In the End: Prologue

Ah, my first story on this website :) This story is about two boys who become assassins. The Prologue will be the story of their first mission together!

Characters so Far

Layton Klyde- 11

Keith Dia- 10

Alex Verde- 8

Akemi Berlitz- 10


"You two!"

Alex stared over a crowd of his new recruits before pointing to two boys who were conveniently sitting next to each other.

Immediately, some bodyguards practically dragged the two towards their blonde haired leader. After dismissing the rest of the recruits, Alex suddenly held up a picture of a white haired girl.

"This girl is Akemi Berlitz." he said pointing to the purple eyed girl in the photo. "I want you to kill her."


"Well, it looks like we're partners from today on." Layton chimed, putting his hand out for Keith to shake.

Keith suddenly turned around, seemingly ignoring him. "You're not going to last here."


Keith turned back around and glared at Layton. "Did you just wander here or something?" he mumbled. "This is an assassins league, you're in the underground world now, we're going to come out of this mission as murderers. And open your eyes, it creeps me out how you haven't bumped into anything yet."

Layton slightly chuckled. "You're too serious." he said happily.

Keith groaned and simply turned back around, leaving his partner. "I won't be surprised if you're dead by the end of the day." he mumbled to himself.


"If you don't mind my asking, sir."

Alex looked up from his lunch to talk to his body guard, acknowledging his presence though he didn't say a word.

"Why did you pick those two boys for an A-rank mission? You know that girl as a lot of body guards protecting her, don't you?" The guard said almost quietly.

Alex smirked at his protector. "Those boys..." He mumbled. "Are the most unstable yet violently skilled recruits we have hired yet."


"So how did you end up here, anyway?" Keith said, finally wanting to make some conversation.

"Now that's a secret." Layton chimed. "But I know why you're here." he said looking over at his black haired partner. "You were sent here by your master right. Seems you're to dangerous for your village. I mean, after all, you almost killed all of them."

Keith looked over to Layton in utter shock. He had opened his maroon eyes and they were glowing, they seemed to be looking through him. Layton himself had a smug grin on.

"Who are you." Keith said bring out his katana, pointing the tip at Layton's face even though he didn't flinch.

Layton grabbed the sword and ignored the blood that dripped out of his skin. "Like I said." he grumbled. "That a secret." He broke the sword in one swipe, throwing the piece in his hand into the wind.

He walked past a flabbergasted Keith just before turning around. "What are you standing there for." he said, back to his innocent nature (and back to closed eyes). "We have to go and find Akemi-chan."

Keith dismissively threw the rest of his katana away, trying not to mind the watching by standers (some of them calling the police). "What's wrong with this guy..."

"Where do you plan on finding this girl anyway?" Keith said, putting his hands behind his head nonchalantly.

Layton brought out a sheet of paper that seemed to be full of information. "Akemi Berlitz," he began. "She is a highly noted French aristocrat, she also has strong ties with the royal family. She seems to be visiting Japan since her family is opening a store here in Tokyo. Most of her time is spent in her estate but the remainder is spent attending Senkai Elementary school. She is 10 years old... Well there you have it." Layton grinned at Keith.


Layton grinned wider. "To my understanding, it seems that you two are the same age~" he chimed.

"So." Keith crossed his arms.

"Well." Layton said, holding up two enrollment sheets for Senkai Elementary. "It looks like you two are in the same class."


Keith took a deep breath as he stood outside his new classroom. 'All I have to do is get her to accept this letter.' he sighed to himself. "How bothersome..."


As Keith heard his teacher's voice from inside the classroom, he put the letter in his pocket and silently stepped into the classroom.

"This is Keith Dia everyone." The teacher said making a show of hands to his new student.

Keith bowed down to the students in front of him. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." he said politely.

Everyone, including the teacher sweat dropped at the boys actions. "Um... okay..." the teacher mumbled. "Then please take the seat next to Akemi Berlitz."

Keith sighed. 'Is it really going to be that easy to get close to her...' he walked over to her and quietly sat in the desk next to her.


Akemi slowly looked to him, then back at the front of the class. "Please refrain from speaking to me." she said calmly.

Keith sat speechless, feeling like a thousand pound weight had been dropped on his head.

Lunch time came quickly and Keith hadn't gotten anywhere near close to Akemi. She seemed like a mostly quiet person who only kept in her small group of friends (or 'servants' as other students described to Keith).

As soon as the lunch bell rang, Keith ran out of the room to meet Layton on the roof.

Even though it had only been about fifteen seconds after the bell rang, Layton was already lying on the roof looking very comfortable.

"Have you given her the letter yet?"

Panting, Keith sat on the floor next to him. "... No, not yet..." he mumbled.

Layton seemed slightly annoyed. "Well, what's keeping you?"

"She hates me." Keith said, running his hands through his straight black hair. "There's no way I can get close to her by the end of today."


Keith stopped in his tracks. "What the hell did you just call me?"

Layton smirked at him. "You heard me." he said, standing up.

He threw a new katana to Keith (who swiftly caught it). "Seems I can't trust you to do this alone anymore." He mumbled as he began to walk away. "Just give her the letter, I'll take care of the rest."

