Al Capone's Angry

(The day after Richard made that prank call to Al Capone. Richard is walking home from school, when he overhears a conversation. He stops and listens, and gets scared when he realizes who's talking: Al Capone himself!)

Richard: Oh no!

Al Capone: (talking to one of his underlings) Yeah, yesterday, I was just sittin' around, doin' nothin', right?

Underling: Y-Yeah… (He's shaking just being around Capone.)

Al Capone: So this guy, Slappywag—I think that was it…yeah, it was—calls me up, see? Then he keeps sayin' that my credit card was charged for fifty, a hundred dollars!

Underling: Really?

Al Capone: Yeah. So I got really pissed, 'cause he keeps sayin' this stuff. Then he starts speakin' some Japanese-or-whatever stuff, and then I can't understand nothin'!

Underling: Th-That's…crazy.

Al Capone: I know, right? So, then I start yellin' at 'im to cut his shit out. He keeps makin' fun of me, the vermin! Who does that Slappywag think he was talkin' to, huh?

Underling: Y-Yeah, right? I-I mean, who doesn't know who you are?

Al Capone: Damn right! I'm Al Capone, dammit! (He takes out a gun and fires it into the air, hitting a bird flying by.) Nobody messes with me! Especially that Slappywag!

Richard: Oh no, I'm in trouble…

Al Capone: When I find that Slappywag piece of shit, he'll wish he never called me. He'll be sleepin' with the fishes when I'm through with him!

Richard: Shit! (runs back to the road to his house)

Underling: Uh…sir? Do you even kn-know where this Slappywag guy is?

Al Capone: (suddenly realizing something) Dammit! No, I don't know where the fuck the vermin is! God dammit all to Hell! (Shoots some random person walking by)

(At Richard's house)

Richard: (running through the front door and slamming it shut) H-Hi, Mom.

Richard's mom: Richie, what's the matter? You look like you've just seen a ghost.

Richard: Uh…n-n-nothing, M-M-Mom…just…well…I p-pissed off someone…

Richard's mom: Who, Richard? (puts her hands on her hips)

Richard: Uh...just…the old lady across the street…?

Richard's mom: What have I told you about picking on the old lady?

Richard: Uh…s-sorry…I'll go do my homework now…(runs up to his room and closes the door) man, I hope that guy doesn't find me. I didn't even know that was Al Capone, I swear!

Al Capone: Dammit! I'll never find that Slappywag guy! He's lucky, too.

Author's Note: Luckily for Richard, I don't think they could easily trace calls back in 1930. They also didn't have Caller ID, either.