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Somebody That I Used to Know

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believing it was always something that I'd done
And I don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know...


I look toward the Elder and she's beaming down at Jett. I'm more than shocked. I thought that he was just going to make me his, but here we are. Well, I guess I actually will be running through the forest wearing this dress. I finger the bottom and sigh. There's no way it's going to make it through the night.

"I assume everyone remembers the rules?" The Elder asks. All the males answer in affirmation. "Alright" She addresses me, "You get a five minute head start. So make good use of it." She smiles at me. I look at her with wide eyes as she sets her clock so it's a fair five minutes.

Blake comes to talk to me before I get chased through the forest by a dozen woods, and he looks just as surprised as me that Jett didn't just claim me.

"Well, I mean I guess the guy likes the chase?" He jokes lamely. I punch him in the shoulder and he grins down at me. Adelle comes over as well.

"Good luck Nixie, I hope he catches you," She says. I raise my eyebrow. "Well, you obviously want him to," She answers.

"And how do you know that?" I question.

"The way you look at him and how you were reacting during the fight," She explains. I bite my lip and think back. She's right that does make it seem like I want him. Oh jeez, I'm no good at this. It's my wolf; she makes everything just so complicated.

I find mom in the crowd. She's staring at the ground fixedly. "Hey, mom?" I don't know why I do this to myself. Why I still try to get comfort where there's obviously none to be had. She doesn't know how to be a parent anymore. Not that I really remember how she used to be, this new her has eclipsed the old one and it just seems like she's always been like this.

She finally looks at me there are tears moistening her eyes. "Nix," She chokes out. "I'm sorry," She whispers it before she pats my shoulder awkwardly and walks back to the compound.

"Don't worry about her," Blake says from behind me. "Just concentrate on your Chase." He envelops me in my arms and I bury my face in his chest. "I want you to make this as hard as possible for them alright Nixie? They need to catch you fair and square, so you make difficult for them."

"Two steps ahead of you Blake," I smile into his chest and he laughs.

"Give'em hell," He says and lets me go. I smile at him and walk to the edge of the forest where the Elder and the males are lined up. They're all in their wolf form and ready to go. I notice that Tab isn't in the line up anymore. Nova isn't either which makes me think that he and Adelle may have taken a literal tumble in the hay this afternoon. It makes me smile.

"You prepared?" The Elder asks. I nod. She holds up the watch. "Your time starts now," She says and plunges the trigger. I immediately take off.

Running, maybe this was the reason I was always so taken with it. Maybe this is why I've practiced it so much. I dodge roots and fallen trees and head straight for the river knowing my smell will be muffled and the contestants will be slightly confused. I run as fast as possible and try not to think too much, but I know I haven't gotten far enough away when I hear the howling of a dozen wolves signalling my five minutes is up.

I know they'll be much faster than me in wolf form but I don't want to change unless I have to. I can fight them much better in this form and they'll hesitate more while I'm in this fragile skin. Plus I plan on doing some climbing of some trees,

I finally cross the river and when I get out the other side and look to the other side of the river, there's a black wolf watching me with silver eyes. He lets his tongue loll out in a wolfy grin and then trots away. I furrow my brow in confusion. Why didn't he come after me? Whatever time to go.

I keep on running until I find a tall enough tree then I start climbing. I know that they'll be able to find me up the tree but it gives me some time to assess my situation and figure out what I want to do. I climb until I find a branch that will hold my weight and is high enough up the tree. I look out and I can see the ocean to my left just a ways away and if I strain my eyes I can just make out smoke rising from the fire very far away, but werewolf eyes help. I can vaguely smell the wolfs' on the light breeze and I can hear growls and howling from the fighting going on. The branch digs into my skin and I realize this is going to be a long night.

It takes over an hour before any of them figure out my hiding place or really even come close to it, although I suspect Jett knows where I am but he's probably having too much fun eliminating other wolves.

It's Ryan who finds my hiding place. Practical Ryan. Now, I don't really want him to catch me. He starts sniffing at the bottom of the tree and then he looks up straight at me. He shifts quickly into his skin and smiles up at me.

"Gotcha Nixie," He says and starts climbing. His brown hair swing lightly around his face and I start panicking. Well, guess now is the time to use my plan. I stand on my branch with ease. Ryan notices my change and frowns. I jump out of the tree and I'm headed right for Ryan. He looks up right before I crash into him. We tumble to the ground hard with me on top.

"Didn't think I was going to be that easy to catch did you Ryan?" I smile at him then I punch him.

