Craving without Reason

This is a oneshot that was requested by bballgirl22. It was a very strange prompt she gave me, but I figured I'd attempt it. She told me she had a craving for Brownie A La Mode and I decided to fulfill her request no matter how...unusual it was.

"Leave me alone!" she snapped angrily at anyone who approached her. Her bark was actually worse than her bite, and she suspected that everyone knew that. Some people found her unapproachable and others just thought she was strange, so they avoided her. The world was definitely a judgmental place, but she was optimistic. The girl who sat in the corner and was silent during class surprised everyone when she was overflowing with energy around her friends. There were strange patterns in the way she behaved that people had easily noticed, and no one dared to question her insanity.

"Brow-Nie-A-La-Mo-DUH!" she said randomly in the middle of class, making sure to pronounce each syllable with drama. There was none at all, no matter where she looked, and there was just an unsatisfied feeling that she got when she couldn't have it. When she was younger, she'd get it almost every night for dessert, but suddenly there was no more of that. Everyone turned to look at her with her random outburst, noticing that her head was down on the desk and her foot was tapping against the tiled floor anxiously as she let out low, mumbling sounds of displeasure. There was a large growling sound that filled the room and she backed away from her desk, looking down at her stomach as her face turned bright red. The last thing she expected was to start a trend though. Another voice, much deeper than hers, ended up distracting everyone from the sound of her stomach. Lana looked around to see where the voice came from before she saw a guy with his head also down on the desk, his shaggy blond hair falling in his face. Was he just trying to help her, or did he honestly have the same problem when it came to the feeling of craving something?

"Funnel cake with sprinkles and whipped cream!" he had shouted. When the room was completely silent, including the teacher, he put his head up and turned to look straight at Lana, a smile spreading across his face. She felt her heartbeat speed up, but it was probably just the hunger getting to her. Lana turned her head away quickly and she stubbornly ignored him as she regained her seat and patted her stomach to try and keep it silent for the rest of the class time. Her teacher didn't even say one word to her, though he looked really... disappointed for some reason. Hunger was hunger, right? Maybe it was the fact that he had written 'disruptive' on his clipboard next to her name. Those teachers... always are misunderstanding situations.

"Lana, do you plan on getting some brownie a la mode?" someone asked her in the hallway, bursting into laughter with everyone else who just happened to hear.

"Actually, yeah." Lana responded bluntly, a completely serious expression on her face. She smiled brightly and waved as she skipped down the hallway, only to be stopped by the blond haired boy in her class who had also been, as the teacher would state it, 'disruptive.'

He didn't say anything to her, simply staring at her before smiling and walking away, giving her a small wave. Upon closer inspection, she had noticed his light hazel eyes and pale complexion that suited him well. Her friends always complimented her honey tinted brown hair that was fluffy and soft, and how short and small she was, but the blond haired boy was different. He was admirable, at least to someone like Lana who liked shouting her cravings to a crowd as if it were the most natural thing on Earth. There was really no reason to her craving, but it was just completely taking over her. It was like a monster lying in the pit of her stomach, trying to make a low growling sound (easily heard on the outside) to threaten her into feeding it what it wanted. There was nothing she could do about it in a school that didn't offer it. Going to restaurants after school was a different option though. What a great picture to imagine – Lana, a small high school girl screaming about a random dessert and running into restaurants to check the menus. Well, it probably wouldn't be as hectic as it sounded, but it wasn't like the usual hobbies of girls her age.

"Do you have Brownie a la mode?" she asked for what seemed like the fiftieth time. It was a new restaurant this time after she had visited a countless number of other ones to get rid of the craving. She began to get irritated and she stormed out of the restaurant, letting out a frustrated sigh as she walked down the street at a quick pace. The blond haired boy had probably already gotten over his funnel cake craving, which made her even more depressed. There was some part of her that wanted to talk to him and see why he also did what he did, maybe find out who he really was, but another part of her just wanted to remain stubborn and ignore him to search for what she truly wanted. Right when she was about to enter yet another restaurant, the boy stood in front of her, carrying a box in his hands. Lana sneered at him, figuring it was his precious funnel cake that he was dying for. Funnel cake that he probably only had to go to one restaurant to find.

"So you found your funnel cake easily, right?" she asked, venom behind her words. The craving and the hunger was definitely taking over her and turning her into an impatient person.

"No..." he answered, "They were out, so I used my money on something else."

"What did you use your money for? Another food you wanted more?" She was becoming upset with him now, even though it was irrational to be. "I've been saving up money to buy what I specifically wanted and it's nowhere to be found!" She was practically snapping the words at him, a low growl escaping her stomach again like it had been all day.

"I saved up money too," he said bluntly and nonchalantly, as if it was just so simple. Lana rolled her eyes and shook her head, trying to walk past him before he grabbed her arm. She quickly turned on her heel, glaring at him before the box was extended towards her.

"What?" she asked a bit too harshly, but it didn't even affect him.

"I spent my money to buy ingredients to make you Brownie a la Mode." He smiled and his eyes were sparkling as he looked at her. Lana frowned and she felt the tears coming as she stared at the chocolate creation that was in front of her after he opened the box. She didn't even know his name and she had said awful things to him, but she carefully took the dessert and started eating it right there in the middle of the sidewalk. It was so delicious and so satisfying; it made the tears run down faster. The boy was just standing there, watching her with an amused expression. Lana felt some of the dessert smear on her lips and she was about to lick it off when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to the corner of her mouth, causing her face to turn bright red.

"I needed to taste my masterpiece" he offered as an excuse, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips, which were being licked after the kiss he stole. Lana let out a small laugh and she felt the monster that had been lying in the pit of her stomach start to retreat, her personality going back to normal, and she felt like the hunger wasn't consuming her anymore. It changed her enough to let her know that the person who first stood up for her, sympathized with her, and showed compassion towards her may have been the very one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. To think that it was all over Brownie a la mode. It was definitely a craving without reason, and maybe she'd satisfy his funnel cake fantasy one day in return.