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Sex, Not Making Love


Like a Virgin

"I made it through the wilderness, Somehow I made it through. Didn't know how lost I was until I found you." -Madonna-

I groaned at the sun.

I usually don't mind a little sun on my skin, but now as my head was starting to pound so hard, all I wanted to do was to shut the drapes. But I couldn't move, it was as if a freaking giant weight was pressing my body, crushing and pushing me further into this ridiculously soft bed. I couldn't even open my eyes, heck, I couldn't even do anything with this aching feeling between my thighs.

What was wrong with me? No, what the hell happened to me? The sudden urge to throw up was there but I didn't have any strength in my body, not to mention how annoying this snake on my waist felt. Well, it did feel like a snake; it was long, heavy and unusually warm. But it also felt strong and...wait, do snake have fingers?

Alarmed by the feeling of warm fingers dancing along my stomach, I (slowly) gathered my strength and opened my eyes. The sun glared at me, shocking me with the sudden light that I jerked away and amazingly fell off the bed, hard. I groaned at my clumsiness and shut my eyes as tight as possible. This headache was killing me. As I tried to fight the pain away, there was some shuffling on the bed and a weird noise that kind of sounded like an amused laugh.

A guy's amused laugh.

My eyes snapped open before I tried to focuse my surroundings. The walls were a light brown, there was a few posters of action movies, some rock band and a half naked girl who I was sure was a famous porn star. Holy shit. This. Was. Not. My. Room.

The air condition felt exetremly cold on my body, and then I wondered; why? That was when I checked myself and found that I wasn't wearing any clothes. At all. Not even underwear. At this moment, I panicked. The panic easily changed my dizziness and I was aware how naked I was...and how I heard the same guy's voice. But this time, he was clearing his throat. I cursed silently. No wonder I was aching between my thighs. Then my eyes widened at the realization of what might of happened last night...god no.

I snatched the soft blanket that was hanging from the bed and carefully wrapped it around me. I wasn't even sure who I...uh, slept with. God, what a mess! I don't even remember who took my virginity last night, and I bet this guy was surprised knowing I was still a virgin. I bit my lip. W-was I not a virgin anymore?

I nervously stood up and braved myself to finally take a glance at the person who seemed to be the one I was searching for. I inhaled sharply as my eyes landed on his glory nakedness (trust me, his manhood was glory) and I blushed slightly before checking his face, who by the way was looking up at me with a smirk. The moment his dark blue eyes came in the view, I froze. I honestly felt numb. From all the guy in this town, he had to be the one who took my virginity? Why god why?

I didn't know what else to do so I found myself just standing there, trying my best to avert my eyes not to look down at his…you-know-what. I couldn't say anything, I was so dumbfounded. I felt my mouth opening, but no, the sight of him just had to make my brain stop working for a while, so instead of saying a civil thing to say, I found myself sighing deeply with adoration in my eyes. "…wow."

WHY THAT? D-did I really say that? I cursed myself in my head and closed my eyes. Goodness, I must be blushing.

His low chuckle sent shivers down my spine. Goodness, I forgot I had a crush on this guy. On second thought, I don't actually mind that I slept with him—kind of flattered, to be honest—but sleeping with him was going to change everything. Not that there was anything in the first place, but still, he now knew me. He might not even recognized me before this happened last night.

I opened my eyes before they landed on his, finding them blaring with desire. This was not good, not good at all. I gulped nervously. "H-how did this happen?"

He grinned lazily at me. "You don't remember a thing, do you?"

I looked at him suspiciously before my face turned into a frown as I tried to remember the events which happened last night. Let's see, Lisa dragged me to this party. I drank beer. And then another one. And another one. Then a hot guy I awfully recognize (who was the host of said party) was talking to me, and with the music playing so loud I had to step closer to hear him. He embraced me. I looked up and bravely kissed him. He kissed me back. He took me to his room and it got exetremly dangerous and hot after that...

My eyes met his gaze. No way.

It really did happen.

"You know, I wasn't surprised you were a virgin." He drawled with a sheepish smile. "Actually, it was an honour to take it."

I gaped at him. How dare he take the only thing I treasured for my seventeen years of life! And to think that I lost it because I was drunk…wasn't much of a help. And that I lost it to him. Him! I was this close to start yapping and yelling about him taking advantage of me, but my lips suddenly went dry when my eyes landed on his lower body part. I took a deep breath at the magnificent sight before me. Oh my god—what was I thinking?

"Could you do something about your...uh…?" I closed my eyes shut as the sensational feeling came rushing into me. Wait, what the hell was that?

Before I knew it, he yanked me aggressively as I landed on top of his strong chest. Oh my, his male anatomy was harder than I thought it would be. I shut my eyes and shoved the naughty thoughts that suddenly appeared in my head. I placed my hands on his chest, trying to push myself up but failed miserably as my hands slipped down, making me fall again onto his body while he just kept on grinning at me like a stupid idiot.

"Carson..." I finally breathed out heavily. I honestly wanted to call his name and tell him to stop holding me, but it came out wrong and husky that I felt him wrap his arms tighter around me.

He groaned and kissed my shoulder. "Oh Maggie..."

Hold on, he knew me? He actually recognized...me?

Damn it! And here I thought my brother's best friend didn't recognize me. Okay, that was stupid. But hey, he was older than me, and Nick's friends never take notice of me because Nick never liked his friends get too close with me, seeing how they were all manwhores and sluts. And now I was in the arms of his best friend, who recognized me, who knew my name and who's long member was getting hard on my thigh. How ironic.

I struggled and wiggled from his grasp before he flipped me, crushing his weight on me.

"God, you're heavy," I said quickly without thinking.

"Babe, you didn't mind it last night." He gave me a mischievous smile.

I glared at him. He ignored me and started to kiss the crook of my neck, and then I shut my eyes again. I swear a tingling feeling of pleasure shot right through me as he thrust his hips slightly toward my own one. I found myself getting out of breath as one of his hands cupped my breast slowly. This shouldn't be happening. I bit my lips forcefully at the feeling of his touch on my body. No, don't response. No...

"Get…off…me." It came out breathlessly as his hand played with my breast. Somehow the blanket that was wrapped around my body was now all wrinkled up, exposing my upper body. He took my right nipple in his mouth and glided his tongue there, making a pattern that surely made me feel all giddy with excitement. I moaned quietly, which made him smirk, of course.

"Why? Don't you think this is fun?"

"No Carson, let go—holy shit." I moaned louder as his hand slipped my inner thigh. I could feel his fingers massaging me slowly, torturing my personal part of body with his skilled fingers as he slipped inside me, and then out, and then in again while his thumb teased me even more. The first thought when I felt a gush of wind on my body was: where the hell did the blanket go?Tto be honest, I really don't care. Because in my horny mind right now, I was anticipating for what would happen next.

He began to kiss my lips and I found myself kissing him back. This was so, so wrong. I was about to have sex with my brother's best friend who took my virginity...again. I've always wanted to lose my virginity with someone that I loved and loved me...or if I had to lose it in a drunken way, I thought it would be easy and would be forgotten like *snaps fingers* that.

Guess I was wrong.