Hmm. My headache went away while I wrote this. Enjoy…if you can.


She's still scared of the dark

And the dark knows this well

Shadows wag chiding fingers

They creep and tingle along

Brushing and stroking her face

And one whispers at her ear

With its voiceless voice:

To be scared of the dark

Is to be afraid of another

To be afraid of that little bit

You hide in the basements

Of that mind and that heart

Don't be afraid of yourself, it says

Don't be afraid of me, it says

And it slips away, fingers leaving

And begins dancing with its trees


The night begins a lullaby

Of wind and hushed whispers

And she sleeps at last.


She stares at the glowing eyeball

It glares and winks back at her

Its furious eye burns into hers

It makes many more shadows

Than the moon ever ever could

And she understands at last

The light may be the light

But the dark is still there

Clinging to her and everything.

Hmm. What do you think?