Chapter 1

"Haru. Are you sure?" My father asked me. "Yes. I am." I answer. Father scratched his messy, jet black hair, which was very identical to mine, the same to his mysterious, silver eyes. "Did you tell your mother about this yet?" He asks me.

I shake my head. Father sighs and sits on the sofa. "Son- Haru, you are NOT going to Fukishi Grade School. Instead, you are going to Komae Grade School." Father says. "But-" I protest, but am cut off when my father says my name in a warning tone.

"Yes sir." I say with a sigh, my feelings of resentment towards my father growing.

Father stood up, nodded and left my room. I sigh again, throwing myself onto my bed. I know that he owns Komae Grade School. But still, I think Fukishi School is cooler. For the seven years I've lived, my goal was to study in Fukishi Grade School. But now…

Unshed tears threatened to roll down my face. I sniff and use the back of my right hand to rub the tears away. I'm turning seven in a month, on February. Then I guess I'm going to Komae Grade School a month after that.

I sob at the thought of going to Komae Grade School instead of Fukishi Grade School. Tears now freely rolling down my cheeks, I drift to dreamless sleep.


When I wake, morning light shined through the clear windows, the curtains were drawn back and draped. I sigh and stand up, my muscles screaming in protest. As I go into my bathroom with a groan, I see my reflection on a mirror.

My face was red and my eyes were puffy from crying. I will give no satisfaction of knowing cried.

Walking towards the sink, I turn the tap and water starts flowing freely. I splash my face with water, hoping it could remove the redness from my face and eyes. My muscles were getting sorer with every movement I make.

I then start having a coughing fit. My chest felt like it would explode and the feeling grows worse after ever cough. My head starts throbbing painfully and I start vomiting.

After a while this started, Father entered the room, worried. "What do you want?" I croaked, trying to sound cold but ending up sounding small. My hands and feet are on the floor, my vomit causing a disgusting stench. "Are you okay Haru?" He asks me, clearly worried. "Leave me alone." I growl defiantly, vomiting again. "Haru." Father says in an ominous tone that warns me to behave.

"Sorry Father." I spat. Father then lost his patience and snarled in an ominous way that makes me feel like a five-year old, "Haru. You're six to seven. Listen to me. Or you'll find yourself on my-" He says, but I interrupt saying, "Come on! I'm not some damn five-year old you can go spa- punishing, you damn bastard."

Father then strides towards me, I brace myself, preparing for the pain that is definitely about to come, but I black out, thankfully.


I wake, only to find father gazing worriedly at me with his silver eyes clouded with worry. "Father, I-I'm so-sorry." I say, chocking on the words. But Father replies in a stern, steel and stony voice, "No. You will still be punished."

I pout, but it just becomes a childish one. Father chuckles and I just grit my teeth. I shouldn't be arguing with him, it'll just make my punishment even worse.

"You're fever has gone to forty-six degrees Celsius to thirty-nine. Good." Father observes. I glance at the room only to find out I was in a room I didn't recognize. "Where am I?" I ask nervously. "Hospital." He replies simply.

I look at him. His eyes seem to bore through me, and that makes me really uncomfortable.

"You will be released from the hospital in three days. And I shall punish you when you arrive home." Father suddenly says. "What?!" I shriek. "I mean it Haru." Father says, his silver eyes glaring threateningly at me. "Yes sir." I say with a sigh.

Father then walks out of the room, thus leaving me alone. I flicker my eyes to the window, the sky outside was dark. Just how long was I unconscious?

With these thoughts lingering in my mind I fall to sleep.