I wrote this not to long ago to...a friend. A friend that, since I last saw him, has grown father and father a part until this. It's my emotions all poured out into this long-ish poem. If my friend is reading this and knows who he is...well, I don't feel the same about you anymore. But I am sorry we've grown apart. Everything in this poem is true feelings and real happenings.

This is very different from my usual poety. Usually, it rhymes. This is just plain old freeverse, as free as my feelings. Enjoy.


I see you want to go

To Duke University

What is it you aspire to be? When we were younger

You wanted to be a solider in the army. I was so worried

That you'd really do it. And that you'd go

And die.

That I would never see you again.

I don't see you now; so it doesn't matter.

But the idea of you're demise

Is still too much for me to handle.

As much as I want to know

I don't.

I know

You're Past

You're Family

You're Childhood

You're Struggles

You're Previous Affections

But now, I don't even know

What School You Go To

Who You're Friends Are

You're Favorite Song

What You Do on the Weekends

Or what you want to be when you grow up.

I looked online and saw

Duke is especially for those

Who wish to go into the medical field.

You want this place

So strongly; is that it?

You have a lot to offer to this world

But I know at times you strayed

You had trouble

You didn't know where to go

Or what to say

Because of a past you don't want to say

You'd be an amazing doctor

I could see you're future in my eyes

After everything you've been through

You deserve

Happiness and accomplishment

Duke is also known for

The arts- drama, writing, and music

If I went there one day, and you did too

Would I see you walking about the campus?

Would I hear you're voice again?

Would we be like we once were?

Would you being in my life again be?

As simple as it was before

And normal?

Would you talk to me?

Acknowledge the fact that

Once a long time ago

We were best friends?


Would you be ignorant?

And pretend

That second and third grade

Was all a dream?

You've moved on

I wish I could say the same

I lie

I justify those lies

I justify why I'm justifying those lies

But deep down

All I want

Is for you to be happy.

Which is why

You deserve the best in life

You deserve everything you always wanted

You deserve a fruitful life

Even if that doesn't include me


Read this

And know that all

I ever wish for you

Is the goodness

Of life

And maybe

Duke University