Friendship is about people

No matter how different they are

They will stick together

Till the end, maybe even forever

It doesn't mean to stay always together

For it is by the heart you

See each other

Even if you're far apart

True friendship shall prevail

In your hearts

"Caring For Each Other"

Being there to lend a helping hand

To listen, to support, and to understand

Taking steps together wherever life may lead

Especially in times of need

Taking the time to say hello

Treasure the other in the heart wherever you go

Give a hug in times of doubt

That's what caring for each other is all about

"Laughter in Life"

Life has its ups and downs

Joy, laughter, tears, and frowns

Among them all let's keep in mind

The funny experiences we can find

Words misspoken, plans gone wrong

Turn to silly faces and jokes in a song

Situations happening unexpectedly

Can all add up to the funny part of me