Blue and Red got married and had a daughter, Purple.

Soon after, Blue got tired of Red and had a son, whom they named Green with Yellow.

Red found out, and seeking revenge on Blue, she cheated on him with White and produced another daughter, Pink.

In the midst of all this, Yellow, who had known what was going on the whole time, rounded up Red. To this day, we still don't know who is the man or woman in the relationship. Though, some have heard that Yellow is hermaphroditic. Their gay son, Orange is the result of their relationship. Orange may not be gay, just flambouyant but is he is in my closet, he surely isn't coming out because Orange isn't really a color that I'm a fan of. He is a bit cocky.

Many, many scales away on the color wheel, a dark, depressed ray of color called Black met White. White, having only been in one marriage and a divorce with Red, knocked up Black. Their son, Gray, is much like his mother and is only heard of to express dull and moody scenes, though on contrary to popular beliefs, Gray is quite happy with his life, since neither of his parents have cheated on each other.

Purple, Green, Pink, Gray and Orange are all related to each other at some degree, as crazy as it seems.

Thanks to Blue, the world is vibrantly painted with his colorful offspring, due to his redundant need for love.

Some say it started with a heartbreak from his youth, which explains his name. Others say he is just greedy.

The moral of the story: though Blue a color that cannot be trusted, he is the Father of Colors.

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