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Problem 1:


"What?" I snap, rubbing at my bleary eyes with a fist while pressing my mobile to my ear.

"Go out with me."

"NO!" I shout incredulously, anger filling the pit of my stomach amongst my hazy morning confusion as I hang up on him, chucking the phone across the room. I glance over to my alarm clock and grit my teeth.

Six Fucking Thirty.

I can't believe this. He actually had the nerve to wake me up this early. I mean, usually he wakes me up to ask me out, but not this early. He probably just did it because I annoyed him yesterday, so he just wanted to get back at me… but then again, Raj isn't exactly a vindictive person like that. Just brain dead.

I want to grab a pillow and shove it over my head to force myself back to sleep, but I know that I won't be able to get back to that comfortable slumber so I instead toss the bed sheet aside. Damn, it's cold. The hairs on my legs stand up as I swing the over, toes touching the cold floor causing me to wince as I blindly reach out

God, I really can't believe Raj. I know that he has to get up for work pretty early (he's working at a coffee shop and goes to his Uni classes in the evening at Birkbeck), but is it really necessary for him to do that to me in the process? If he thinks that that's going to entice me into going out with him, he is grossly mistaken. Come to think of it, I really did think that he would have given up by now… teaches me not to even attempt to understand the inner workings of Raj Kari's mind. I'm sure that any normal person, after four years of asking someone out every day, would have given up by now. Unfortunately, Raj could never be deemed as normal.

I trudge into the kitchen, wandering over to the kettle to press it on as I grab a mug out of the cupboard. God, I need coffee. It's the saviour of my life, even if it is an inanimate object.

The kettle goes off just as I'm spooning the instant coffee into my cup. I like my coffee strong and black. Once I told Amir that (with coffee) once you go black you never go back, to which he started laughing at. I didn't understand at first why he was, but he just told me later was that coffee was not what that statement usually referred to.

I bring the coffee to my lips to take a sip, but it burns my tongue so I just settle for cupping it between my hands as I glare into the distance. I still can't believe I'm up right now; I don't have to leave until quarter past eight.

"Hello, Sleeping Beauty." My best friend grins over his newspaper as he sits at the Ikea table we have in our flat. He's dressed in a suit but his hair hangs loose and doesn't look a single bit tired, unlike me. Amir's used to getting up early because of his job as an architect, and having to work to strict deadlines and early morning meetings.

I walk over to him with my coffee in hand as I make a face, dropping into a chair opposite him. He quirks an eyebrow at me as he drags a hand through his dark, shoulder-length, wavy hair. "How come you're up so early?"

"Your brother." I say dryly and he grins.

"This thing you two have between you is kind of cute."

"Thing?" I echo, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yeah, he follows you around like a little puppy." He pauses, as if to think. "Though, I shouldn't really call him that seeing as he is taller than both of us."

"He doesn't follow me around," I mumble, taking a gulp of scalding coffee, "he haunts me… like a bloody ghost or something."

"That's Raj for ya." My best friend winks before folding his newspaper in half. "Anyway, better be off or else my boss is gonna kill me." He takes a last bite out of his croissant as he stands, pushing the chair back and allowing it to scrape against the wooden floor.

"Yeah, see you." I say dully. "And if you see your brother, tell him that I'll bloody kill him."

Amir throws me a reprimanding look. "You know he doesn't listen to anything I say, only what you say. He's enamoured by your perfect form." He snickers lightly when I roll my eyes and then straightens up, turning to the mirror gaze at himself for a second or so and fiddle with a few stray hairs, pressing them down. He glances back to me. "You may as well tell him yourself. It's a waste of my breath and much needed oxygen whenever I say anything to him."

"He doesn't listen to anything I say either." I comment indignantly as he moves over to the front door.

"He does. More than you think." I raise my eyebrows at that, but he's already rushed out of the door.

Sighing, I finish off the rest of my lukewarm coffee and throw it into the sink, crashing into a multitude of other dirty plates, cups and cutlery we haven't bothered to clean up. I guess I'd better have a shower, seeing as there's not much else to do… it'd probably wake me up a bit too.

Bloody Raj.

Once I'm in the bathroom I strip away my boxers and run the shower on full pelt so it steams up the mirrors and glass. Quickly, I duck under the water, allowing it to cascade down my head in rivulets and heat up my skin. There's a beeping noise in the other room but I just ignore it and begin to seethe at Raj once again.