Keith grumbled certain things to himself and crossed his arms. He made his way slowly back to the classroom. When he was about half way there, due to his lack of attention, he bumped into someone.

The green eyed boy rubbed his head as he sat on the floor. "Watch where you're going." he said out of reflex.

"I should watch where I'm going, eh?"

Keith flinched when he heard this voice. He looked up and inwardly groaned when he confirmed that it was a group of the boys. When he entered the classroom the boys were apparently bullying another boy in the corner of the room.

"He needs to learn some manners doesn't he?" One of the three boys said to their leader as the leader himself picked up Keith by his collar.

Keith was about to pull out his sword, when he realized that he was suppose to be working under cover. As a result, he just sat quietly as the bullies prepared to beat him up, hopefully Layton would come.

"You! Put him down this instant!"

The boys looked over to the direction that the voice came from, only to see Akemi looking very upset. The leader immediately put Keith down, and the bullies made their way towards Akemi.

"So the little princess wants to interrupt." the leader said smugly. "Do we have to show you why no one stands up to us?"

Sensing Akemi was in danger, Keith got up quickly and tripped all three boys with one swipe of his foot. While they were down, he grabbed Akemi's hand and ran to a location where they could hide. He covered her mouth before she could protest.

Akemi abruptly stomped on to Keith's foot, making him release her.

"Do not touch me so casually." The wavy haired girl said quietly, though with a flushed face.

Keith sweat dropped. 'Did I not just save her?' He thought, though he didn't say anything back.

Dusting off her clothes, Akemi made her way to the classroom. "Be more careful next time, it would be troublesome if someone a knew got hurt." she gave him one last slightly worried look before leaving.

Keith blushed slightly. "Akemi," he said before she could go. "Here..."

Akemi turned automatically with the sound of Keith's voice, surprised to see him holding a letter out to her. She simply took it and left without another word.


"You gave her the letter right?" Layton put his hands on his hips expectantly.

Keith nodded slowly, seeming a bit sad.

"Good." Layton said smugly. "I'm going to the meeting spot, stay out of my way."

Keith just stood in one spot, watching Layton go. 'You're not just going to let him kill her, are you? Are you just going to let something like this happen again?'

Keith clenched his teeth and after a while, decided to go to the meeting place to see what had happened.

"Are you the one who wrote this letter?" Keith suddenly stopped when he heard Akemi's voice.

"Yep~" Layton said innocently.

Akemi looked slightly disappointed. "Well, I thank you for the offer but-"

"There's already someone you like, right?" The blonde haired boy said getting into serious mode.

He glared at Akemi with his deep red eyes. "I know who it is. Don't you think that it's kind of wrong to be going against your engagement like that, the prince will be very disappointed with you."

"Anyway," Layton continued, knowing that Akemi was speechless right now. "Where are your body guards? It won't be very fun to kill you if no one's here to protect you."

Akemi flinched at the words 'kill you'. "W-What is that suppose to mean...?" she whispered.

Layton smirked pulling out a gun. "Well, I thought that you were some amazingly gifted child, yet you don't know what some simple words mean."

Akemi widened her eyes and backed away slowly. "P-Please... don't."

Layton grinned. "Go any farther back and I'll pull the trigger."

Akemi suddenly froze, staring at Layton with suppressed fear in her eyes.

"Oh, now you're trying to hide the fact that you're scared. That's quite amusing actually."

Before Layton could say anymore, Akemi went down to the floor in a collapse. This didn't seem to surprise him at all, especially when he saw Keith standing behind Akemi with the back of his sword facing away from him.

"So you knocked her out then..." Layton rolled his eyes.

Without answering, Keith crouched down to the floor, holding Akemi protectively but all the more glaring at his partner.

"You're really stupid, you know?" Layton grumbled. "Getting such a crush on our target. What exactly happened to the bloodthirsty child that was abandoned by his parents?" Keith flinched when he said this.

Layton sighed. "Just for the record." he started. "I'm haven't signed that contract and therefore I'm not a member yet. So I can easily shoot a bullet and kill both of you right here."

Keith glared. "Go ahead." he challenged.

Layton shrugged and put his finger on the trigger, much to Keith's despair. "See ya."

Layton almost inhumanly pulled the trigger. Keith widened his eyes but all he heard was a click.

"...Whoops..." Layton said, looking into the gun like a telescope. "Looks like I'm out of bullets~"

Keith sweat dropped majorly. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE OUT OF BULLETS?!"

Layton chuckled. "Might as well take your little girlfriend home, Keith. I'll go back to base and tell them we lost this one."

Before Keith could protest over the girlfriend remark, Layton was mysteriously already gone.

"How boring..." Layton said as he walked back to base with his hands in his pockets. "At least I didn't have to use my spare bullets."

-End of Prologue-

Yep~ in the end, Layton actually is a pretty nice person. Don't worry, this story is not going to be about a bunch of kids! The actual story will be set 5 years into the future, and here are the possible characters for the next chapter :)

Layton Klyde- 16

Keith Dia- 15

Alex Verde- 13

Akemi Berlitz- 15

Anthony Orleans- 16

Some characters may be added, and some may be taken out. If you want more information on the characters, you can go to my profile and look up their profiles, they will have spoilers though. See you next time!