He's winded from falling with my weight on top of him so he doesn't try to stop the punch. It's a nice hard punch right to the mouth; it splits his pretty lip. He spits out the blood. I jump off him and run off. I hear him get up slowly from behind me and start after me. I'm so focused on Ryan that I forget to check my surroundings for other wolves.

Shadow tackles me from the side and we go down hard. He shifts to his skin mid-fall and his arms snake around me as we land. He pushes me to my stomach and I struggle under him. He's in a full blown blood lust... Blood lust doesn't just mean he's lusting for blood. It's just what happens when the wolf in you is most in control. The struggling just makes him more excited and he rips the straps of my dress.

"Mother fucker," I mumble. Well guess the rest of my chase is happening in my lingerie.

I scream out as Shadow latches onto my shoulder with his teeth. Okay maybe he is just in a bloodlust. He laps at the wound hungrily and I manage to shift around under him slightly. It's difficult because he's really heavy. Shadow has black hair and blue eyes. He's probably six three and weighs at least 200 pounds in pure muscle. That's quite a bit in comparison to my 140.

Once I'm on my back and facing him his eyes go straight to my exposed bra. That distraction gives me my one second to act. I hit him in the forehead with my elbow with as much force as I can put into it in this position. He howls in pain and his upper body arches away from me. I scramble out from underneath him. I run as fast as I can. When I'm far enough away, I look back to see Shadow and Ryan fighting. I smile triumphantly, and then I feel the breeze on my stomach and back and remember I'm down to a bra and underwear. Fantastic. What better way to make horny wolves chasing me hornier?

I keep running without destination, just trying to be aware of my surroundings so I don't get taken by surprise. I can smell the musk of the males on the wind and I try to steer clear of where I smell them. I keep my ears open listening to any slight sound. I keep running but I can't enjoy it like I usually do because I can't let myself go, I have to keep my attention on other things. I'll probably be in wolf form at some point tonight, it'll mean I won't have any clothing as a err... barrier? I guess? I'll change and I'll either rip them or I'll have to change out of them so I don't have to rip them.

I look into one of the trees and see Adelle sitting there I stop to talk to her.

"Feel old enough to be watching this 'Del?" I ask sarcastically.

"What happened to your dress?" She gulps. Her blue eyes are wide and she looks a little taken aback.

"I'm being Chased by a bunch of wolves that plan on catching me and then having sex with me... What do you think happened?" I demand.

"Uhhh well... So who has it?" She says. "Your dress, I mean." I smile and flick my hair over my shoulder jokingly.

"I'm sure Ryan and Shadow are fighting over it by now," I laugh at her expression. "You really think you're old enough to be watching this Adelle?"

"Well, it's the first year I'm old enough to watch one and it's yours so I thought I could help..." She mumbles looking away.

"Del, you can't help me; it's part of the rules," I explain. She frowns at me and picks at the branch she's sitting on.

"I don't remember hearing a rule like that..." She grumbles.

"It's kind of an unspoken one; if you're not involved in the Chase, don't get involved. It just brings unwanted attention to you, especially with all these males out here," I trail off.

"I'll be fine, and I won't get involved. I don't want any unwanted attention," She smiles at me.

"What?" I ask.

"You're like the Queen of unwanted attention." She giggles; it's a cute girly sound that any boy would like.

"How so?" I hiss.

"Case A: The Alpha randomly decides he wants you as his mate, then you're ex who you clearly," She says 'clearly' really sarcastically and I frown. " don't want, comes back to claim you, you go for a run not once but twice you're harassed by the gang, and lastly you always get special little pep talks from the Elder." She finishes ticking each thing off her fingers as she goes.

"Uhh, yeah you might be right..." I say.

"Completely right," A deep voice says from behind me. Adelle is so surprised she flinches backwards and falls off the branch backwards. It's a good thing it wasn't a high branch or I might actually be worried that she was hurt.

"Yeah I'm fine, no one worry about me," She says sarcastically holding her back on the ground. I hear her mumble that it hurt and I suppress a smile and face deep voice. It's Jett; obviously he's the only one who can sneak up on me this good.

He smiles that devastating smile at me and begins to look over my attire. He actually starts circling me to get a better look. My heart is absolutely racing.

"What are you doing?" I say looking at him over my shoulder.

"Appreciating the view," He says and looks at my eyes briefly.

"Hmm better get your fill now," I taunt. " 'Cause this will probably be the last time you ever see me with this small an amount of clothing on." I smile sweetly at him. I'm teasing because it will piss him off. I start walking away from him and he growls. Soon I'm pushed up against a tree with Jett pressed against the back of my body.

