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Kenneth says " Ivan , Natasha before we go the Catherine palace today I have put the finishing thoughts on a new but controversial theory , about the fate of the Amber Room . since we are going to see the restored room in person to day I thought I would get you both to tell me what you think of the theory and point out any flaws in the logic ." Natasha says " I am ready for a story if there is a hole in the plot I will find it ." I reply " Ok give me a moment ." I close my eyes and concentrate a moment then say " Ok I have Politics & History in the front compartment of my brain , for this anything else I need ? " Natasha looks at me like I am weird but lovable . Kenneth says "not really" then continues " Ok here goes it is the waning days of World War II Germany is loosing the Amber Room one of the greatest treasures of the world is in your possession and even though it looks likely Germany will loose it is decided that an effort will be made to hide the great art that was looted from the rest of Europe and western Russia for the greater glory of Germany once there is peace again & the Reich is restored . the large collections and Pieces like the amber room that are comprised of many pieces are to be hidden in several places to prevent it all being found easily . Wherever it was hid it was recovered by the Russians . Natasha pipes up " What if it went down on the Wilhelm Gustloff ?" I respond "the Russians dove on that for years and it was off limits to other countries now it is teetering on a under sea cliff edge that makes it extremely unsafe to dive on the wreck by anyone ." Kenneth says " thank you Ivan that is one question I had not resolved . Anyway it is recovered by the Russians it is in bad shape , if I remember correctly it was due to be restored just before World War II started . We have no idea how much damage was caused by the Russians in their attempt to hide it . Nor do we know the kind of damage the Nazis caused by removing it and hauling it back to Germany . We do know that a few of the panels and a few of the fittings were destroyed in one of the bombings of Konigsberg . According to accounts the majority of the Amber room was in storage at that time and survived the bombing . A latter fire destroyed three out of the four mosaics . Regardless of where the Russians found the remaining parts of the amber room they would have wanted to keep it quiet for political reasons . Natasha asks " what political gain could they achieve by keeping quiet that they found it ?" Kenneth says " its simple they get to play the victim it is a great way to hide the fact that they did the same kind of looting that the Nazis did in fact it is speculated that the Russians had a list similar in scope to the Nazi's in fact the gold from Troy disappeared in the last days of World War II also they get to play the victim then in time they get to pull off an almost impossible Feat of restoring the "Room" Natasha asks how is the restoration almost impossible I reply they were primarily working from a half dozen or so Black & White Photos 1 color photo and a Water color painting to reconstruct a Rocco masterpiece of _ square feet covering all 4 walls

( Authors Note Huge Gap in the Story Haven't Written it yet sorry)

Our flight home was kind of anticlimactic however the last week was after an immensely satisfying experience of a lifetime and to top it off I proposed in a spectacular way to a spectacular woman . she made me the luckiest man in the world and said yes .

It took several months to have the Egg Authenticated by the house of Faberge . They authenticated it by use of Peter Carl 's personal notebooks where he recorded what he worked on it was labeled as a personal gift in amber . The stylistic hallmarks and touches that He was known for confirmed its authenticity . It is on permanent loan to the Catherine palace and it is put on display in the Amber Room . The currant curator of the Catherine palace is quoted by the international news media as saying " two of the mother Russia's finest Cultural Icons one restored to its glory the other found as it was a century ago they are now united as new evidence says they were when the Tsars walked these halls ." I look over at Natasha that night and say "we were the first to see and handle that Faberge egg in 60 years that experience was worth the trip ." She replies " Yeah its like we reached out and touched the Tsars ."