A few years ago, a classmate showed me a video on YouTube, telling me it would be "hi-lar-i-ous." The video showed two little girls cursing and talking junk about someone while an adult recorded it.

I thought the video was funny and stupid. Not because of the age of the girls, but stupid for anyone of any age to do. But that's just my opinion. Nothing to break my day or to pry into anyone's business about. But, a lot of people have a very different perspective.

Most of the comments went OFF on those kids and the woman holding the camera. Just on and on about how bad the video was, that the parents should be arrested, and -- of course -- how much they would love to beat the kids, and how stupid this entire generation of kids is, based on something that a few kids did on video, which was, may I reiterate, recorded by an adult and possibly encouraged by her. From what I've read, the comments were more focused on the fact that two kids were cursing in front of an adult who didn't care, than the fact that they were talking trash to someone. Funny thing is, they weren't cursing all that much. They "cussed" less than five times, yet people act like they were cursing in every sentence.

So much hate over nothing. Big deal, a parent is recording her kids cursing. Many of the people complaining do worse things to their kids, yet they don't think they deserve the punishments they're suggesting. How the hell is a beating a rational solution to this "problem"?

And then there's the numerous video rants addressing this video. The vlog fad is a perfect example of regular people taking the place of news outlets in spreading televised negativity over the general public by overhyping it. Not to say that all video blogs are bad, of course. Some of the on-topic videos go for over five minutes just saying the exact same things the comments stated in one or two sentences.

Usually, when a person put kids on video while they're cursing, or any other so-called "adult things," for that matter, they're doing it for laughs. They may keep it to themselves, or they may put it on YouTube. But most of them don't blow it up by sending chain emails or taking the time to put it on every major video-sharing site.

It's typically the people who complain about those videos doing that, and blowing it WAY out of proportion in the process. How do I know? Well, the videos usually have a disclaimer along the lines of "worse parenting ever" or "signs the world is coming to an end" either in the title or in the description.

What these lunatics don't seem to realize is, when they forward those videos to everyone, they're only making the video that much more popular. On the positive side, some people will watch it over and over again to laugh at it. Then, like my old classmate, they might show their friends, who may do the same. And I don't have to tell you about the negative reactions that some people have.

Then a certain someone looks at all the trouble put into hating the video. All the "I hate this video" vlogs, all the "Hey, look at this bad video" uploads, all the news articles, all the blogs. You know what they're thinking? "Hey, I want some of this attention!" Next thing you know, even more videos with the same subject show up and the cycle continues. And when one loses its hype, another one gains it.

And it's not just "bad kid" videos. Internet celebrities in general get this kind of publicity. The same stars whom everyone hates, it seems, get hundreds of views and fans every day. Lifeless haters wrack their brains wondering why this is.

Well, you know the term "Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer"? That's what the lesser-liked celebrities are doing; they're getting loads of attention from morons who love to complain about them. I'm not saying that the fans don't do the same, but most of the people who can't stop talking about internet celebrities are the same who hate them. Haters are the main ones who even bother to make videos about said celebrities, and mention them in real-life conversations. They're more obsessed than the fans, yet they think being a fan is somehow worse than the lengths they go to prove their point.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who have no idea who Fred is, for instance. But when you comment on a video that has nothing to do with Fred and rant about how bad you hate him, you peak the interest of those people. Those people then search for and watch Fred's videos and either become fans, shrug it off, or do what you just did. Either way, he just got more views and fans, thanks to your obsession.

Like it or not, when you constantly whine about how bad you hate a YouTube video and try to get it removed or forward it to your friends to show how bad it is, you're actually promoting the video and making the people involved even more famous. From there, they gain even more exposure than if you would have left it alone. On top of that, copycat videos start popping up because some people want the monumental attention attracted by the first video. It's called the Streisand Effect. No one is putting a gun to your head and telling you to watch videos you hate. And if you want these people to stop getting so many fans, you can start by not advertising their videos!