My heart is for sale

come on take it, it's for free

it's yours now, ready to love again

and to hear all your passions and dreams


Just don't lose it like everybody else

Don't hurt it as everyone already did

Let the faith grow again

'Cause I need a little faith in me


So just promise one last thing

You're free to do whatever you want

But if you don't really feel it don't say that's what you mean

or you'll be just like everyone else this heart met before


It will do as much as it can to make you forget

all the bad times, all the tears

all the misery and the cloudy days

It's yours if you're willing to make it feel something real


Come on I need to see it in good hands

with a warm touch and in a good shelter

make it feel alive and well

it won't be for now forever nor any later.


Take it, I don't care anymore

I just can't handle its weight

this heart is for sale, come one, free for all

you know where to find it, you also know the date.