To a close friend (who shall remain nameless) who trusted me enough to tell me the truth.

"Ugh! She drives me up the walls," the young, blonde woman said, rolling her blue eyes at the retreating figure of one of her five roommates.

"It's because you looooove her," her gay best friend, Keith, replied on the couch beside her. Together they sat in the living room of the house they rented. The house fit the six of them comfortably. It was two stories with six bedrooms. The kitchen/dining room was huge. Most of their friends came over just to use their kitchen. The size of it was perfect for company.

The living room was enormous, too. It was odd for just Keith and Alexis to be there. They sat on the house's ugly flower patterned couch, half-watching the 42" TV. It was a large TV, but an old one, so it took up quite a bit of space.

Alexis rolled her eyes again, but this time it was at Keith. "We've been over this a million times. That's a ridiculous stereotype. Just because I'm bisexual does not mean I'm in love with every person I meet."

He chuckled. "I didn't say you were in love with every person you meet. I just said that you love Michelle. Which you didn't deny and you can't deny, because it's totally true."

Very maturely, Alexis stuck her tongue out at him. "I do not love her. I'm going to punch her in the face one of these days."

"Hate often leaves to love, Lexi," he replied in a teasing tone.

"I'm going to punch you in the face if you don't shut the hell up about it," she threatened, giving him the most intimidating glare she could muster.

"You know you love me," he answered with a grin. She sighed, knowing that all the intimidation in the world wouldn't affect Keith. He was just impossible to scare. Or at least, she didn't scare him in the slightest.

"Meh. Not at the moment, Keith. Not at the moment."

He chuckled again as the roommate they had been arguing about entered the room. He glanced over at Alexis and his brown eyes locked with her blue ones as he muttered, "Speak of the devil."

She glared at him and turned her attention to the skinny, auburn haired young lady before her. "What do you want, Michelle?"

Michelle's green eyes narrowed at Alexis. "We need to go shopping and my car's still at the mechanic's shop. We're the only ones home which means one of you needs to drive me or I need to borrow your car."

Keith grinned. "I have to go down to the library, so Lexi will have to take you."

Michelle missed out on the glare Alexis shot Keith and the very profane phrase she mouthed at him. Keith just continued to grin.

"Fine, I'll drive you," Alexis said.

"I'll be out by your shitty little Bug," Michelle answered.

Alexis held back a swear filled response and suppressed the strong urge to punch her roommate in the face. As soon as she was out of earshot, Alexis practically snarled, "I can't freaking stand her. I hate you right now."

"Someday, you will thank me for that." He grabbed his keys from the rack and tossed her the keys to her Bug. She rolled her eyes once more and watched her skinny, somewhat annoying best friend exit out the front door. After a moment, she stepped out and watched him pull out of their massive driveway in his little Ford Ranger. She flipped him off and then went over to her faded, blue Bug. She unlocked the driver side door and was tempted to drive off without ever letting Michelle into the car, but she knew she couldn't do that.

Michelle clambered into the Bug, muttering something insulting about the vehicle.

"Bash my car one more time and I'm going to punch you in the throat," Alexis snapped. The car was old. It was kind of unsafe. It sometimes didn't work. But it was still Alexis's car. It was her baby.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "This car is a freaking deathtrap, Lexi. You need a new one."

"I'll get a new car when you get a new personality."

"I'll get a new personality when you get a new car."

"So then neither one of us is getting anything new."

The two fell silent for the remainder of the ride to the store. Somehow, it wasn't an awkward silence, despite the bickering that ended the conversation.

Alexis pulled into the parking lot of the nearest grocery store, but both girls hesitated before getting out of the car. It was that hesitation that caused Michelle to voice her thoughts.

"Why do you hate me?"

Alexis looked at her in surprise. She paused a moment, searching for reasoning. After a moment, she practically whispered, "I don't know. Why do you hate me?"

"You're aggravating, stubborn, annoying and bitchy. But I hated you before I knew all of this, so truthfully, my answer is the same. I don't know why I hate you."

An extremely awkward, brief silence followed and both of them exited the car as if they had just discovered it contained explosives, quickly and carefully.

They split up upon entering the store. Alexis was in the candy section of the store when her cell phone rang. With a sigh, she put down the bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and checked the phone's caller ID. It was Keith and she was half tempted to ignore him, but thought better of it and answered.

"This had better be good, because I'm still mad at you."

"You are not going to believe the amazing rumor Vince just told me," her best friend squealed in his most feminine voice. Vince was Keith's current significant other and he was also another of their roommates. Vince had been with Keith longer than any of his previous relationships. Somehow, the two of them worked and they worked well.

"What's it about?"


She rolled her eyes even though he couldn't see her. "I don't want to hear it."

"Oh, you'll want to hear this, I promise you." With that, he delved into the information he had received from his boyfriend and a grin spread over Alexis's face as he continued to speak.

When he finished she said, "You were right. I wanted to hear that."

"I thought so. So am I forgiven?"

"Buy me a chocolate bar and then we'll see," she answered before hanging up the phone. She paid for the one item in her cart (a box of Lucky Charms) and went out to wait in her Bug. Michelle came out of the store about ten minutes later with quite a bit of stuff in her arms. They really had needed to go shopping. Alexis helped Michelle load up the car and then they left the store.

They were putting the groceries away when Alexis struck up another conversation with Michelle. "I heard an interesting rumor today. From Vince."

Judging by the way Michelle paused in her actions, she knew exactly what rumor Alexis was talking about.

Alexis moved over to where her roommate was unpacking the groceries from the bags.

"You know, if you liked me, you could have just told me."

Michelle's green eyes stopped studying the countertop and met Alexis's blue ones. "We don't exactly get along."

Alexis shrugged. "A wise person once told me that hate often leads to love."

A smile slowly grew over Michelle's face. "Keith has his moments, doesn't he?"

Alexis chuckled. "Yeah. He sure does."

"I like you," Michelle said. "You're stubborn, aggravating, annoying and bitchy, but somehow I find it all very endearing."

"You drive me up the freaking walls, but I still find myself attracted to you."

Suddenly the distance between the two of them was gone. When Keith walked into the kitchen he found his two roommates kissing. Like a good best friend, he broke it apart when he chucked the chocolate bar at Alexis's head.

"You owe me a thank you," he smirked, before leaving the room.

She rolled her eyes and returned her attention to Michelle. Unfortunately, he was right. She owed him a thank you.

A one shot I felt like I needed to write. I'm not great with fluff and I'm definitely no expert with slash fic, so I'm sorry if it seems botched.

As for the dedication, all I have to say is: I know you probably won't see this, but thanks for telling me the truth. I love you!