"Nix," He says. I try to push back to get away from him but he just takes each of my wrists in one of his hands and pins them to the tree. With the other hand he fingers my bra strap. "This will definitely not be the last time I see you wearing this small an amount of clothing, in fact I'm sure I'll see you without clothing in the near future," He challenges in my ear. "I would wager I'll probably see you naked by the end of this very night." He punctuates the last with a nip to my ear and then steps back. I shiver.

"Whatever helps you through this," I say but even I hear the hollowness in my voice. Jett smiles.

"You too sweetheart," He laughs. "I'll see you in an hour when I'm the last one standing." Then he lops off into the dark of the night. The moment I can't see him anymore I let the air gush out of my lungs in release. God, he's so aggravating.

"Well, that was.. Uhhh... romantic?" Adelle says lamely from behind me. I laugh at her.

"Welcome to the world of wolves 'Del. They take what they want; they don't try to coax it out of you," I tell her.

"Are you sure?" She asks blushing. I know she must be thinking about her 'roll in the hay' from earlier and I chuckle.

"Once he knows you're his Adelle, it will be a whole different game," I explain. She flushes even more and coughs to try to hide it. "And who was it you were getting messy in the hay with before you came to my house?"

"What?" She squeaks. "I wasn't in the hay with anyone!" She musters indignantly. I just look at her until she calms down.

"So it was Nova?" I state it more than I ask her. She looks at her feet.

"Yeah," She finally answers. I rush at her and swing her up in a hug and even though she's taller than me I still easily pick her up. She laughs.

"Good job Dellie!" I say happily. "Maybe you are grown up enough to watch," I chuckle putting her down then nudging her with my elbow. If it's possible she blushes even more. She's going to pass out with all that blood rushing to her face at this point. "So how'd it happen?" I raise my eyebrows at her. She bits her lip and looks away.

"Alright well, you'll tell me one day," I say knowing she's too embarrassed right now.

"Uhh.. Yeah," She agrees. "Well I should." She points to the tree where she was sitting.

"Yeah, yeah go hide so no one tries to chase you," I laugh at her wide eyed, scared expression. She scrambles up the tree quickly and smiles down at me.

"Well good luck, Nix."

"Thanks, see you tomorrow," I say and trot off.

Fifteen minutes later and I haven't seen another wolf. Which either means I'm really good at this 'hiding' thing or there are not that many people left. I can hear the creatures of the night but they're not wolves so they don't matter much. I should probably shift into wolf form at some point but I don't want to lose my lingerie just yet. Keeps me covered and stuff.

Something cracks in the forest behind me, I spook and look behind me. Whoever it is knows I've heard them now and doesn't try to lessen the noise of their approach. I wait until I see them burst out of the forest and then I take off in the other direction. I can hear them close on my heels and I lope back into the forest knowing I'll be able to dodge and duck under trees easier than a male body. I hurdle a bush and keep going. I hear them jump over it lightly from behind me. They've changed back into human form to pursue me know. I jump onto a rock and swing myself into a tree lithely by a low hanging branch. Once in the tree I sprint easily up the branch until I'm at the end then I launch myself into the tree across from it.

My supernatural balancing allows me to navigate the trees easily. Whoever's following me has decided to stay on the ground and pace beside the trees I run through. I grab a branch that's just above my head and use my strength to swing myself and propel me into the next tree. The person below lets out a whoop and I huff at them grumpily. I stop when I'm in the biggest tree in the property. It's near the ocean and I've used it before to climb to the top and look out at the scenery. I look up and begin my ascent. The person below lets out a curse and begins following me. I know you're never supposed to run away going up but they're not likely to try to mate me in a tree and there's only so long I can outrun them.

The tree is so big the branches are fairly well spread apart so I have to jump to get the one above me. I know whoever is chasing me will be tall enough to simply grab the one above them and pull themselves up easily. They'll be gaining on me now. I'll be caught any minute now. I have my hand just barely gripping the tree above me when a warm hand grabs onto my ankle. We're a good 50 metres up now and falling, although it wouldn't particularly hurt me would hurt like a bitch.

"Let go, bastard," I say through lengthening teeth. My wolf is coming out due to my adrenaline.

"But I'm the last one left, Nix," Jett rumbles from below me. He starts pulling on me and I dig my claws in to stop from being pulled to his level.

"I'm not going to make this easy for you," I snarl renewing my grip on the branch.

"I'm not really trying to make you let go yet," He says. "But if you insist." Then he yanks me from the branch and I tumble into the air. I let out a yell as I fall into an upside down position my ankle still caught in his grasp. Then he flings me into his arms.