I remember a day about a year ago when it was my office Christmas party and I stupidly invited Amir and Raj. It was in some large hall and they'd set up tables all around with plastic fir trees, tinsel and fairy lights sitting amongst the many varieties of booze. So, to be honest, it wasn't really a surprise that everyone got drunk; even Amir did and was flirting outrageously a few of my female colleagues while slurring his words. As usual, Raj skulked in the corner and watched me while I pretended not to notice.

Anyway, at some point of the night this guy from IT sauntered over and sat right next to me. He was fat, balding and well-known as a sleaze around the office, which was proved right when he laid a hand on my leg and began stroking it. I asked him whether he could please stop that, but he just answered that with lusty smile, which you can probably imagine was slightly creepy. Then, just before I was about to stand up and walk off, Raj was in front of us and the Christmas cake that no one had eaten was dumped on IT Pervert's head.

Now, I'm not saying that he didn't deserve it, but let's say that it had some serious repercussions.

Another time, Raj shoved fifty meat pies through my ex's letterbox after I found out that he cheated on me with a couple of male prostitutes and some guy who worked at his local pub. At the time, my ex thought it was me who did it, so attempted to file a law suit against me because his carpet was messed up when he opened the door and squished the pies with his shoes. Thankfully, nobody found his 'lawsuit against the misuse of pies' very convincing.

And then there was the time when someone slipped a date rape drug into my drug. Oh god, that was awful.

I turn the shower off and step out, grabbing a towel to rub my face with before slinging it over my hips and tying it loosely. I glance at my alarm clock when I wander into my bedroom.

Shit, better get ready.

Ironically, in the end, I'm late. Thankfully my boss, Chet, isn't in because he's having a family crisis. Georgina (the office fag hag) and I think he should just come clean and say he's having a midlife crisis. I mean, considering he recently bought a second-hand Ferrari and is allegedly shagging his secretary, it seems like more of a prompt diagnosis.

Anyway, we're currently on lunch so we're sitting in the staff café. She has cheese and tomato toastie while I have a jacket potato with cheese and beans. If you have anything other than the most basic, you are almost inevitably doomed to get food poisoning.

"So, we going on a pub crawl tonight?" Georgina asks in between bites of her sandwich . "The guys from the copywriting department say it's their turn to decide where we go, seeing as we went to your drag queen bar last week."

"Hey!" I interject, waving my fork at her. "That was not my idea; it was yours. You know I don't like all that camp stuff, and you did that on purpose."

She rolls her eyes. "I would call you a homophobe, but you're gay."

"Great observation." I say sarcastically before chomping on some cheese and potato skin. "And yeah, I think we are going on a pub crawl."

She frowns. "How boring. Now I won't be able to have my fix of Treasure Chest cocktails."

"Of course you'd find it boring," I say with a raise of my eyebrows. "Any drink without edible sequins and sparklers is just dull to you."

"That's not true!" She exclaims pointedly. "I like Margaritas and they don't have anything else in them." She pops the last part of the sandwich in her mouth and turns back to me with a small grin. "Anyway, changing the subject, how's Leo Jones' love life?"

"Nonexistent." I reply bitterly.

"Aw, baby!" Georgina says before pinching my cheek and sitting back down. I rub my face, throwing her a weirded out look. "I need to find you a gorgeous guy from the office and set you up." Her eyes light up. "It'll be so exciting-!"

"No blind dates," I comment, giving her a stern look. "Plus, I've given up on the dating scene."

Her face drops. "Why?"

I throw my hands in the air. "It's just such a hassle; nothing ever works out. Either I'm not interested in them very much or they cheat on me with someone ten years younger and it's just damn embarrassing." I shrug at her. "Shags don't get messy or uncomfortable; they're plain and simple."

"Well…" she says with a smile, "that's debateable."

I roll my eyes at her joke. "Anyway, it's kind of hard to have a half decent relationship with a mini stalker prowling on the loose."

"Oh, Raj!" She says, clapping her manicured hands together. "He's so cute. If only he talked more, but he never seems interested in anyone but you."

I sigh, pushing away my plate and lean my elbow on the table. "I really don't understand that kid. I mean, I know he's a bit of a weirdo, but he's incredibly attractive and he could stalk anyone. Why me? I'm so boring, plain and unattractive."

