasiveness; it lit me up inside. His hands danced across my body, finally resting on my chest, slipping underneath my shirt. The way his hands felt on my bare chest was enticing and I felt especially aroused when he touched my nipples. It was like a flame was growing inside of me, a warm and pleasant flame, with every little brush of his fingertips.

I broke our kiss momentarily to rip off my clothing. Then I started on Vladimir's clothing, pulling his shirt over his head. I wanted to press myself onto him and feel his bare skin against my own. Vladimir shimmied out of his underwear and tossed them in a random direction. Then, he slipped out of my grasp and lay down on the bed, spreading his legs rather wantonly as he invited me on top of him.

I, of course, obliged. I positioned myself between his legs and kissed his jawbone. I left little butterfly kisses all over his face and neck, fluttering down his chest. I came to one of his nipples and I let my tongue roll over it, and I liked the feel of it hardening and the sound of him gasp as I did this. I sucked on it gently, twirling it around with my tongue and carefully squeezing it between my teeth (I didn't want to accidentally hurt him). Vladimir moaned loudly and wrapped his legs around my hips, arching his back and gripping the bed sheets tightly in his hands. He was very sensitive to touch and very responsive, something I liked very much. I switched to the other side of his chest, making sure both little buds were attended to. It drove Vladimir mad as he squirmed beneath me, and I could feel his body tremor with excitement. It a heavenly feeling.

I continued to trail my way down his chest and slowly made my way to a certain area that seemed very ready to be attended to. Vladimir watched me deep-throat his cock with lusty eyes, and I felt him tremble as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and massaged him at his base with me fingertips. He couldn't seem to stop the noises coming out of his mouth if he wanted to. He moaned so beautifully; it was arousing.

"Mmm… Argghh… Dorian…" he whimpered about almost incoherently. I loved doing this to him, making his mind go blank because of how I could make him feel. It's a prideful feeling to be able to get that kind of response from someone, to know you can pleasure someone. Though one had to be careful not to be too cocky, because a cocky lover isn't always a good lover.

I felt Vladimir grip my head in his hands and pull at my hair. It stung a little, but I liked his roughness. I could tell he wanted to move his hips but I purposely pinned him to the bed, liking how he squirmed. His legs curled and he arched his back, moaning as I bobbed my head up and down. I heard a disappointed whine come from his throat as I slid him out of my mouth.

"Come on, don't stop," he whimpered, eyes closed.

I chuckled and helped him into a position that would make it easier for me to enter him. I slipped two of my fingers inside him, preparing him for me. Vladimir groaned and reached for the bedside table. He grabbed a container of lubricant and hand it back to me. I slipped my fingers out of him and slathered some lube on myself.

Then I spread his legs and slowly pushed myself into him. He arched his back and groaned, digging his nails into the sheets. I moaned aloud, unable to contain myself, as I felt him surround me in tightness and warmth. I gripped his sides as I started to move in and out of him, breathless and lustful. Vladimir moved his hips against mine, pushing me deeper in. I shift slightly and thrust in against. He cried out, and I knew I'd got his sweet spot, the one place in him that could just him crazy.

I thrust into him harder and faster, and I felt him convulse and thrash beneath me, his wails exciting me further. I could feel it, almost like a sixth sense, that Vladimir reaching his peak. He had tucked his head into his chest like he was bracing for impact, a tell-tail sign of his closeness. I too could feel the familiar build of pleasure, like a crushing force.

"Ohh, God… Dorian…" he wailed as he came, crying out in ecstasy and relief. I felt him convulse, and with final forceful thrust a finish as well, spilling out myself inside him. We breathed heavily for a few moments, our hearts pounding like drums. I pulled out of him and collapsed on the bed, and I felt his sweaty skin press against mine as he crumbled on top of me, making us a tangled mess of arms and legs. We slowly calmed down, letting the air blowing against us from the ceiling fan cool our bodies.

I looked at Vladimir. His hair was a matted mess, as I guessed mine was too, and the little sweat droplets covered his body. There was some cum smeared on the sheets, so I would need to wash them. But I was too tired and comfortable to get up and do it, so they would have to wait until morning. Vladimir turned his eyes to me, and I felt his shaky hand reach up trace my neck. It was a silent plea.

"Go ahead." I breathed, and felt him drape himself across my body. He was a little heavy, but I could breathe just fine. He was too tired to hold himself up. I felt his warm breath on my neck as he pressed his open lips the crook of my neck. I could feel his sharp teeth on my skin. Then he bit me.

It hurt at first, a small pang, but his venom seeped in and the pain subsided shortly. Vampires have a special chemical in their saliva that acts like a painkiller. I could feel my blood as it dribbled out of my wound and the soft rasping of his tongue as he licked it up. Vladimir's mouth encased my wound as he gently sucked on it, making little noises of delight as he did so, like a person tasting a particularly delicious dish.

It should have disgusted me that I was so willingly offering myself up to be literally fed off of. I should have run away, screamed in terror with my arms flapping, as I escaped, only to bring back an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. But I didn't. I was too enraptured by his soul, too attached. I would never be able to just let this go; the thrill, the passion, the love. It had become me.

The feel was not what one would think it was. I felt very secure and safe, as a matter of fact. I was comforted by his dependency on me, and his want. I felt close to him. I felt connected with him, like when he had sex. It was like we were a single being of pure passion. I was addicted to it. I don't know what made me feel this way. It was unnatural for me to enjoy it. And it's not as if I begged him all day long to suck my blood, but I was willing to offer myself up when he was in need. I wanted to help him with his every need, any good partner should. *

Besides, I was much too jealous to let him feed off anyone else. He would have done what he'd been doing before I came along: knocking people unconscious and taking their blood quickly, then scraping at the wound to hide the puncture marks. He wanted to continue to do it after we got together, so he would have to feed off me. But once I felt the feelings that I feel now, I couldn't let him. This seemed so private and close, I didn't want to share it with anyone. Call me selfish, but Vladimir is mine.

Vladimir gently tilted my head to the side, getting better leverage, and rubbed my cheek with his thumb. He curled my hair around his fingers, gently undoing the tangles his wound in there earlier. His other hand gripped my chest, holding him steady. He moved rhythmically, slowing his movements. He was finishing, I could tell.

He removed his mouth from my throat and clambered over me, walking out of the room. I heard water running, and then he came back with a damp wash cloth, which he gently pressed to the puncture wound on my neck. I felt cold, and started to shiver. This happened sometimes. Vladimir noticed and threw the covers over me as he wiped my neck and shoulders clean. Then he grabbed some tissues off the bedside table and pressed them to my neck.

When my blood stopped flowing out, he tossed the soiled tissues into the waste basket and crawled under the covers with me. He curled up next to me and hiccupped, then he rested his head on my good shoulder. I leaned my head against his and closed my eyes.

"I love you, you know that?" Vladimir said after a little while, his voice groggy.

"I know." I said sleepily. "I love you too."

Then we slept.

Author's note: Finally! It's finished! The ending isn't my favorite, but I couldn't think of anything else to put. Like it? Hate it? Review and tell me please!