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My Name was Genji

Hello, Minami Reiko here, sixteen years old. I came to this elite girls school thinking that I could at least be an average student. But in reality, my classmates....

They're all idiots.

It turns out, I'm the only one that got in purely on grades; everyone else paid their way in. So without any questions, I was made class president. Now I am called Minami-kaichou, and any progress the class makes depends on me.

Like this shower problem. The line is running back into the hallway, and steam is pouring out of the bathroom. (Yes, this is an elite school, but we still share showers).

I march to the front of the line and face the closed curtain.

"Excuse me, kimi, but I'm going to need to ask you to stop showering if you please!"

There's no answer. I knock on the wall next to the curtain. "Excuse me! Please turn off the shower!"

Still no answer. I knock harder. "Anata, ne! Turn off the shower!"

Steam comes out of my ears and a poompoom appears on my forehead. As a least resort, I yank back the curtain. "Oi, did you no hear--"

I freeze staring at the person in front of me. Konami Eriko, or rather, Eriko-sama, the queen of the class. The girls adore her as the most beautiful, graceful girl.

But that's not what's startling about her. It's the censored material between her legs.

"Kyaa! Ecchi!!!" she wails, covering her chest with her hands.

By now blue lines have appeared on my forehead. "That's really not what you want to cover up...."

"What is it, Eriko-sama?" says a voice from around the corner.

Konami draws the curtain over her body. "Todou-san! This pervert tried to peek at me!"

A large girl storms around the corner, cracking her knuckles. It's Todou Hana, the "Ouji-sama" of our poor, male-deprived school, all 180 cm of her. She has a scary expression, a shadow covering her eyes. I back up, hands up as she raises her fist to strike me.

Poor, poor me. I've been class president all my life and it's never come to this.... My classmates are really cruel.... To think, I'll never see the day when I'm just an average student.

Her fist begins to descend—and then she sees me.

She straightens up and her face stops being scary, scratching her head nervously. "Ara? Kaichou?" She looks between me and Eriko-sama, piecing it together. Then she bows down low.

"Moshiwakegozaimasen!!!" she practically shouts. "Eriko-sama needs a lot of time in the shower to preserve the health of her skin!"

I open my mouth to reply, but Eriko-sama speaks up. "Oi, Todou. Stop it. I'm getting out."

Todou straightens. "But Eriko-sama--!"

Konami whips the curtain shut. A second later, the shower shuts off.

I sigh. Well, that's dealt with. Now I can go back to my dorm and relax.

I stop, suddenly, on my way out. "Geh--?"

Eriko-sama is my roommate.

And if I'm not mistaken, Eriko-sama....

Is Male???