"A Lone Wolf's Howl"

A wolf's howl

Another lone cry,


Under the dark night sky

Eyes gazing into the moonlight

Entailing it's await

For a friendly call that might

Fail to arrive

Still it wails

Sadly, a thrive,

That has no end

Till its pack returns to keep a promise,

A pact to mend

Best friends forever

No matter what

Always together

Never to part again…

Author's Note: for some reason linebreaks ain't working for me sooo for this poem there is a space between each stanza (aduh all poems are so), all stanzas in this poem start with "We were a pack". It should be 3 seperate stanzas but yea somehow fictionpress wont allow me to make a space in between lines .

"Lone Unanswered Howls"

We were a pack

Until then…

We were a pack

Who enjoyed everything as one

Four wolves having lots of fun

With promises and vows

Unseperable pals

Who abandoned one of our own

We were a pack

Now not, we're wolves alone

With long unanswered howls…