She slaps my head lightly and I raise an eyebrow as she tuts at me. "Don't be so bloody stupid, Leo." Georgina rolls her eyes. "You're so self-deprecating and dense it's irritating; of course you're attractive. Don't you look in the mirror in the morning?" She flicks at my hair with a smile. "Plus, why are you still determined to call him a kid? He's twenty, you know."

"Yeah, but that's how I've seen him as all my life; my best friend's younger brother. A kid. Twenty isn't very old, y'know?"

"Maybe you should try and change that view you have of him." Georgina suggests.

"Uh, why?"

"Well, try talking to him for once." She says, slightly exasperated. "You've been avoiding him for so long that you may have missed something special about him."

"Oh god," I say, dreading her answer to my incoming question. "You're not suggesting that I actually consider going out with Raj?"

She grins. "It would be very romantic."

Before I can reply in irritation to that, one of the security guys up to our table, face turned to me. "You Leo Jones?"

I give him a confused look. "Uh, yeah?"

He shoves a thumb in the direction he just came. "There's a guy who's on the Persona Non Grata list, standing outside the entrance, asking to see you."

I groan, threading a hand in my hair. "A tallish Indian guy with short, dark, hair and blue eyes?"

He nods. "Yeah, that's the guy."

"Alright," I sigh, glancing at Georgina,, "better go, I'm afraid."

She laughs. "Good luck."

"I'm gonna need it." I mutter, pushing myself off the chair to walk out of the canteen. Why the hell is he turning up at my work again?

Raj was classified as PNG after he came into my work to give me my lunch, and saw the section manager (not Chet, some other guy) was being all snappy and rude towards me because he was in a bad mood. Raj thought a sensible solution was to punch him in the face. To be honest, he was bloody lucky that there wasn't a lawsuit filed against him on that occasion.

I push open the glass doors to see Raj standing by a lamp post, staring out at the traffic, eyebrows furrowed as if he's thinking about something. I walk up to him and break him out of his reverie.

"What's up?"

As usual, he stares at me unflinchingly and steps towards me so I'm only about a foot away from him. "Amir told me that I woke you up this morning. I'm sorry."

I raise an eyebrow before saying, sceptically, "Amir actually told you?" I shake my head. "Obviously you were going to wake me up; it was six thirty in the morning!"

"I forgot, I'm sorry."

I raise my hands in front of me. "Okay, don't worry. It's fine…" I blink suddenly, narrowing my eyes in suspicion before saying slowly, "…haven't you got work today."

"I would have, yes." He answers succinctly, shoving his hands back into his pockets from where they were previously hanging by his sides.

"What do you mean would have?"

His icy blue eyes glance to the side, breaking his gaze on me, and I know something's wrong. "I was fired."

"What?" I say incredulously. "How?"

His gaze slides back to me. "Customers complained about me."

"What about?"

He shifts from side to side. "I don't know."

I put my hands on my hips. "How can you not know?" When he doesn't reply I check my watch. "I'd better go." I must remember to check at the café what was up.

He nods with a blank face and already begins to leave until I grab his elbow. "Did you come all this way to say sorry for this morning?" His eyes light up with surprise before he nods and I smile. "Thanks."

He flushes suddenly, taking me by surprise when he tears away and strides down the opposite direction.


The really bad thing about working in an Advertising agency is that you usually have to work with complete and utter arseholes. Unfortunately City West Ad Agency is no exception.

"We need you two to finish the designs for the new cereal range by tomorrow to show the clients next week." Greg Jameson (sales dep.) states opposite me and Adrianna (who also works in the product design dep.) as he points his finger at the table, eyes sharp. "Or else we're the ones in the shit house-" he gestures to the guy beside him, "-and we'll fucking make sure you two are as well. We need to see results."

Adrianna narrows her eyes beneath her rectangular glasses as she purses her lips in deeply-set irritation. "Not being funny, Gregory, but at what point were you two assigned as our bosses?"

He throws her a condescending smile. "We're in sales, so we make the company the big money. Without us, City West wouldn't go onwards and upwards."

"Without you there would also be far less dickheads in the world." Adrianna snaps, already pushing her chair away and walking out of the room. I decide to follow her lead and get out of the room. I think the arrogance in the room is more than just stifling. There are a few people in the sales department that are really nice, but there are more than that who're just charming slime balls. Same with most departments, but Sales seem to have the majority.

