Prompt: You wake up with a key tightly gripped in your hand. How did you get this key? What does it lock or unlock?

They sat in angry silence, letting their emotions marinate the atmosphere. Seren glared intently out of the window shield of their shared car. Cars zoomed by, annoyed by her choice to follow the speed limit, she watched the trees fly by in a blur, frequently glancing back at traffic. Driving on the interstate was a boring task; she really didn't have to pay any attention to the cars surrounding her, not until they hit traffic. She had plenty of time to waste inside of her mind, allowing herself to blow everything out of proportion, and forcing herself to remain silent.

She saw Alina's hand reach for the stereo, turning it onto a radio station that played halfway decent songs. They were already three states from home, with barely enough money for gasoline. The hunger set in a few hours ago, and both girls pretended it didn't exist. There were only a few more states left until they reach their destination. A friend of Alina's who had moved away a few years back had volunteered to put them up for a while, until they could get back on their feet. It had been Alina's 18th birthday three days ago; they bolted for the car the next day.

Seren, on the other hand, had been 18 for nearly five months, working endless shifts until she could afford this rundown car. Alina wasn't allowed to work, so Seren did all the hard parts for her. That was all in the past though, Alina was going to find a job in a new state, and so was Seren, and then they'd live together in some rundown apartment, until they could afford a better place. That was the plan anyway.

"Seren?" Alina spoke lower than the music, probably in hopes she wouldn't be heard.

She was still angry, still fuming from their argument, but only because her mind had blown it all up. Admittedly, she felt horrible, she never meant to call Alina all of those things, they just spilled out. Stemmed from her anger towards her parents, who had called her all of those things before they slammed the door in her face telling her to never come around again. She gripped the steering wheel, seeing her knuckles grow white, remembering how Alina had sacrificed nearly everything for Seren. She even gave up her birthday to comfort her, it just so happened that was the day her parents threw her out, Alina was always comforting her, even while she was hiding behind her own dark secret.

"Hm?" It was probably best not to use real words, not yet, in case something touchy escaped her lips.

"I'm sorry, that your parents…that they kicked you out because of me."

Great, Seren exhaled, the guilt kept falling on her like rain. She turned words over in her head, trying to figure out the best way to appeal to Alina. After all, what could be more ridiculous than Alina apologizing for that? Alina's parents hated her, they beat her, for no reason at all, but she blamed herself. She always blames herself, even when she had nothing to do with it. Seren had liked girls long before Alina, but she'd never loved one before Alina. Any of those girls could have gotten Seren thrown out, Seren could have confessed at any time that she wasn't in the library, she was making out with Suzy, or Clara. She quickly found herself laughing, catching a glimpse of the hurt on Alina's face; she forced herself to a stop.

"It's not your fault," Seren shook her head. "How could it be? If they had given you a chance, they'd love you too."

Alina blushed, and turned her head, probably contemplating what Seren had said. Alina wasn't yet used to being loved, by anyone, though Seren made a point to tell her daily. The silence between them became more comfortable, but still awkward, because Seren hadn't made the attempt to apologize. Alina would forgive her in a heartbeat, and probably already had, but Seren had sworn to her she'd never hurt her on purpose. That was exactly what she did.

"I should apologize to you, for saying those things," Seren turned to look at Alina. "I didn't mean any of it."

"I know," Alina spoke gently, trying to ease her guilt. She didn't believe her, but it worked. "Seren!"

Her voice echoed through her mind as the crunching of metal screamed louder than the sounds of traffic. The music cut off, locking them in the noises of car brakes and awful crunching. They spun, their bodies' victim to force, being yanked wherever it wanted them to go. Seren's head smashed into the steering wheel early on, disorienting her from Alina's cries. She wanted to help her, but she couldn't move, the car stopped spinning, but they couldn't figure out how to. The metal had them pinned, but that didn't stop them. Seren came to a rest against the steering wheel, dripping her blood across it like paint.

She couldn't move, couldn't remember how to, or even how to feel the pain she knew was there. She could see the metal stabbing through her body, it made her nauseous, still no pain, and she was confused. Unable to see Alina, only heard her pain, her soft crying. The blood kept flowing; her mind wondering how much had to be lost before she died. Slowly her vision became hazy, Alina's sounds became nonexistent, Seren hoped like hell she wasn't dead. The world became lost to her, and her vision black.