"Sasha!" Mom shouted.

"Coming! Coming!" I said, as I ran a comb down my straight black hair. Ugh! Those stupid knots never make my life easy. After emerging victorious, I stepped back and looked at myself. My hair was pulled up into a pony, with a few strands loose, framing my face. My dark brown eyes were lined with kohl, and I was blackmailed into wearing a white summer skirt and black tank top. Oh, and let me tell you this: .I .don't. like .skirts. Period. Grabbing my wallet, I rushed out of my room and almost banged into my brother.

"Jesus Dilip! Watch where you're going!" I yelled, annoyed.

"Sister!" he replied joyfully, with a wide smile. "You look gorgeous in the skirt. But… Too long, don't you think?" he added, his brown eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Oh shut up, perv" I snapped at him. "Hitting on your own sister, man, that's low!"

"Dude, Dilip, have you no shame? No girls running after you right now? Sorry for stealing all your ladies," Dhruv said, as he came by our side. Meet Dhruv and Dilip, the most annoyingly gorgeous younger twin brothers, who all the ladies fall for. They're almost like Fred and George sans the magic, and thankfully none of them have lost a ear.

"That's okay, bro. Got the gents on my side," Dilip replied, fist bumping my brother.

Unfortunately, my mother's screech from the corridor ruined their "reunion". Rolling our eyes and muttering not very –er, pleasant things, we dragged ourselves to the elevator where our mom and dad and elder brother were waiting. The ride was punctuated with the usual tension about being late , and dad reassuring my mom that we weren't going to be late. Oh please, no one cares about corporate parties. They're boring. You do not want to go to one, and if you have attended one, I feel you sorry for you.

When we arrived we conjured up our fake smiles as we greeted people, telling them how lovely they looked. Oh, please . The young women in the party dressed like sluts- the shortest dresses and the deepest necks and their expressions screaming, 'Do me now!' My brothers enjoyed it; Singapore was paradise for them, hottest girls in the shortest shorts.

An hour later, my cheek muscles were aching and the soles of my feet were screaming bloody murder. I found myself next to the dance floor, not dancing, but rubbing the soles of my feet. Stupid boots, may you rot in hell.

"Well, someone seems grumpy today," a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a boy of about my age, wearing a shirt and a pair of low jeans. His stunning grey eyes stared back into mine, and his hair was spiked with gel.

I almost rejoiced, the first teenage guy I saw, who wasn't wearing a suit and talking about college applications – except for my brothers.

"Well, try wearing boots and walking for an hour," I shot back.

"No thanks, I'll pass," he said as he grabbed a seat beside me. "Rohan," he introduced.

"Sasha," I replied, offering my fist. He laughed as he returned the gesture.

"What?" I asked, feigning hurt.

"Oh, it's just that not many girls I know fist bump."

"Well, if you live with three boys, you're bound to show hints of manliness."

"Oh yeah? What manly attributes do you have?" he asked me, a glint of amusement in his grey eyes.

"Well, I don't pose cheek to cheek. I hate short skirts and high heels. I spray Axe and I wear my brother's boxers at home."

"Wow. That's hot."

"Is not."

After an awkward silence, he cleared his throat and asked me if I wanted to dance. I just glared at him and pointed at my feet. I thought he'd understand, but that ass picked me up and threw me on his shoulder.

"Hey!" I cried."Put me down! Sexual Assault! "

He just chuckled in response and put me down on the dance floor.

I stuck my tongue out at him, "Sexual Assault."

"Well I usually don't take no for an answer, so I did what I had to do," he replied shrugging.

I just crossed my arms and glared at him.

"Aw c'mon," he said pouting."Dance with me. If you do, I'll buy you dinner."

I contemplated for a moment and then nodded in agreement. Hey, I'm broke! His face split into a joyous grin as he pulled me towards him.

"Um , don't you think we're a bit too close for two strangers?" I mumbled into his chest.

His chest rumbled as he laughed, "We're not exactly strangers. My mom and your mom are good friends. I'm going to start at your school and my dad's your dad's boss. Plus, I like it this way," he added rather - uh - seductively.

"Oh," I mumbled dumbly.

A comfortable silence lapsed between us as we swayed to the song. I don't like silences. Comfortable or not, I don't like them, so I decide to start the conversation.

"You know Rohan, I don't like your name," I declared.

Conscience: Oh yeah, great way to start a conversation. Tell the guy you don't like his name. You're doing great in the flirting department.

Oh, shut up. I'm not even interested in the guy that way. He's cute, but totally not my type.

Conscious: Yeah, yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Stupid conscious. Go to hell.

"Why not?" he enquired, pulling me out of the silent battle between my conscious and I.

"Well, my best friend dated this guy in the ninth, and he broke her heart. And his name was Rohan too. That's why I've never liked that name much before."

"Well, I didn't break anyone's heart. My heart was broken."

I just left it at that.

After dancing (more like swaying) to three songs, my feet started to hurt again and this time my stomach decided to join the party. So, Rohan and I went in search for food. Turns out that Rohan left his wallet at home, so I had to pay for the food. I did, but not before whining like a kid and making him promise that he'd pay for two other meals sometime later.

"Wow, I can't believe you eat that much," he said in awe.

"Not my fault. It's my stomach," I whined back, with my mouth full. Oh, those gulab jamoons were good….

Tasty. Delicious. Mouth watering. Soft. God s-

"Hogging the food, sister?" Dhruv asked as he walked towards us.

I just shrugged in response. I was too busy enjoying the gulab jamoons.

He turned to Rohan. "Dhruv," he introduced himself.

"Rohan," replied Rohan.

"Well sister dear, meet us at our table once you're done raiding the stalls," and with a nod to Rohan he sauntered off.

After wiping my plate clean, I turned to Rohan to say goodbye. Before I could say anything, he pulled me into a hug.

"Good night Cinderella," he whispered.

"Night, prince charming," I whispered back, smiling.

He pulled out of the hug and left, not before smacking my ass.

"Sexual Assault!" I called after him, grinning.

I swear I heard him whisper, 'Nice ass' before merging into the crowd.

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