"Hey," I hear a voice call behind so I turn to see Jameson standing there cockily, arms folded across his pressed Armani suit.

I raise an eyebrow, slightly confused. "Uh, hi. Sorry, did you want to add anything?"

He laughed deeply, grinning like a shark, his pearly white teeth contrasting against his tanned skin. "Only to ask you whether you'd like to go for a drink."

Spend anymore time with him? Um, no thanks. "Sorry, I can't; I have plans."

I turn away but he stops me with a hand to my shoulder, pushing me lightly so my back becomes pressed against the wall. My eyes widen in alarm when he leans in close, lips by my ear.

"I didn't mean just drinks."

I push him away and clear my throat. "Even so, I still have plans."

Greg Jameson's eyes flash angrily as he spits out, "you should feel fucking privileged I asked you to come out with me for drinks. It's not even like you're attractive or anything."

"I don't doubt it." I say dryly, raising my eyebrows. Before I can gage his reaction, I walk away.

Ugh, I really hate my work sometimes.

"This is awful." Georgina says, hand touching her hair pulled into a ponytail as she scans the pub we're in at the moment. It's one of those typical 'lad' pubs, similar to all the other pubs we've been to tonight; dodgy carpets smelling of beer, dark and full of off-duty builders and old men. Needless to say, it isn't my or Georgina's first drinking place choice.

I glance at her. "You can say that again."

An arm wraps itself around my shoulders before a slurred, drunk, voice wavers by my ear. "Aw, come on… it ain't that bad!" I move my head to the right so I can see Jem from the IT department, hair sticking up everywhere. He's a bit of a geek, but a really nice guy.

"Um, yes it is." Georgina says, narrowing her eyes at a guy near who seems intent on checking her out.

"It's nuhhht." He exclaims, shaking his head exaggeratedly. Georgina and I look at each other.

"Wanna go?"


I untangle myself from Jem and we both call out that we're leaving and we're out of the door fast. Georgina turns to me, making a face.

"God, why'd they pick Palmers Green to go and have a pub crawl?"

I glance skyward. "I have absolutely no idea." She begins to shiver and I realise she has no coat. I shrug out of mine and hand it out to her. "Here, have mine."

She shakes her head. "No, don't worry. I'm-"

I roll my eyes. "Just take it, Georgie. I've at least got to pretend to be manly."

She laughs at that and takes it, sliding her arms into my coat. It's only then when I realise how bloody cold it is. I rub my arms as we walk down the barely-lit pavement, breaths coming out in small puffs of white. Cars whiz past us along the street, occasionally beeping excessively against the police car sirens wailing in the distance.

A blue Ford pulls up next to where we're walking and Georgina glances at me worriedly; it isn't exactly the safest neighbourhood. Ahead there's even a group of guys huddled together, hoods covering their heads with Stella cans clasped in their hands.

The window winds down. "Leo?"

My eyebrows raise high on my forehead and I walk closer to it, leaning down so I can see him in the driving seat. "What are you doing here, Raj?"

He shrugs. "Came to pick you up."

"How'd you know where I was?" Another shrug.

"Raj?" Georgina echoes, causing him to glance her way sharply.

"Yeah, he came to pick us up." She throws me a confused look as I open the car door for her. She greets Raj a smile, which he just ignores.

"Thank you for this."

"I came to pick Leo up, not you. You don't need to thank me."

I roll my eyes as Georgina smiles at me awkwardly. The rest of the car journey is silent until we're able to finally drop her off outside her flat. She waves, thanking him once again before going inside.

"Why were you with her?" He asks stiffly as he pulls from the kerb, staring at the road in front of him.

Knitting an eyebrow, I turn to him. "Why not? We had a staff night out and we usually hang out together." I lean to the side, pressing my forehead against the window glass as I watch the world outside whirling past, streetlights dotting my vision. "How did you know that I was here anyway?"


"Oh, right."

Then the silence returns.

AN: You know what said that I hoped this story wasn't a bad omen, I think that it may just be that... but for me personally. Why? Because, just after submitting this, I managed to somehow acquire a stalker at work. It's not even funny. -_-. Damn my life to the pits of hell!!