If you are like me, then you are blessed

You are fortunate and nothing less

You have a family along with clothes

You have a bed inside a home

You have good food, clean, cool, water

You are a beloved son or daughter

You take these blessings all for granted

You don't know that you are fortunate

But what if you weren't this blessed at all?

What would happen if you started to fall?

You have no family, no decent clothes

You have no bed inside a home

Your food is scarce, there's no clean water

You're not recognized as a son or daughter

You are starting to drown in your own sin

Your faith in God has been worn thin

You feel that there's no purpose to live

There's nothing in life that you can give

And every night, for blessings you cry

Like people who see you and pass on by

So praise the Lord that He has blessed you

Thank our God that He provides you food

If you still feel there's a miracle God must send

It's alright. God will provide for you, my friend.

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