Close thine eyes, dearest mortal, and picture the radiant flames of the sun's rays penetrating through the clouds...a brilliant, breathtaking sight to behold. Imagine this orb of pure fire sinking beneath the horizon, saying its farewell, as the essence of the Silver Moon rises and appears. Take a moment to bask in the light, let it play on thine skin. The dew upon the air becomes illuminated, forming in front of the moons face in a thin sheet of transparent white. Around this celestial body shines a ring of soft blue hues, making the Lady Moon stand out even more against the back drop of the navy sky.

A beautiful scene that couldn't get any more perfect...until the soothing sounds of the night begin to play. The natural song of this mysterious hour come from all around, making the environment seem even more enchanted. However, another sound drifts through, flowing into the night, bringing all the attention upon it. Can ye hear it? Lovely and sad, sweet and sour, fleeting yet somehow still here. Listen well to the melody; let it fill the winding catacombs of thy mind. What is it that makes such sound...such splendid music? Move thy feet; follow the pull of thine heart to find what it is that creates this spell of sound.

Traveling naught but a few feet, the ground soft beneath thy feet, the field of vision is then filled with a mystic sight. First thing that one might be drawn to are silken tresses of blue-black shades, glowing from the light of the moon. From this, almost seeming to hide away behind the shade of darken hues, is a face of porcelain, crafted into elegance. Stunned by this, ye might not take notice of the instrument held within ebony hands...gentle hands. A violin; simple in appearance, fragile and beautiful. Back and forth slides a bow, strings glowing like white hair as this being, this girl, plays her song. Each note blends into the next without falter, creating an eerie sound, captivating ye of wandering mind.

There, ye stand, trapped in place from this performance from the music in the night. But, it seems as though it all ends too soon. The night had flown by, the stars grew dimmer and time became nonexistent. Once again, the flames of the sun lick the sky, rising as the hours go by. The clouds alight with colors bright and the moon slowly makes her descent. Taking a moment to realize this, ye does not see the girl vanish as well. A frown creases thy lips, but fear not mortal for she shall be back. With each night, with each full moon, she shall play the music in the night...